Editorial Policy

The mission of to deliver up-to-the-minute crypto news, trending stories, comprehensive guides and reviews to help you make better decisions. Our team is excited about making it easier for online users to understand and navigate the complex crypto market. We win when you win, so we’re dedicated to providing the best content possible.

Our Editorial Principles

Behind every piece of content we write, there are key editorial pillar that guide us:

Independency is a fully independent organization. There’s no brand or company pulling our strings or telling us what to write about. We decide what topic to cover and how to cover it. That means that our approach to crypto exchanges, brands and brokerages everything else we analyse is unbiased and honest.

We make money through affiliate links from brokers we recommend and from adverting. However, we are not an agent of any recommended brand and our opinions are fully our own. does not have any direct financial interest in the brands, services, or financial products that we cover.


The most important part of our editorial approach is that everything published on Crypto2Community must be accurate. Our users come to us for vital information about how to improve their financial circumstances; it’s crucial we don’t let them down.


To be of most value to our users, all content on must be honest, unbiased, and transparent. We’re not here to push people in certain directions, but to provide them with honest facts so they can make informed decisions.


In everything we publish, we strive for clarity and practical value. Our experienced team understands what it takes to make complex crypto topics accessible to non-experts. Where we believe it will help our readers, we include images or links to third-party sites. Approachability is key to everything we write.

Finally, Crypto2Community is committed to providing reliable information to everyone. We make sure that all content is easy to understand so that our services are accessible to anyone who needs them.

We’re also accountable to our editorial principles and to our privacy policy. If you have any questions or complaints, we encourage you to contact us.

Our Processing Steps for Publishing Content has a large team of experienced authors and editors who work together to publish content that meets our guidelines and values.

Our writers are constantly writing new pages for, with every news piece, article, guide, or review being checked by one of our in-house editors before being published.

We follow a simple 5-step process to ensure that quality is always maintained across Crypto2Community, and that any mistakes or errors are found and fixed quickly and efficiently. Here’s a summary of the steps each piece of content goes through before being published, with further explanation of our process in the ‘Quality Standards’ section below:

Full Research

Every piece published on Crypto2Community is thoroughly researched to ensure accuracy. This can take the form of registering for a service and using the platform before writing a review, finding all the information most useful for a reader if composing a guide, or interviewing relevant authoritative sources before publishing a news article about the financial markets.


After an article has been completed, it is reviewed by another member of the team who will investigate any assertions made in the article or review guide to ensure that the writer has carried out their research accurately. This is an integral part of our process for ensuring that any information published on Crypto2Community is correct and reliable for our users.


Once a piece of content has been written and fact-checked, it is passed to one of our in-house editors to be reviewed. In this step of the process, an experienced member of our editorial team will check that the quality of writing is up to the standards of our website, eliminate any typos or other errors in the text, and feedback to the writer for improvements if necessary.

This step of the process ensures that content is not merely accurate, but also simple-to-understand and accessible. We pride ourselves on answering relevant questions quickly and directly, and making complex topics understandable for all our readers. This requires accurate information, but also a friendly style that anyone can understand.