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Compound Price Prediction

Compound is undoubtedly one of the biggest DeFi protocols around. The Compound token/coin (COMP) is also one of the most interesting digital assets in the DeFi space. However, Compound price has crashed considerably after reaching its ATH in May 2021.

In this post, we’ll provide comprehensive Compound Price Prediction to help readers determine whether it is still a good investment option. We’ll begin with Compound price history before delving fully into COMP price forecast(s) for the years ahead. We’ll also discuss what the Compound Protocol is, how it works, what COMP is used for, as well as factors that influence the coin’s price.

Compound Price Prediction Summary

  • End of 2024: Bitcoin halving, scheduled for April 2024 is expected to usher in a bull market. In fact, the anticipation alone is already having an impact on the market. Compound, like most other top altcoins, will leverage the bull market to rise. We anticipate that COMP will reach $68.50 by the end of 2024.
  • End of 2025: Despite legal and regulatory concerns, Compound is expected to perform well as the entire crypto market enjoys an extended bull market. Depending on how it resolves its issues and how the entire market turns out, the Compound token could reach $160 before the end of 2025.  
  • End of 2027: As an innovative DeFi protocol, Compound is capable of many things. We anticipate that Compound Labs, Compound DAO and other affiliated entities will take meaningful steps to grow the ecosystem. Based on our estimations, COMP price in 2027 could be in the region of $480 per token.
  • End of 2030: It’s projected that crypto will go mainstream sometime around 2030. We also expect Compound protocol to go into strategic partnerships that will attract new users in the years to come. Based on concrete facts, our Compound price prediction for the end of 2030 is $760 per token.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.  

Compound (COMP) Price History

Compound was founded in 2017 by Robert Leshner and Geoffrey Hayes. It was first launched on the Ethereum mainnet in 2018 and development of the Compound protocol continued. The company raised funds on multiple occasions (including an $8.2 million seed investment in 2018 and $25 million in a Series A funding round in 2019.

The Compound token (COMP) was first issued in February 2020. Its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which was denominated in BTC and ETH, ended on June 15, 2020. During the ICO, the Compound token exchanged for BTC and ETH equivalents of $50.71 per token.

After years of development followed by a successful ICO, COMP was listed on top exchanges immediately. According to Coingecko data, COMP price rose quickly within 24 hours to reach $78.58 per token on June 16, 2020. By September 1st, Compound token was already trading at $244.02 per token.

Compound Price History

TRX/USD price chart. Source: Coinmarketcap

Like other cryptocurrencies, COMP fluctuated throughout 2020. After dropping to a low-point of $94.58 in November 2020 it rallied quickly as crypto entered a bull market. By mid-January 2021, it traded for around $212.73. By February 3rd. COMP price was $356.32. By mid-April 2021, it had reached $563.67.

At the peak of the 2021 crypto bull market, Compound price rose exponentially. According to Coinmarketcap data, COMP reached its all-time high (ATH) price of $911.20 on May 12, 2021. Of course, this was short-lived as the price of the token plummeted days after. 

Compound Price Post ATH

Compound token lost more than half its value a couple of weeks after posting its ATH. By June 1, 2021, COMP price was already down to $434.83. The slump continued until the coin reached a low point of $277 on June 19. Between July and September, it experienced radical sideways movements before dropping considerably in the last two months of the year.

Since 2022, Compound token has been unable to regain its spark. It dropped from $204 on January 7 to $59 on June 7, 2022. By December 30, 2022, it had reached a new low point of $31.12. 

In 2023, Compound price performance has been uninspiring, to say the least. Despite moving up to $54.23 per token at the end of February, the coin dropped significantly as the year progressed. It reached its new all-time low (ATL) price of $25.55 on June 10, 2023.

Though COMP has regained some value after reaching a new all-time low in 2023, its price is still too low to inspire real hope. At the time of writing, the coin was trading for $50.83, which is 94.44% below its ATH value. However, it has recovered by 12.04% in the last month.

Key Points in COMP Price History

  • Compound was founded in 2017 but the development of the Compound protocol lasted till 2019 and the COMP governance token was first issued in February 2020
  • Compound’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was denominated in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) and each token exchanged for an equivalent of $50.71
  • On its first day on major cryptocurrency exchanges (a day after its ICO ended) COMP price rose to $78.58
  • On May 12, 2021, at the height of the crypto bull market, COMP reached its all-time high price of $911.20
  • Compound price crashed soon after it reached its ATH and the coin has been unable to recover significantly ever since
  • Compound reached a new all-time low price of $25.55 on June 10, 2023
  • At the time of writing this Compound price prediction guide, COMP price was 94.44% below its all-time high value

Compound Price Prediction 2024

Based on expert opinions, 2024 is going to be a spectacular year for crypto. There are indications that the market will perform really well, especially during the second half of the year. In fact, there are indications already that the market is rallying. Bitcoin reached $38,000 days ago, over 131% gain in 1 year.

But how exactly will Compound perform relative to the general crypto market? During the last bull market, COMP rallied spectacularly. As shown in the previous section, it nearly hit the $1000 mark in May 2021. Will it be able to repeat this feat?

Technical Analysis for Compound Prediction

Before jumping to a conclusion on Compound price prediction for 2024, we have to consider how the coin performed this year 2023. A closer look at COMP price history will show that the Compound token has performed poorly in the last couple of years. This brings some level of uncertainty into the equation.

We’ll need to be objective while analyzing Compound price history, especially when we need to make projections about its future prices in the face of a bull market. It is common knowledge that the last couple of years have been tough for crypto, and Compound seems to respond considerably to market sentiments.

Looking at the time Compound recorded its lowest-ever price, we observe that it was around the same period Compound Labs and other crypto companies were facing legal issues. There are still speculations that token holders can sue Compound DAO and insiders for selling unregistered securities.

Pending how the legal and regulatory issues are settled, COMP might still benefit from the coming bull market. However, it will take some effort from Compound Labs and the Compound community to keep the coin afloat. Based on the foregoing, our Compound price prediction for 2024 is $68.50.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.  

Compound Price Prediction 2025

We will still need to rely on the general market condition to understand Compound price prospects for 2025. If things play out as many experts have predicted, there are good chances that the bull market of 2024 will continue well into 2025. How COMP performs during the previous year will influence its price in 2025.

There are possibilities that Compound will survive its legal issues. Months ago, Ripples Lab secured a favorable judgment in an SEC suit brought against it and its founders. The victory was described by many as a landmark victory for the crypto space. In the past week, Binance agreed to pay a fine and have its CEO resign. These new developments indicate that the lawsuits against crypto companies may not be their downfalls.

COMP Price Prediction

If Compound defies the odds and performs well during the anticipated bull market, COMP price may rise significantly in 2025. Regardless of when the market peaks, COMP price will likely stay above the $100 mark for most of 2025.

While it may not be able to get to the level it got during the last bull market, the Compound token may experience exponential growth in 2025. From its history, we already know it is one of the altcoins with most promising cryptos.

Based on the factors considered, our COMP price forecast for 2025 estimates that the coin has a high price target of $160.00. Depending on how it handles its legal issues and the general condition of the market, its actual price this year could be marginally higher or lower.

Compound Price Prediction 2027

By 2027, Compound must have dispelled many of the regulatory concerns surrounding Compound Labs, Compound DAO and associated entities. At that point, we expect that COMP holders will have peace of mind compared to what is obtainable at the moment.

There are good reasons to also believe that Compound will become a lot more relevant than it is today by 2027. Though it is still one of the biggest and most reliable DeFi protocols, Compound is currently bedevilled by regulatory concerns. The fact that COMP has performed poorly in the last couple of years is another worrying issue.

Compound Price Prediction Low to High Point

By 2027, we anticipate that Compound must have shown some level of innovativeness that will endear it to new users. It already operates one of the best lending and borrowing protocols and users seem to be satisfied with its services. A notable improvement will mean a lot for the entire Compound ecosystem.

Judging by the way the blockchain industry is developing, the DeFi will see better days in the future. We anticipate that many lending and borrowing protocols will replace many traditional financial institutions. Compound is already one of the biggest players in the DeFi sector. It will grow bigger as the sector advances.

Compound’s reputation as a leading DeFi protocol also secures its position among the coins with the potential to explode. Also, we’ve seen how fast it grew in its first few years of trading on major crypto exchanges. A repeat of such a growth pattern will be monumental.

So, our Compound price prediction for 2027 estimates that the coin could rise to about $480 per token. However, this will also depend on the condition of the entire crypto market at the time.

Compound Price Prediction 2030

Before 2030, the crypto space is expected to have reached new heights and conquered several markets. In fact, there are suggestions that crypto will go mainstream at most by 2030. This implies that many people around the world bust have been exposed to crypto products.

With the crypto market improving significantly over time, we anticipate that Compound will also record substantial improvements. As the leading DeFi protocol, it could easily attract millions of users worldwide. With new users coming in, Compound TVL will improve. That, alone, could play an important role in pushing COMP price upward.

Compound Price Crypto Forecasts

It is also likely that Compound will get many new partners even before 2030. We’ve observed for years that the crypto space advances better when companies and teams collaborate. Compound hasn’t been left behind in this regard and there are indications things will only improve with time.

There is also the possibility of institutional investors getting involved in crypto. They may be interested in the most undervalued crypto assets, and COMP is one of them. An influx of institutional users or investors will boost COMP value meaningfully.

It is ideal to anticipate positive long-term Compound price prospects. However, the actual outcome will depend on how events play out. Based on our estimation, Compound price prediction for 2030 should be in the region of $760 per token.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.  

Compound Price Prediction 2040

Estimating how a volatile digital asset like Compound token will perform in 16 years is quite challenging. However, we will need to rely on the asset’s price history and industry dynamics to make projections. Our algorithmic-based analysis may not be infallible, but they are consistent to a high degree.

Based on what we’ve observed over the past decade, the blockchain industry is capable of evolving at an incredible pace. We’ve also seen that the crypto space is so inclusive that many projects will be able to thrive in the long run. Therefore, there is hardly any fear about Compound long-term future.

Compound Price Forecasts

What we can’t possibly determine at this point is how the Compound team and the Compound decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will respond to changes in the industry. If they are as proactive and astute as we hope, then Compound will improve all-round before 2040, and that will be a huge plus to COMP value.

Before 2040, we may see the convergence of crypto and traditional finance. Of course, DeFi protocols will play a huge role in this. The big traditional financial players may not go out to start building from scratch. Many will leverage existing platforms. Compound may have a big break at such a period.

Depending on how events unfold in the years to come, Compound may be one of the most profitable cryptos. However, it will need to adapt well and become more attractive as crypto goes mainstream. Based on our projections, Compound price forecast for 2040 is expected to reach $1,240 per token.

Potential Highs and Lows of Compound Price

As mentioned in different sections of this Compound price prediction guide, it is challenging to correctly estimate what a volatile digital asset will be worth in the future. What we’ve done so far is to use the best tools and methods to estimate COMP future prices. Since nothing is written in stone, it will be helpful to understand the potential high and low points of Compound tokens for the years to come.

The table below will summarize potential high and low prices of Compound for the years we’ve considered:

Year Potential High Potential Low
2024 $68.50 $42.68
2025 $160 $76
2027 $480 $280
2030 $760 $620
2040 $1,240 $960

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.  

Expert Opinions – What Other Analysts Predict for COMP Price

In this section of our Compound price forecast, we’ll sample the opinions of other analysts predicting Compound future prices for the years to come. These are expert opinions from other reputable sources across the crypto market niche:

“The price of Compound is predicted to reach at a minimum value of $76.55 in 2024. The Compound price could reach a maximum value of $94.85 with the average trading price of $79.36 throughout 2024.”


 “According to our COMP crypto price prediction, the coin will see a rise of around 50% in the entire year. It will trade from the potential low of $81.88 to the maximum level of $117.87. During the entire year, the coin will have an average trading price of $99.88.”


“According to our analysts, Compound price for the year 2027 could range between $199.36 to $248.31 and the average price of COMP could be around $223.83.”


“After witnessing a bullish run in the market, COMP and many altcoins would show signs of consolidation and might trade sideways and move downwards for some time while experiencing minor spikes. Therefore, by the end of 2030, COMP could be trading at $1240.”


“Compound token is expected to reach $1000 (USD) by 2040.”


What is Compound and What is it Used For?

Compound is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that offers crypto lending and borrowing services. As an innovative DeFi protocol, Compound has several lending pools where users can deposit their crypto and earn interest.

Borrowers can also access the lending pools and borrow crypto after depositing collateral. Originally built on Ethereum, the Compound protocol establishes a large market for Ethereum assets, including several stablecoins.

The Compound token, simply called COMP, is the native cryptocurrency of the Compound ecosystem. It is a utility token as well as a governance token. This implies that it can be put to varying use cases. One thing that sets Compound apart from other DeFi protocols is its community governance structure.

Like all major cryptocurrencies, Compound can be used to settle payments. While it is mostly used within the Compound ecosystem, it can also be used outside the protocol. COMP is also available on exchanges as an investment instrument. It is a volatile asset that can yield either profit or loss, depending on the direction of the market.

As the governance token of the Compound DAO, COMP gives its holders governance rights. This implies that COMP holders can vote to determine how the protocol is run, ultimately contributing to the development of the ecosystem and the growth of the DAO.

What Influences the Price of Compound Token (COMP)?

As we’ve mentioned severally, Compound is a volatile asset – just like other cryptos. In this section, we’ll summarize some of the major factors that influence its price:

General Market Condition

Most coins respond directly to the overall condition of the crypto market. In the event of a bullish market, many altcoins, including Compound are likely to gain. On the other hand, when the market turns bullish, most assets drop in value.

Ecosystem Activities and Developments

Depending on the level of activities within the Compound protocol, the COMP token may gain value. Ideally, increased activity drives price growth while a lack of activities often results in a price slump. Also, new positive developments within the Compound ecosystem bring about price growth.

Traders Sentiment

The crypto market is highly sentiment-driven. Depending on how traders and investors feel about Compound, the price will either gain or drop. When traders are positive and are buying more COMP, the price rises. But once the overriding sentiment is negative, a price drop is often inevitable.

Regulatory and Legal Concerns

Compound still faces regulatory and legal issues, just like most other cryptos. These issues normally affect investors’ confidence. When traders and investors are not confident about the future of a coin, they may abandon it, and this can easily lead to a price crash.


The DeFi space is getting more competitive and Compound is not immune to competition. As the sector continues to develop, Compound will compete for market share with other protocols and this can have an impact on its value, hence COMP price.

Is Compound a Buy?

Based on all we’ve covered in this Compound price prediction guide, it may appear that COMP is a decent crypto to buy. However, there are several uncertainties surrounding the coin. Considering that its current price is lower than its ICO price and its starting price on exchanges, COMP may seem like a poor-performing crypto.

Is Compound a Buy

But looking at Compound price history, we observe that it recorded a significant price pump soon after its launch. The crypto also had explosive growth during the 2021 bull market, surpassing $900 per token. However, it has been unable to replicate this feat in the past two years. In fact, its performance in the last couple of years can be termed abysmal.

According to our Compound price predictions, the token may grow in the coming years, but there is no certainty when it comes to an asset like COMP. The coin and its protocol still have legal issues hanging above them. If things degenerate further, COMP price may slump further too.

Based on our analyses, Compound has the potential for growth. However, fear, uncertainty and doubt surround the coin’s prospects. Depending on your risk appetite, it could be a good coin for long-term investment. It may not perform well as a short-term investment.

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Compound Price Prediction – Conclusion

This Compound price prediction guide has explored most of the things you need to know about Compound and the COMP token. At this stage, you should be able to determine whether it will be a good feat for your crypto portfolio.

Based on our analyses, COMP price may rise in the future. However, we don’t expect the coin to get to the level it got in 2021 anytime soon. It may not be a good fit for short-term investors but may yield decent profit in the long run. If you intend to buy COMP or any other digital asset, choosing a reliable broker is paramount. eToro happens to be one of the best crypto exchanges offering several benefits and charging the lowest possible fees.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.


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What was Compound (COMP)'s starting price?

During its ICO, Compound price was $50.71. However, on its first day on major cryptocurrency exchanges, Coingecko data shows that COMP starting price was in the region of $78.58 per token.

COMP price will likely go up in the years to come. The coin has had a disappointing couple of years and analysts predict that it will recover as the entire crypto market improves in the months and years to come.

Compound token has a good chance to bloom in 2024. Most cryptocurrencies will gain significantly if the upcoming Bitcoin halving delivers the effect we anticipate.

Depending on how well it leverages the upcoming bull market, COMP price growth will likely extend to 2025. Based on our analyses, the coin may reach $160 before the end of 2025.

Based on our Compound price prediction, it is estimated that COMP price will rise to a maximum level of $480 before the end of 2027.

We anticipate that by 2030, the crypto market might have developed very well. As a top altcoin with growth potential, COMP may rise to as much as $760 before the end of 2030.

Before 2040, we expect crypto to go mainstream. We also expect lots of institutional interest before that year. Depending on how events play out, COMP price may get to a high value of $1,240 before the end of 2040.

As our COMP price forecast indicates, it is possible for Compound price to get to the $1000 mark. The coin actually came close to this mark during the 2021 crypto bull market. It may take several years, but Compound crypto token can get to this height.

This appears like a good time to buy COMP. The coin is currently one of the most undervalued cryptos and will likely gain value in the future.

Yes, COMP looks like a good investment option. The altcoin is trading at a very cheap rate. Our COMP price forecast also indicates that it will gain value in the future. It has the potential to yield meaningful profit in the future.