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NEAR Protocal Price Prediction: NEAR Could Test $9 Soon

NEAR Protocol was created to eliminate some of the problems bedeviling competing blockchains, including poor interoperability, low transaction speeds and low throughput. A community-run cloud computing platform, the protocol and its native token appeals to several cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

In this post, we’ll provide comprehensive NEAR Protocol price prediction, including short, medium and long-term NEAR price forecasts. We’ll also cover NEAR price history, potential highs and lows, as well as other information that can help you make a better decision when buying NEAR coin.

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction Summary

  • End of 2024: Just like when it was a brand new cryptocurrency, the NEAR Protocol coin has responded slowly to the current bull market. However, the coin is gaining and is expected to gain even faster in the months ahead. By our estimation, NEAR should reach a maximum price of $10.72 before the end of 2024.
  • End of 2025: Judging by its price history and recent growth pattern, it seems the NEAR Protocol coin will reach a new all-time high in 2025. The coin is expected to continue on the modest ascending pattern it has formed until mid-2025. It is very likely that NEAR will hit a maximum price of $22.42 before the end of the year.
  • End of 2027: In 2027, the crypto market would potentially be exiting another bear season. The first six months of the year may be tough for NEAR, but the coin is expected to start recovering in the third quarter. Depending on how events play out, the NEAR Protocol coin could reach our high price target of $18.65 before the end of 2027.
  • End of 2030: NEAR Protocol is a top-quality layer-1 protocol with robust infrastructure. It is also developer and user-friendly. Before 2030, the NEAR ecosystem could be bustling with several valuable dApps and other solutions. It could attract millions of new users and the growing ecosystem could help propel NEAR price to $32.84 before the end of 2030.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Price History

The NEAR Protocol is a layer-1 blockchain co-founded by Wall Street entrepreneur, Erik Trautman, with Illia Polosukhin and Alexander Skidanov who have previously worked at Google and Microsoft, respectively. The mainnet was launched in April 2020.

The NEAR Protocol coin (NEAR) was originally launched through an initial coin offering (ICO) held between 12 and 25 August 2020. According to icodrop data, NEAR price during the ICO was $0.4 per coin, and the team raised $33,630,000, which was higher than the fundraising goal of $12,500,000.

NEAR started trading on major cryptocurrency exchanges sometime in October 2020. According to coingecko data, the initial price was in the region of $1.18. Few days after debuting on exchanges, the new coin reached an all-time low price of $0.526 on November 4, 2020. It recovered slowly, and by January 1, 2021, it traded for $1.39.

As the wider crypto market bloomed in 2021, NEAR price rose slowly. It reached $5.31 on March 11 before collapsing again to $1.93 on July 19. From August 2021, NEAR price started gaining like other altcoins. As of September 1, the price was $5.31, and by October 27, it was $12.34. Eventually, it finished 2021 at around $15.42 per coin.

NEAR Protocol Price Chart

NEAR Protocol price rally continued in early 2022. According to coinmarketcap data, NEAR eventually reached its all-time high price of $20.42 on January 16, 2022.

NEAR Price History – Post-ATH

NEAR performed relatively well after hitting ATH. Even as the wider crypto market witnessed general price decline, the new coin fluctuated in a positive manner. As of April 16, 2022, NEAR price was still $16.39 though it touched $8 in February.

From May 2022, the crypto winter got to NEAR. The price of the coin dropped to around $3.40 in mid-June. By December 23, NEAR was trading at $1.32 per coin. For most of 2023, NEAR Protocol was only able to touch the $2 mark in February and April. For the other months, it traded between $1.01 and $1.08.

As the wider crypto market started improving towards the end of 2023, NEAR only picked up in December. As of December 1, it traded for $1.88 and by December 23, it traded for $3.36. In the first three months of 2024, the NEAR Protocol coin has gained slowly. It reached $8.74 on March 15 and continues to trade above the $6 mark ever since.

Key Points in NEAR Protocol (NEAR) price history

  • NEAR Protocol was founded by experienced professionals and a Wall Street entrepreneur as a community-run cloud computing platform
  • NEAR Protocol mainnet was launched in April 2020 but the native token was released via an ICO held in August 2020
  • During its ICO, NEAR price was $0.4 per coin but when it debuted on major exchanges, the initial price was in the region of $1.18 per coin
  • NEAR dropped to an all-time low price of $0.526 on November 4, 2020, few days after listing
  • The NEAR Protocol coin reached its all-time high price of $20.42 on January 16, 2022
  • For most part of 2023, NEAR traded between $1.01 and $1.80, only touching the $2 mark in February and April
  • From December 2023, NEAR Protocol has experienced slow but steady price growth 

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2024

As mentioned in the previous section of this NEAR Protocol price prediction, the coin started recovering from the crypto winter in December 2023. Going by recent market trends, the recovery started a bit late as the wider crypto market started improving between October and November.

In the first quarter of this year (Q1, 2024), NEAR Protocol price has gained considerably, establishing support at $6. In the past month alone, it is up 55%. It is expected that the coin will gain more in the months ahead.

One of the major factors driving the current NEAR Protocol price rally is the ongoing bull market. In anticipation of Bitcoin halving, the crypto market started improving in the last few months of 2023. In 2024, several developments, including the approval of Bitcoin ETF, has helped push the market further.

As expected, Bitcoin has led the current bull market. The mother of all cryptocurrency has reached a new all-time high value. Top altcoins, including Ethereum, Solana, and Dogecoin have also gained considerably.

Technical Analysis for NEARUSD

Though it can be regarded as a relatively new coin, NEAR Protocol is also a good altcoin. Its price history clearly shows that it can gain meaningfully over time. Compared to its all-time low price, NEAR is up 1,174%, meaning that those who bought during the deep must have made huge profit when it reached its all-time high value in 2022.

Considering the state of the crypto market at the moment, our short-term NEAR Protocol price prediction is positive. We anticipate that the coin will gain meaningfully before the end of the year.

As per our actual NEAR price forecast, we estimate that the coin could reach a maximum value of $10.72 before the end of 2024.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2025

NEAR Protocol has only witnessed one major crypto bull market. It was one of the newest cryptocurrencies during the last bull market. In fact, NEAR was barely 3 months in the market when the 2021 bull market started. Therefore, it wasn’t much of a surprise when it didn’t peak in 2021.

Judging by its price history, it is rational to assume that NEAR will reach a new all-time high value before the end of 2025. The current bull market will most likely continue until next year. Many coins, including NEAR, will most likely peak in 2025.

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2025

We also have to consider how slowly NEAR price has responded to the current bull market. Though it has recovered considerably from the crypto winter, it hasn’t been able to rally like some of the best altcoins to buy. However, its growth potential is undeniable.

NEAR Protocol is considered an important layer-1 blockchain for various reasons. For a start, it is both a developer and user-friendly platform, thanks to the innovations it brings. In addition to introducing a unique solution to scaling problems, it has its own consensus mechanism called “Doomslug”.

For a relatively new layer-1 blockchain, NEAR Protocol has been able to attract a sizable developer-base. Some of the successful projects launched on the blockchain include Flux, a protocol that enables developers to create markets based on assets, real-world events and commodities. Another interesting one is an NFT minting platform called Mintbase.

By 2025, NEAR Protocol will most likely become more relevant. In any case, the NEAR Protocol coin is expected to gain as the wider crypto market continues to bloom. Based on our estimations, NEAR price prediction for 2025 is a maximum price level of $22.42 before year-end.

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2027

In 2027, the price of NEAR Protocol coin will mostly depend on the condition of the wider market. As we all know, the crypto market is notoriously volatile. Therefore, prices of digital assets like NEAR will continue to move up and down, depending on market trends and impactful developments.

Before 2027, the market will most likely experience another bear season. Of course, the implication is that prices of coins like NEAR will plunge. This will most likely happen in 2026, as well as the first half of 2027. Towards Q3 and Q4 2027, the market will most likely start improving again, in anticipation of another Bitcoin halving and subsequent bull market.

NEAR Protocol Crypto Price Prediction

Going by what we’ve observed in the past, we can expect NEAR Protocol to respond to the changing market conditions late. Therefore, it is possible that NEAR will only gain marginally towards the end of 2027. However, things may turn out differently.

As mentioned earlier, NEAR Protocol is a community-run project. It also boasts a robust infrastructure that has attracted both developers and end-users. In essence, the NEAR Protocol ecosystem is already growing. NEAR’s daily trading volume is also impressive at $503,751,824. It is an indication that NEAR is one of the trending coins to invest in.

Regardless of what happens before and in 2027, we believe that NEAR users and holders will not abandon the project. Instead, NEAR Protocol will be able to attract more users, including institutional investors.

Based on the factors considered so far, our NEAR price forecast for 2027 estimates that the maximum price of the coin could be in the region of $18.65. Depending on the condition of the wider crypto market, it could be more or less.

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2030

Our long-term NEAR Protocol price prediction will be mostly based on the potential of the blockchain and its native token. While market factors will continue to determine short-term price movements, the quality of the project and how users perceive it will ensure longevity and sustainable price growth.

Already, we’ve stressed that NEAR Protocol is a high-quality project developed by a world-class team and run by its community. Based on that, we believe in the long-term future of the project. Its ability to attract both developers and end-users is another important factor that will impact its long-term price prospect.

Over the years, NEAR Protocol has been able to attract and sustain meaningful partnerships. When it was announced in 2023 that NEAR Foundation had partnered with Alibaba Cloud to accelerate Web3 growth in Asia and the Middle East, NEAR price gained by 9.1% immediately.

As is the norm in the blockchain industry, we expect many more impactful partnerships leading up to 2030. We’ve already established that the relatively new blockchain addresses some of the critical problems of older layer-1 blockchains. Therefore, it shouldn’t have any problem partnering with established organizations hoping to adopt blockchain technology.

The state of crypto in 2030 will also have an impact on the actual NEAR Protocol coin price. A thriving market will mean that the coin’s price could be significantly higher than the current value. If, by any chance, the wider market happens to be experiencing setbacks in 2030, NEAR price could be impacted negatively too.

As per our actual NEAR Protocol price prediction for 2030, we estimate that the coin could reach a maximum price of $32.84 before the year runs out.

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2040

To understand what NEAR could be worth in 2040, we need to consider how the crypto and blockchain industry will be by then. With what we’ve observed in the past decade, it is safe to assume that blockchain technology will significantly transform our world before 2040. NEAR Protocol could play a significant role in the transformation.

Again, we need to stress that NEAR Protocol has a robust infrastructure that enables developers to create life-changing decentralized applications (dApps). Also, the layer-1 blockchain is capable of innovating in the future. It could add several new features to become even more attractive.

Before 2040, we anticipate that the NEAR Protocol ecosystem will be booming with dApps and other solutions that will attract users from different parts of the world. We also believe that NEAR Foundation will announce several other strategic partnerships that will yield positive results.

We also need to consider that global crypto adoption will rise significantly even before 2040. Already, crypto is going mainstream, meaning that NEAR coin and other digital assets will become more commonplace.

With its user-base growing, NEAR Protocol coin will gain more value. The new users will include both developers and end-users utilizing the coin for different purposes.

Considering everything we’ve discussed, our long-term NEAR Protocol price forecast is definitely positive. We estimate that the coin could be worth as much as $54.29 before the end of 2040.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

Potential Highs and Lows of NEAR Protocol Price

Knowing that NEAR price will continue to fluctuate in the future, it is important that we provide a realistic price range for the future. In the table below, we’ll summarize NEAR Protocol’s potential high and low price points for the years under consideration:

Year Potential High Potential Low
2024 $10.72 $6.40
2025 $22.42 $18.19
2027 $18.65 $12.50
2030 $32.84 $24.64
2040 $54.29 $40.10


Expert Opinions – What Other Analysts Predict for NEAR Price

Many readers will want to compare the opinions of many analysts before deciding whether the NEAR Protocol coin is a good addition for their portfolio. Therefore, it is only right that we sample the opinions of other analysts providing NEAR Protocol price forecast(s) for other crypto media outlets:

“According to our deep technical analysis on past price data of NEAR, in 2024 the price of NEAR Protocol is predicted to reach at a minimum level of $8.40. The NEAR price can reach a maximum level of $9.62 with the average trading price of $8.72.”


“After the analysis of the prices of NEAR Protocol in previous years, it is assumed that in 2025, the minimum price of NEAR Protocol will be around $12.74. The maximum expected NEAR price may be around $14.29. On average, the trading price might be $13.17 in 2025.”


“Looking forward to 2027, NEAR’s price could range between $18.65 and $32.29 and an average forecast price of $25.47.”


“Based on our analysis and NEAR crypto price prediction 2030, the token will trade in a range of $12.51 to $18.01, while the average price may be around $15.26.”


“The long-term forecast for NEAR indicates that this altcoin could reach a new all-time high (ATH). This would be one of the key moments as HODLERS may expect to sell some of their tokens at the ATH point. If they start selling then NEAR could fall in value. It is expected that the average price of NEAR could reach $45 by 2040.”


What is NEAR Protocol and What is it Used For?

 NEAR Protocol is a layer-1 blockchain designed in a manner that tackles some of the problems facing older layer-1 blockchains, such as low transaction speed, poor scalability and lack of interoperability. It is a sharded, developer-friendly public blockchain run by the community.

As we’ve stressed at different sections of this NEAR Protocol price prediction guide, the layer-1 blockchain was built by a world-class team led by a Wall Street entrepreneur and consisting of vastly experienced computer scientists with work histories in top tech companies, including Google and Microsoft.

In terms of usage, NEAR Protocol allows developers to create decentralized applications that offer different kinds of solutions to different end-users. Some of its key objectives are to make it easy for developers to deploy projects and guarantee excellent user-experience. Some of its biggest obvious advantages include human-readable account names and the ability for users to interact with dApps and smart contracts without requiring a crypto wallet.

NEAR Protocol Coin

Like other blockchain protocols, NEAR Protocol has a native coin. Deployed in 2020, the coin trades by the ticker symbol “NEAR”. It is both the utility and governance token of the network, meaning it can be used for settlement of transaction fees and as a store of value. It also grants governance rights to holders, enabling them to vote on network proposals.

NEAR is a standard cryptocurrency that can be traded across different exchange platforms. It is widely used for costs associated with operating network validator nodes, maintaining databases, as well as handling financial transactions. It can also be staked to secure the network and yield network rewards.

The NEAR Protocol coin is also an investment vehicle. If you are reading this guide with the hope of buying the coin for profit purposes then you are using it as an investment vehicle. As we’ve demonstrated, it is one of the coins with high growth potential, so could be a decent investment instrument.

What Influences the Price of NEAR Protocol Coin (NEAR)?

Knowing the factors that impact NEAR price could be helpful in determining how the coin’s price could move at any given time. Below, we’ll briefly describe some of the factors that impacts the coin’s price:

Supply and demand

Like other digital assets, NEAR responds to the forces of demand and supply. High demand leads to price gains while excessive supply results in price decline. This also implies that when the total NEAR supply gets into circulation, prices will rise further and faster.

Crypto market condition

The condition of the wider crypto market impacts the prices of all digital assets, including NEAR. Most coins gain during a bull market and drop during a bear market. Historically, NEAR has followed this trend, though it responds slowly to changing market conditions.

Ecosystem developments/announcements

As the NEAR Protocol ecosystem continues to expand, the value of the native token will be growing. In addition to the deployment of dApps on the network, ecosystem updates and improvements will also boost its value. Announcement of strategic partnerships and collaborations can also boost price.

Investors’ sentiment

How NEAR holders and potential investors feel about the coin and its protocol can also have an impact on it. Negative sentiment can lead to massive sell-off which will affect price. On the other hand, positive sentiment will drive demand and also propel prices upwards.


Other factors that can impact NEAR Protocol price include increased adoption, increase in NEAR utility/usage, as well as positive developments on the wider crypto/blockchain industry. Crypto regulations can also impact the prices of digital assets, including NEAR.

Is NEAR Protocol a Buy?

Regardless of their differing risk appetites, crypto enthusiasts want to make sure they buy coins that will appreciate in the future and yield profit. So, is NEAR Protocol a good asset to add to your portfolio?

Based on what we’ve covered so far, NEAR has growth potential. Since launching in 2020, NEAR price has fluctuated ever since. While this is the inherent characteristic of cryptocurrencies, it demonstrates the possibility of taking a profit. Market participants just need to buy when prices are low and sell when prices are higher so as to take profits.

Is NEAR Protocol a Buy

From what we covered in this NEAR Protocol price prediction guide, NEAR can yield significant profits in the future. Our forecasts show that it will gain in the years to come, so adding it to your portfolio is not a bad idea at all.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

NEAR Protocol Price Prediction – Conclusion

In this post, we’ve covered most things you need to understand before buying NEAR Protocol coin as an investment instrument. We’ve analyzed the coins’ price history to determine how it will potentially change in the years ahead. We also did fundamental analysis of the NEAR Protocol blockchain to determine its viability and sustainability.

Based on our research and analysis, NEAR has the potential to gain meaningfully, starting from 2024 to 2040. While there will be hiccups and bearish market trends along the way, the coin, like other cryptocurrencies, will always rebound and reach new heights.

To wrap it up, we need to reiterate that NEAR Protocol is a top-quality layer-1 blockchain with lots of potential. Our analysis also shows that the NEAR Protocol coin (NEAR) will rise in the years to come. If you are considering buying the coin, take care to use trusted brokers like eToro. As the top social trading platform, eToro offers several perks and charges the lowest possible fees.  

Author Checked Reviewed and Fact Checked by Kamal Masri, Crypto Writer and Investment Analyst.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.



What was NEAR highest price ever?

According to coinmarketcap data, the highest price NEAR Protocol coin recorded was $20.42. This all-time high price was recorded on January 16, 2022, a couple of months after the peak of the 2021 bull market.

Yes, BEAR will likely go up in the future. It has recovered from the crypto winter and has been gaining slowly in the past months.

NEAR Protocol coin will likely go up in 2024. A major crypto Bull Run is already underway and NEAR is warming up to the actions slowly.

Based on our forecast, NEAR coin could reach a maximum price of $22.42 before the end of 2025.

In 2027, it is estimated that NEAR could reach a maximum price in the region of $18.65 per coin.

Before 2030, we anticipate that the NEAR Protocol ecosystem must have expanded meaningfully. Depending on several factors, NEAR could reach a high price target of $32.84 per coin during the year.

Depending on the condition of the wider cryptocurrency market and how NEAR Protocol has advanced, the NEAR Protocol coin could be worth as much as $54.29

While we can’t rule anything out, it will be difficult for NEAR to reach the $100 mark. It may take several years for this to happen.

Yes, now may be a good time to buy NEAR. The coin is projected to gain in the future and buying now will increase your chances of taking in big profits.

Depending on your investment needs and risk appetite, NEAR Protocol could be a good investment. We anticipate that the coin will appreciate and yield profits for holders.