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Crypto Price Predictions

At Crypto2Community, we keep tabs on the crypto market for top-performing assets. We also utilize leading market resources to make crypto price predictions and discuss where these digital assets could go in the future.

This crypto price prediction guide will cover 20 top-performing cryptocurrencies on the market right now. We’ll discuss their recent performances and estimate potential future prices for 2024 and beyond. We’ll also discuss how to make realistic crypto price forecasts and the factors influencing coins’ prices.

Crypto Price Predictions

In the table below, we’ll summarize our crypto price predictions for the most reliable digital assets at the moment. The 20 assets featured in this table include the leading cryptocurrencies and the most promising ones at the moment:

Cryptocurrency 2024 Forecast 2025 Forecast 2030 Forecast 2040 Forecast
Bitcoin (BTC) +186% +340% +1,245% +3,520%
Ethereum (ETH) +154% +490% +1,269% +2,700%
Solana (SOL) +890% +1,600% +2,150% +3,400%
Cardano (ADA) +88% +260% +720% +1,840%
Ripple (XRP) +119% +270% +1,220% +2,800%
Dogecoin (DOGE) +340% +520% +910% +1,400%
Shiba Inu (SHIB) +350% +580% +1,310% +2,750%
Tron (TRON) +110% +280% +1,330% +2,880%
Jito (JTO) +320% +1,120% +1,800% +3,210%
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) +120% +286% +870% +2,020%
Binance Coin (BNB) +380% +754% +1,280% +2,720%
Near Protocol (NEAR) +320% +830% +1,700% +3,210%
Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) +290% +720% +1,620% +2,860%
Fetch.ai (FET) +750% +1,860% +2,100% +2,780%
Avalanche (AVAX) +216% +435% +890% +1,960%
Polkadot (DOT) +95% +180% +640% +1,270%
Compound (COMP) +105% +192% +660% +1,410%
Aave (AAVE) +90% +210% +820% +1,240%
Chainlink (LINK) +205% +380% +1,057% +2,205%
Ronin (RON) +302% +780% +1,650% +3,610%


Cryptocurrencies with the Most Realistic Price Predictions & Forecasts

We’ve identified 20 of the best cryptocurrencies with the most realistic price predictions in 2024, 2025, and beyond based on fundamental factors and market trends. Below, we’ll briefly discuss each coin, highlighting the major reasons we believe they bloom in 2024 and the years ahead:


Bitcoin (BTC) remains the biggest and most important cryptocurrency on the market. It is the largest crypto by market capitalization and has been widely accepted as a store of value, means of payment and investment instrument.

BTC is currently leading the ongoing bull market, gaining by +1561.91% in the past year. It reached a new all-time high (ATH) price of $73,750.07 on March 14, 2024 – just a month before the historic Bitcoin halving event.

Bitcoin Price Chart

We can attribute Bitcoin’s recent price gains to several factors, including the aforementioned Bitcoin halving and the generally favorable condition of the wider market. Macroeconomic factors, including interest rates, have also had an impact.

However, the biggest growth driver recently has been the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the United States and also in Hong Kong. This historic approval brought in a new wave of institutional investments. BlockRock’s Bitcoin ETF, for instance, surpassed $1 billion in trading volume just weeks after launching.

As expected, BTC price has dropped after the halving event, providing an entry point for new investors. It is on the rise, once again, and we anticipate further growth in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • BTC is the largest crypto by market cap
  • It has gained +161.99% in the past 12 months
  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs have attracted a new wave of investments from institutions and individuals
  • Marginal price decline after the halving event provided an entry point for new investors  
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+186% +340% +1,245% +3,520%



Ethereum (ETH) has cemented its place as the second-largest crypto by market capitalization. The Ethereum Network is also the largest smart contract ecosystem. It is the pioneering blockchain for decentralization and hosts numerous other projects and cryptocurrencies.

In the past 12 months, ETH price has gained +110%. While it hasn’t been able to test the all-time high value set during the 2021 bull market, ETH has appreciated significantly from its lowest point in 2022 ($896). That’s a solid +240% price gain from its lowest point in recent times.

While Ethereum faces competition from several high-performance smart contracts platforms, it remains the biggest altcoin by a wide margin. Its recent Dencum upgrade is another testament to its capacity to innovate and improve user experience. The network has also seen a notable uptick in developer activities.

ETH price is expected to appreciate further in 2024, as the debate for ETH ETFs intensifies. The approval of these exchange-traded funds (ETFs) could be a major catalyst for ETH growth in the years ahead. However, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues to debate whether ETH is an unregistered security.

Key Takeaways

  •  ETH remains the second-largest crypto by market cap and Ethereum Network remains the largest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry
  • Ethereum has a proven history of successful blockchain upgrades to outcompete rivals
  • There is a growing likelihood of ETH ETFs in the near future
  • The developer community on Ethereum is growing just as ETH has recovered significantly from the crypto winter
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+154% +490% +1,269% +2,700%



Solana is generally seen as one of the top-performance blockchains that could rival Ethereum in terms of smart contracts dominance. Thanks to its innovative proof-of-history (PoH) consensus mechanism and other pioneering features, it offers excellent scalability and usability. Compared to Ethereum, its transaction fees are significantly lower too.

Solana Price Chart

The Solana Coin (SOL) is also one of the best altcoins at the moment. It is up +785.39% in the past year, outperforming Bitcoin and most of the top altcoins. The recent growth pattern is spurred by a variety of factors, including the favorable condition of the market and a notable surge in developer activities. SOL price is expected to appreciate further.

At the time of writing, Solana boasts over 2,500 monthly active developers. Its lightning-fast processing time makes it the choice blockchain for institutions building on the fast-rising Web3 space. It caters to DeFi projects, NFT projects and more. It is home to some of the hottest meme coins on the market.

Key Takeaways

  • Solana is one of the most viable Ethereum alternatives (smart contract platforms)
  • It is particularly attractive because of obvious reasons like excellent scalability, usability, low transaction fees and near-instant transactions
  • It is home to over 2,500 active monthly developers
  • SOL has recorded a +785.39% price gain in the past year
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+890% +1,600% +2,150% +3,400%


Cardano is another big project making waves in the smart contracts scene. It is often described as an ultra-fast blockchain with exceptional security. Other attractive features include low transaction fees and small carbon footprint. The project says its goal is to enable changemakers, innovators and visionaries to bring positive global change.

Cardano Price Chart

In terms of developer interest, Cardano is behind Solana and Ethereum. At the time of writing, it could only boast 500 monthly active developers. However, the Cardano Foundation has made significant investments in talents, hoping to nurture the present and future generations of developers. It has been particularly interested in emerging markets and has strong potential for DeFi and DePIN projects.

Cardano coin (ADA) price reached $0.75 in March 2024 before experiencing a sharp decline over the past month. At that time, it had made a +90% price gain in 12 months. We anticipate that ADA price will recover and reach new high points before the end of 2024. Therefore, the current price is a good entry point for investors

Key Takeaways

  • Cardano is an ultra-fast blockchain with the goal of enabling changemakers, innovators and visionaries to bring positive global changes
  • Low transaction costs and low carbon footprint could attract many changemakers in the future
  • Strong potential for DeFi and DePIN projects
  • +90% 12-months gain has been followed by price decline, opening an entry point for investors
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+88% +260% +720% +1,840%



Ripple is considered one of the most useful platforms in the crypto space for many reasons. Its XRP Ledger is an open-source, permissionless and decentralized technology that is applicable in five core areas, including payments, DeFi, tokenization, Stablecoins, and CBDC (central bank digital currency). The native coin, XRP, is often called the leading cross-border payment token.

XRP Price Chart

Ripple (XRP) was a leading digital asset until it became embroiled in a legal battle with the U.S. SEC. The value of the coin dropped significantly during the protracted litigation. However, with Ripple’s partial court victory last summer, XRP has been on the rise again.

XRP’s +17% year gain may not seem like much, but we need to consider that it rose from around $0.29 to $0.9 after last summer’s court ruling. Also, its 12-month gain as of March 2024 was +62%. The coin will continue to fluctuate in the months and years ahead. However, our Ripple (XRP) price outlook for 2024 and beyond is very positive.

Key Takeaways

  • Ripple (XRP) is considered the leading cross-border token 
  • XRP Ledger is applicable across five core fields, including payments, tokenization, DeFi, stablecoins, and CBDCs
  • Ripple secured a landmark victory for the crypto industry in its case with the U.S. SEC
  • XRP recorded a +62% 12-month gain in March 2024 but has dropped to create a new entry point
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+119% +270% +1,220% +2,800%



Despite the unprecedented surge in meme coins, Dogecoin (DOGE) remains the most popular asset in this niche. It has also surpassed several top altcoins to become the 9th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Again, it often ranks among the best-performing cryptos during bull markets, outperforming major altcoins.

Dogecoin Price Chart

Like most memecoins, DOGE’s popularity is spurred by hype and the support of its online community. From its inception, the dog-themed coin has captured the hearts of many crypto enthusiasts, including celebrities and influencers. Its biggest fan, to date, is Elon Musk, one of the World’s wealthiest men. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO, who also owns X (formally Twitter) has hinted that Tesla could accept DOGE for payments in the future.

Recent data show that DOGE has made a +131.83% gain in the past 12 months. This growth pattern is expected to improve as the wider crypto market improves. DOGE has the potential to attract many new investors, and this could be a crucial factor in its future price growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Dogecoin is the most popular memecoin with the capacity to attract many new investors
  • DOGE often outperform major altcoins during a bull season
  • DOGE has a strong and enthusiastic community that hypes and promotes it always
  • Dogecoin has received backing from notable celebrities and influencers, including Elon Musk
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+340% +520% +910% +1,400%


Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is another meme coin with the tendency to outperform during a bull market. Like Dogecoin, it has its roots in internet jokes and memes, having been inspired by the Japanese dog breed of the same name, Shiba-Inu. It was originally called the DOGE killer, but it has become apparent that both coins and similar ones can bloom at the same time.

Shiba Inu Price Chart

Though Shiba Inu remains a memecoin, it is important to state that its ecosystem has seen meaningful transformations since its inception. The launch of Shibarium, a Layer-2 blockchain solution opened the door to new possibilities. Also, the Shiba Inu ecosystem recently teased an exciting transformation involving NFT projects.

Shiba Inu faces competition from new Solana meme coins. However, it now has strong fundamentals and the advantages of a robust community on its side. It is up +201.71% in the past year. We anticipate that this memecoin will gain further and attract new crypto enthusiasts in 2024 and beyond. Like DOGE, it outperforms during bull markets

Key Takeaways

  • Shiba Inu is arguably the second-most popular memecoin and also the second-largest by market cap
  • The Shiba Inu ecosystem has transformed and promises more exciting transformations
  • SHIB historically outperforms during bull seasons
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) is up +201.71% and has the capacity to attract new crypto investors
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+350% +580% +1,310% +2,750%


Tron seeks to decentralize the web through its decentralized blockchain-based operating system. While it was originally created to give full ownership rights to content creators, it has transformed to include important features that promote the ideals of a decentralized internet. It supports smart contracts and the creation of dApps.

Tron Price Chart

Tron coin (TRX) has seen significant growth in the past year, gaining by +77.16%. It is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has been gaining since November 2022. Even when prices of major altcoins declined in 2023, TRX gained steadily throughout the year. It even touched $1.42 in late February 2024.

Though Tron may not be as popular as top smart contract platforms like Ethereum and Solana, it has the right architecture and important features to support a thriving ecosystem of decentralized apps. It is highly scalable and secure. TRX utility could improve in the future, resulting in a higher growth pattern. Its low transaction cost is one of its biggest attractions.

Key Takeaways

  • Tron is a viable smart contracts platform that pursues the ideals of a decentralized internet for content creators and regular users
  • TRX has experienced a sustained growth pattern since November 2022
  • In the past 12 months, TRX gained +77%
  • Tron’s low transaction cost makes it an attractive network for crypto enthusiasts
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+110% +280% +1,330% +2,880%



Experienced crypto traders and investors understand the benefit of buying new cryptocurrencies. Jito is the newest coin in this price prediction guide, and we believe it is one of the most promising digital assets right now with the potential for 100x gain.

Jito Price Chart

Jito Network enables liquid staking on Solana. Launched in December 2023, the protocol has quickly become one of the biggest contributors to the Solana ecosystem, reaching $1.4 billion in TVL (total value locked). Its biggest attraction is the fact that users earn both staking rewards and MEV (maximal extractable value) rewards.

Jito tokens (JTO) were airdropped to network participants on December 6, 2023, and they started claiming their rewards on December 7, by 4 pm. The initial price of the token was around $1.79. Less than four months later, it reached $5.28. It has shown signs of extreme volatility. Most analysts predict that it will grow exponentially in the months and years ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • Jito is one of the newest cryptos with strong growth potential
  • Jito Network enables liquid staking on Solana and has become the largest protocol in the ecosystem with $1.4 billion in TVL
  • Staking with Jito enables users to earn both staking and MEV rewards
  • JTO is extremely volatile, and as it continues to attract users, the price could skyrocket
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+320% +1,120% +1,800% +3,210%


Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was originally created as an alternative to the very first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which is still the largest. At its core, it guarantees fast payment, micro fees and improved privacy. In addition to its impressive security features, it is a decentralized and permissionless Network.

Bitcoin Cash Price Chart

In the past 12 months, Bitcoin Cash has gained +354.77%. The majority of this growth happened in 2024 as the coin moved from as low as $271.05 on December 31, 2023, to around $680.4 on April 1, 2024.

Following Bitcoin halving and subsequent price decline, BCH’s price has dropped in recent weeks. Its price at the time of writing this piece ($471.22) is a decent entry point for new buyers. We anticipate that the coin will gain as the wider crypto market improves.

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin Cash was forked from the original Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash’s benefits include faster transaction time, micro fees and improved privacy
  • BCH price has gained +354.77% in the past 12 months
  • BCH price responds to BTC price changes, meaning it will gain more as the wider crypto market improves
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+120% +286% +870% +2,020%


Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance has been the biggest cryptocurrency exchange for several years. Launched in 2017, it attracted users from all parts of the world quickly. The Binance ecosystem has also evolved in the past years to include Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain, Trust Wallet, Binance Academy, as well as research projects.

Binance Coin Price Chart

Though Binance has faced legal issues in recent times, it is still the largest exchange in terms of daily trading volume. The exchange and other Binance sub-projects remain viable, and we believe that the Binance coin (BNB) will bloom in 2024 and beyond.

In the past year alone, BNB has gained +98.69%. It is also the fourth-largest crypto by market capitalization. As the crypto bull market intensifies, Binance will get busier as trading intensifies. We also believe that the exchange will attract millions of new users, despite its recent troubles in some countries. It can actually outperform Bitcoin and other top altcoins.

Key Takeaways

  • Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange and has several sub-projects
  • Binance has faced several legal and regulatory issues in recent times but remains strong
  • BNB has gained +98.69% in the past year and reclaimed its spot as the fourth-largest crypto by market cap
  • Binance and BNB could attract millions of new users as the wider market improves and trading intensifies
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+380% +754% +1,280% +2,720%


Near Protocol

Near Protocol is a layer-1 blockchain that brings several innovative features to the space. It was founded as a community-run cloud computing platform that tackles such issues as poor throughput, poor interoperability and low transaction speeds.

Near Protocol Price Chart

In the last couple of years, Near Protocol has attracted a thriving developer base. Some of its selling points include a novel consensus mechanism called Doomslug, which improves scalability. It also uses Nightshade technology to improve transaction throughput. Unlike Ethereum and other older blockchains, Near Protocol uses human-readable account names to improve usability.

The Near Protocol coin (NEAR) has also performed well in the past year, gaining by +385.16%. As the protocol continues to attract developers and new users, the utility of NEAR will improve. This could be a significant catalyst for price growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Near Protocol is an innovative layer-1 blockchain that tackles some of the biggest problems of older blockchains
  • Near Protocol has introduced various novel technologies and features to improve usability
  • With its Near Protocol Ecosystem Funds, the network is attracting projects building on NFTs, DAOs and gaming
  • NEAR is up +385.16% in the past year and has the capacity to gain further
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+320% +830% +1,700% +3,210%


Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is one of the top AI cryptos on the market right now. It was purposefully built to enable a Data Economy at the intersection of blockchain and data but recently took on the AI (artificial intelligence) spin. The growing narrative of data being the “new gold” gives OCEAN a promising future. It is touted as the future of AI startups

Ocean Protocol Price Chart

We anticipate that Ocean Protocol will become one of the most popular blockchain projects in the future because of what it offers. It allows anyone with relevant datasets to tokenize their data and list them as NFTs on the Ocean Market. Potential users can then buy, decrypt and save data on their wallets.

Since taking up the AI spin, OCEAN has gained meaningfully. In the past 12 months, it has gained by +212.68%. While some analysts have expressed doubt about the long-term sustainability of AI tokens, our OCEAN outlook is positive for 2024 and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • Ocean protocol was built to enable an equitable data economy for all
  • With its AI spin, Ocean Protocol is the first project at the intersections of blockchain, data and artificial intelligence
  • Ocean Protocol could be helpful to a wide variety of users, including researchers and AI startups
  • OCEAN is up +212.68% in the past year with the potential for stronger gains
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+290% +720% +1,620% +2,860%



The hottest AI token in recent times, Fetch.ai token (FET) has been one of the best-performing digital assets in the past year. It is up +897.24% and there are strong indications it will gain further. Being at the interjection of the most transformative technologies of our time definitely has its benefits.

Fetch.ai Price Chart

As the AI buzz continues, cryptos in this niche will gain more. Fetch.ai has already made a strong impression on informed investors. It also has the potential to appeal to new enthusiasts who are eager to explore both the blockchain and AI markets.

Besides the hype and excitement around cryptos and AI, Fetch.ai offers significant value to a wide range of audience. In addition to enabling easy access to secure datasets by using autonomous AI, Fetch.ai is applicable in DeFi trading services, travel, transportation networks and smart energy grids.

Key Takeaways

  • FET is currently one of the hottest digital assets with +897.24% growth in the past year
  • Fetch.ai is at the intersection of blockchain and AI, enjoying the benefits and hypes surrounding the transformative technologies
  • FET can attract many new enthusiasts looking to explore blockchain and AI
  • Fetch.ai is already useful in different areas, including DeFi, transportation and smart energy grids, solidifying its long-term viability
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+750% +1,860% +2,100% +2,780%



Avalanche (AVAX) may have been flipped from its position as the 11th largest cryptocurrency by Shiba Inu, but it is not a token we can overlook. On the other hand, it is one of the most reliable altcoins in terms of market position and future potential. Its strong tokenomics is also great for long-term sustainability

Avalanche Price Chart

Like Solana and Cardano, Avalanche is another smart contract platform rivalling Ethereum. It boasts a unique architecture consisting of three individual blockchains using different consensus mechanisms to ensure optimum performance. The blockchain has been able to outperform Ethereum on some important benchmarks, including transaction time and scalability.

Avalanche coin (AVAX) has also performed well in recent times. It is up +182.02% in the past 12 months. It reached as high as $60.69 on March 19, 2024, before dropping slowly in the weeks that followed. At the time of writing this piece, it was trading at $36.47, a decent entry point for investors/traders.

Key Takeaways

  • Even after losing its spot as the 11th largest crypto, AVAX remains a reliable digital asset in terms of market position, network performance and fundamentals
  • Avalanche has a unique architecture that guarantees high network performance
  • AVAX’s strong tokenomics makes it ideal for long-term investment
  • AVAX has gained +182.02% in the past year, and the recent price decline has created a good entry point for investments 
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+216% +435% +890% +1,960%



Polkadot solves the problem of interoperability in a unique way. It is an open-source sharded multichain protocol that facilitates cross-chain transfer of all kinds of data and assets. Its four components include a relay chain, parachains, parathreads and bridges. It is the foundation for a decentralized internet or what we now call Web3.

Polkadot Price Chart

Polkadot coin (DOT) is the 14th largest crypto by market capitalization. It is a highly valuable token that serves three functions, including staking, network governance and bonding assets to connect parachains. It is also an investment instrument with strong growth potential.

In the past year, DOT is up 42.93%. Its recent price gain started in the first week of December 2023. By mid-March 2024, the coin reached a high price point of $11.5 before declining in early April. At the time of writing, DOT price was $7.00 and we estimate it will still gain before the end of 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Polkadot solves the problem of interoperability and enables cross-chain transfer of all data and asset types
  • Polkadot provides a solid foundation for the concept of Web3
  • DOT is the 14th largest crypto by market capitalization with strong growth potential
  • DOT is up 42.93% in the past year and is predicted to gain more in the months ahead
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+95% +180% +640% +1,270%



Compound is one of the top players in the decentralized finance niche. Invariably, its native token ‘COMP’ has been one of the best DeFi tokens for many years. As a lending and borrowing protocol, Compound has been able to attract millions of DeFi users.

Compound Price Chart

In the past year, the compound token, ‘COMP’ has gained 72.42%. Before a recent price decline that started in April, the coin had gained over 100% in February. COMP price was over $90 in the first week of March and it could return to this price level before the end of 2024.

Our positive Compound price forecast is based on the fact that it could witness increased activities in the months ahead. As the bull market continues to build up, lending and borrowing will improve. Compound being one of the best protocols in this niche will make notable gains.

Key Takeaways

  • Compound is one of the most prominent lending and borrowing protocols
  • COMP is regarded as one of the best DeFi tokens
  • Compound token (COMP) is up 76.42% in the past 12 months but previously gained over 100% a few months ago
  • As the market becomes more bullish, Compound will most likely witness increased activities which can boost its price performance
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+105% +192% +660% +1,410%



Aave is another top-ranked DeFi protocol with several attractive features. Its robust security, perhaps, is its biggest attraction. Due to its impressive history, Aave is trusted by many DeFi users. It is the second largest Ethereum DeFi protocol by volume, according to DAppRader data.

Aave Price Chart

In the past 12 months, Aaves token ‘AAVE’ has gained 51.79%. Like most other popular cryptos, its highest price level this year was recorded in March when it touched the $142 price point. Meanwhile, AAVE price is in the $80 – $90 price range, at the time of writing this piece.

In the months ahead, AAVE will gain more as the wider crypto market is slowly becoming bullish again. Our positive forecast is based on the fact that it is used by many institutional investors, thanks to Aave Arc. The approval of Bitcoin ETFs has resulted in an influx of new institutional investment, and AAVE could benefit in the long run.

Key Takeaways

  • Aave is the second-largest Ethereum DeFi Protocol by volume
  • Aave Arc caters to the needs of institutional investors
  • AAVE is up 51.79% in the past year
  • AAVE value could skyrocket as institutional investment in the crypto market grows
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+90% +210% +820% +1,240%



Chainlink is another important player in the blockchain industry, thanks to its decentralized Oracle network. It provides external data feeds, enabling smart contracts to function properly. Its impressive architecture ensures that data fetching is secure, accurate, and available at all times.

Chainlink Price Chart

Chainlink token (LINK) is also an impressive digital asset. It is up 160.26% in the past year. After surpassing the $20 mark in March, LINK’s price has fluctuated widely. It appears, however, that it is trending upwards, after establishing strong support at $15.

Chainlink is projected to continue improving because of the services it offers. LINK, which is used for payment in the ecosystem, is also estimated to gain as Chainlink’s Oracle solution grows.

Key Takeaways

  • Chainlink connects off-chain data to smart contracts and its services are in demand
  • Chainlink is trusted because its data fetching is secure, accurate and reliably available
  • LINK is up 160.26% in the past year
  • LINK is projected to gain as the market improves and its oracle solution grows
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+205% +380% +1,057% +2,205%



Ronin is the blockchain that aims to revolutionize gaming in the evolving Web3 space. It is an EVM blockchain launched by Sky Mavis, the creators of the popular Web3 P2E title, Axie Infinity. It is reportedly the only blockchain to scale a single game to accommodate millions of daily users.

Ronin Price Chart

With the gaming market projected to reach $682 billion in 2030, Ronin is poised for growth. It is already home to a number of successful games and can accommodate many new titles. It already has the best infrastructure for game developers and has been attracting thousands in the past months.

Ronin token ‘RON’ is up 213.10% in the past year. While this growth can be attributed to the thriving crypto market, RON’s increasing popularity has also played a key role. It is one of the top trending coins and will continue to attract investors from within and beyond the web3 and gaming niches.

Key Takeaways

  • Ronin blockchain is an EVM blockchain specifically designed for gaming
  • Ronin was created by Sky Mavis, the developing studio behind Axie Infinity
  • RON is up 213.10% in the past 12 months
  • Ronin could be the future of Web3 gaming
2024 Prediction 2025 Prediction 2030 Prediction 2040 Prediction
+302% +780% +1,650% +3,610%


Cryptocurrency Market Forecast for 2024

Towards the end of 2023, the crypto market turned bullish. Following the approval of Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC, the market improved tremendously in early 2024. Leading the bull market, Bitcoin reached a new all-time high in March.

As expected, BTC price dropped marginally after the Bitcoin halving event in April. However, it has seen an impressive recovery in recent weeks. Bitcoin price, once again, is above the $70k mark. With all the signs pointing in the right direction, our crypto market forecast for 2024 is very bullish.

Already, we’ve observed an inflow of new institutional investment to the market. The availability of Bitcoin ETFs has been instrumental, but the positive trend extends to altcoins too. Individuals who have only dabbled in Bitcoin and even those who have never bought crypto before are now getting into the market. The remaining months in 2024 could see Bitcoin and altcoins reach new highs.

Crypto Price Predictions 2025 – 2035

The majority of crypto analysts believe that the current bull market is just getting started. It is expected to extend to 2025 and beyond. Though cryptocurrencies are generally volatile and the market will get bearish at some point, we forecast that 2025 will see most coins reach new ATH. Historically, a bull market reaches its peak a year after Bitcoin halving.

Between 2026 and 2028, the crypto market could remain bullish too. Recent developments suggest that more investment will flow into the market. Inflation is cooling in the U.S. and interest rates are expected to fall. This, among other macroeconomic factors, could create an ideal environment for crypto investing. With increased demand, prices of most digital assets will gain further.

By 2030, we estimate that global crypto adoption will improve significantly. Most blockchain networks will upgrade and become more useful, attracting new users across different industries. Core blockchain fields like tokenization, DeFi, DePIN, NFTs, Web3 gaming, etc. will become more commonplace. At that point, crypto will become mainstream and most coins will gain more value. Ultimately, the crypto market could enter its golden before 2030, and the years that follow will be interesting.

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How to Make Crypto Price Predictions

Making crypto price predictions is not rocket science. However, there are key considerations that must be made. Below, we’ll discuss the most important factors you must consider while evaluating a digital asset and determining what its price could be in the future.

Market or Exchange Listing

The availability of a cryptocurrency on major exchanges is an important factor to consider when making a price prediction. Assets that are already listed on top exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, MECS and OKX command higher legitimacy and acceptance. They are also easily accessible, especially to new investors who know only a few exchanges.

While exchange listing is important and can determine growth potential, tokens that are not yet listed on major exchanges can also have strong growth potential. In fact, major exchange listing announcements can draw attention to an asset and trigger substantial price growth.

Token Utility

Before forecasting future prices, you also need to consider what an asset does or what it can be used for. A widely acceptable means of payment or an asset that provides utility for a popular DeFi platform, for instance, has a higher potential than an asset with little or no known utility.

However, it must be mentioned that a crypto doesn’t necessarily need to have strong utility to command high price. Memecoins, for instance, offer little or nothing in terms of utility. Rather, they primarily depend on their community, influencers and hype to gain value.


Tokenomics refers to the economic aspect of a coin or token. It pertains to such factors as total supply, circulatory supply and emission timelines. Ideally, assets with limited supply and low inflation have stronger growth potential, especially when demand increases.

Original distribution of Uniswap (UNI) tokens / Source: SEBA Bank

Source: SEBA Bank

An asset with no supply cap, on the other hand, does not necessarily mean low growth potential. Ether (ETH), for instance, has no maximum supply. However, it still qualifies as a store of value and has cemented its place as the second-largest crypto by market cap. Its total supply is engineered to increase gradually. Demand for ETH also outpaces its steady supply. Ultimately, its potential market is huge.

Potential Market

You must also consider the potential market a certain crypto project will serve while forecasting the price of its coin or token. A project with a limited potential market will have limited growth potential. This is why projects that serve extremely niche markets have poor valuations.

The inherent nature of the blockchain industry makes it possible for projects to have global reach. This practice is great because it promotes equality by making important digital assets available to a global audience instead of specific geographic locations.

Price Momentum

Historically, tokens with strong bullish momentum tend to continue going up, especially when the wider market is bullish. Therefore, it is important to consider price momentum when making crypto price prediction or forecast(s).

While momentum is not often seen as a perfect price indicator, it is mostly important when making short-term predictions. An asset may hit a price peak and decline sharply. Therefore, it is best to consider price momentum with other important factors, especially the state of the wider crypto market at any specific time.

What Factors Affect Crypto Prices?

Besides the core principles that determine coin price potential, there are a multitude of factors that impact price movement at any specific time. Below, we’ll explore some of the most important factors that influence crypto prices.

The Wider Crypto Market Condition

Over the years, it has become common knowledge that the crypto market experiences bullish and bearish seasons. While there are specific factors that may cause these conditions, the market seems to have grown accustomed to a cycle that involves both trends.

During a bullish season, most digital assets record significant gains. Ideally, Bitcoin (BTC) sets the ground rolling in each season. Other assets often follow its lead, gaining when the market is favorably bullish and losing when the market becomes bearish.

Performance of Other Asset Types

The crypto market also has a strong affinity to the stock market. Therefore, the performances of stocks in popular markets like the U.S. and Europe also affect the performances of cryptocurrencies. When stocks are gaining, most cryptos gain too. When the stock market becomes bearish, it also often follows that the crypto market enters a bearish trend.

The correlation of the stock and crypto markets is basically due to the fact that both markets are influenced by the same macroeconomic factors, including interest rates. When the conditions are right, investors go harder on these markets. On the other hand, many investors draw back when the markets turn red.

Macroeconomic Variables such as Interest Rates

Interest rates are regarded as one of the most important macroeconomic variables affecting the crypto market. Investors typically become more cautious when interest rates are high, and this often results in decreased investment in crypto. Furthermore, this tends to cause crypto price decline. On the other hand, low interest rates serve as catalysts for more investments, often resulting in bullish markets.

Other factors like inflation, employment economic output and more can also have an impact on crypto prices. Generally, in periods of economic prosperity, more investments flow into the crypto market. Conversely, some crypto enthusiasts tend to pull back when macroeconomic variables are unfavorable for risky investments.

Legal and Regulatory Issues

The crypto market and the wider blockchain industry have been under scrutiny for several years. Regulatory agencies in big markets like the United States and Europe have made various moves to regulate the market and these moves often affect crypto prices.

While legal and regulatory issues are often considered detrimental, there are regulations that could have a positive impact on the market too. A well-defined regulatory framework can improve public trust in the crypto market. Crackdowns on exchanges and crypto companies, on the other hand, can restrict access to digital assets, creating uncertainties and discouraging investors.

Market Sentiment

At any given time, market sentiment is always one of the most influential factors affecting crypto prices. When there is a lot of excitement about cryptocurrencies, demand tends to improve, and this often results in improved market performance. On the other hand, negative market sentiment can make crypto enthusiasts dump their assets hurriedly, and this often results in price decline.

Market sentiment can also affect cryptocurrencies individually. When there is hype surrounding a crypto and it translates to widespread excitement, such coin or token may gain meaningfully. A negative story can also result in negative sentiment about a particular digital asset and send its price crashing.

Useful Websites for Crypto Price Predictions & Forecasts

Do you still need help regarding crypto price predictions? Below, we’ll highlight the most helpful resources you can use to make your own crypto price forecast and determine whether any asset is worth a buy:

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. Investors could lose all of your invested capital.


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