Solana Price Prediction

Months after its official launch, Solana earned a controversial nickname, “Ethereum Killer”. It was able to attract a vibrant community quickly, becoming one of the most interesting new coins in the process. The last major crypto bull market, SOL price gained 15,000% to justify investors’ trust.

In spite of the outcomes of the recent bear market, Solana remains one of the best altcoins to invest in. In this post, we’ll provide comprehensive Solana price prediction for the years to come. We’ll cover SOL price history, potential highs and lows and other factors that determine SOL short and long-term prices.

Solana Price Prediction Summary

  • After an extended period of private and presale events, Solana launched on major exchanges in April 2020 and the initial price was in the region of $0.5 – $0.95
  • After reaching an all-time high price of $259.96 on November 6 2021, Solana has dropped considerably. It is in a recovery phase and the current price of $22.20 is a 91.5% drop from its ATH
  • Our Solana price prediction estimates that SOL price will reach $30 by the end of 2023, $98 by the end of 2025 and $320 at the end of 2030
  • Solana is a vibrant and high-performance layer-1 blockchain that combines Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-History consensus mechanisms to guarantee excellent performance
  • Many factors can influence Solana price movement, including supply and demand, the general condition of the crypto market, developments within the Solana ecosystem, as well as regulatory and legal issues

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

Solana Price History

The Solana project started in 2017 when Anatoly Yakovenko began the initial work on the idea. He went ahead to form the Solana Labs technology company. However, the blockchain was officially launched in March 2020 by the Solana Foundation.

Private Token Sales and Presales

Even before launching officially, SOL tokens were sold in private and presale events. Though the initial prices at the different events are not known, the final presale round in March 2020 had the coins sold at $0.22 per token.

Launch and Listing on Exchanges

Following the official launch in March 2020, Solana was listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges. At that point, SOL was trading between $0.50 and $1 per token. It started gaining around July but remained relatively low-priced throughout 2020.

Venture Capital Funding

Even after listing on major altcoin exchanges, Solana continued to raise funds from venture capitalists. Thanks to its uniqueness and promise, it was able to attract top investors at the time, including Polychain Capital, Almeda Research, and Andreessen Horowitz. It stated through a press release in June 2021 that it raised over $300 million in a round led by these investors.

Sharp Price Growth

In early 2021, SOL price gained momentum. By March, it had reached $10 per token. With venture capitalists coming in to support the project, SOL price surged even further, reaching $109.65 on August 31. It gained further to reach its all-time high price of $259.96 on November 6, 2021. Of course, that was the height of the last major Bull Run.

Price Drop

Solana price started dropping as crypto went into a bear market. By February 18 2022, it had dropped to $93.40. The institutional interest didn’t help at this point. One of the largest holders of SOL tokens, Almeda Research and its sister company, FTX exchange soon came under fire for different reasons.

SOL price was already dropping when FTX finally collapsed and sold off its Solana tokens. The price dipped further as the crypto winter continued to bite harder. By January 1 2023, Solana was selling for around $9.96 per token.


Solana has been recovering slowly since hitting its low point. It reached the $20 mark even before the end of January. Over the past months, it has been trading within that range, dropping to $15 briefly in late June. At the time of writing this piece, Solana was trading at $22.20, a 20.65% price growth in one month.

Before delving fully into our Solana price prediction for 2023 – 2030, here is a recap of the key points in Solana price history:

  • Solana was conceptualized in 2017 but officially launched in 2020
  • Before launching, SOL tokens were sold in private sales and presale events with the last presale price being $0.22
  • Following its launch on major exchanges, SOL started trading between $0.5 and $1, gaining momentum in 2021
  • Solana continued to raise funds after launching, attracting top venture capitalists and realizing $300 million in a single round
  • Following the bull market of 2021, Solana reached an all-time high price of $259.96 on November 6, 2021
  • After one of Solana’s biggest investors, “FTX”, collapsed and sold off SOL price succumbed further to the bear market, dropping by over 96% from its ATH
  • Solana has been recovering in the past months, trading mostly within the $15 to $25 region

Solana Price Prediction 2023

Firstly, Solana has made a significant recovery in the past months. That can be interpreted as a sign of better things to come. In the last months of the current year, there are good chances that Solana will gain even more.

Besides the fact that it has gained in recent times, there are other factors to suggest that Solana price will increase further in the months to come. The general condition of the crypto market, at least, suggests that most of the best altcoins will gain as the year draws to an end.

Solana Price Prediction 2023

With Bitcoin halving expected next year, many people who haven’t been confident enough to invest more in crypto this year may have a rethink. Many informed investors will understand that this period could be the best time to buy coins like SOL cheap. It is already enough reason for a positive Solana price prediction.

While being optimistic, it is also right to consider reasons that may impede SOL price growth in the months to come. One of the biggest reasons in this regard is the posturing of the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) on cryptocurrencies.

The SEC has attacked Solana in the past. The regulatory body accused Solana Labs of selling unregistered securities during its ICO between 2018 and 2020. Months ago, the body sued Binance and Coinbase for the same reason and SOL was also mentioned as a security. The legal issue had caused SOL price to drop by 40%, but it has since recovered from that shock.

The recent crackdown on crypto has been forcing some exchanges to take drastic actions. Robinhood, for instance, delisted Solana, Polygon and Cardano to protect itself from legal issues. However, many other top exchanges still support the coins. The effect of the action has been minimal, also.

Regardless of what some exchanges do in the near future, most cryptocurrencies will survive. In fact, the perceived pressure may not force any serious price decline. Rather, market volatility may increase in a manner that will favor strategic investors.

Another major reason we have a positive Solana price prediction for 2023 is the real value Solana blockchain offers. It is important to note that the Solana network has been performing really well over the years. The community is also growing at a decent pace.

Solana has also remained attractive to some of the big names in the crypto world. Ethereum cofounder, Vitalik Buterin, even has good words for the network. In a tweet this year, he confessed to hearing from smart people that Solana has an earnest smart developer community. He also claimed boldly that the chain has a bright future.

Considering all the factors we’ve discussed, it is obvious that our Solana price forecast for the year will be positive. Depending on how important events play out, Solana will rise further this year and may reach $30 per token by the end of the year.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

Solana Price Prediction 2024

Considering its current price, Solana is definitely one of the top cryptos to explode. The explosion may happen sooner than most people anticipate. The general crypto market will most likely witness another major bull run next year, and SOL may be among the altcoins to lead the rally.

Bitcoin halving, which is one of the most significant events in the crypto market, is scheduled for mid-2024. Judging by how it has always affected the market, there are good reasons to believe that most sustainable cryptocurrencies like Solana will make significant gains next year.

Solana Price Forecasts

Based on expert opinions, Solana and other top cryptocurrencies will start gaining momentum even before the end of the current year. By the first few months of 2024, they may start rising faster. With more people buying, prices will be pushed even further as the year progresses.

It is difficult to imagine a scenario that will result in SOL price decline in 2024. Even with the SEC and other regulatory bodies taking actions against crypto, most coins will continue to gain traction as users continue to take advantage of the values they offer.

Another good reason to expect a positive Solana price prediction in 2024 is its number of active users. In the midst of all the turmoil, the number of daily active users on the network remains impressive. It is also projected to improve further in 2024.

Considering the points above, our Solana price forecast for 2024 projects that SOL may reach a high point of $56 before the end of the year. The coin may not trade below $34 and the average price could be in the region of $48 per token.

Solana Price Forecast 2025

There are good reasons to believe that Solana is one of the top trending cryptos for the long term. As mentioned already, the Solana blockchain is known for its impressive performance. It is also expected that it will continue to improve over the years to offer more value.

By 2025, it is expected that several good projects would have been launched on Solana. If that is the case then the Solana ecosystem will expand meaningfully. Ideally, positive expansion should have a positive impact on SOL price, hence a positive Solana price outlook.

Solana Price Prediction 2025

Image Source: TradingView

With new projects coming in, institutional investors will find Solana more attractive. Already, the blockchain has gained the respect and interest of many top investors and it will become even more attractive with the emergence of new projects.

One of the few reasons to think twice about the potential of Solana is the competition it faces. As a smart contract platform, it is in the same competitive market as Ethereum, which is officially the biggest altcoin by market capitalization and other key metrics.

While Solana is called “Ethereum Killer”, it is unlikely to displace Ethereum in the long run. But it is also unlikely that Ethereum will push it aside in the market. There is enough space for both projects, and Solana offers some advantages over Ethereum.

Based on how events unfold in the next couple of years, SOL price may gain even more. Our Solana price prediction for 2025, therefore, estimates that SOL will trade for around $98 per token. It can even be pricier if the ecosystem becomes bigger than we anticipate.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.

Solana Price Prediction 2030

If you are interested in long-term Solana price prediction then 2030 is a good year to keep an eye on. Just as we’ve witnessed over the years, a lot can happen in a space of seven years in the evolving crypto universe and blockchain industry.

One of the factors experts feel will be integral in driving crypto prices is increased adoption. Crypto adoption is improving, though not at the rate some people want. As the industry continues to evolve and people and governments continue to understand and benefit from the power of blockchain technology, crypto may become mainstream before 2030.

Solana Price Prediction 2023

Even without crypto going mainstream, a significant improvement in global adoption will have a notable impact on coin prices. Solana, as one of the best cryptos with potential, will definitely benefit from any good that will come out of this.

There are very few reasons to doubt that Solana will grow significantly by 2030. The uncertainty that envelops the entire crypto market is one of the prime reasons. Regulatory and legal issues, just like what the SEC has been pushing since, could hamper the growth of the industry in general and Solana ecosystem in particular.

Barring unforeseen circumstances and hostility from established authorities, Solana will thrive in the long run. It is regarded as one of the most vibrant and innovative crypto projects, and there is hardly any limit to what it may offer in the future.

Based on the points presented above, our long-term Solana price prediction is positive and inspiring. Depending on how things play out, SOL may reach a new all-time high price of $320 by the end of 2030. Just to be clear, it could be way higher than this projected figure.

Potential Highs and Lows of Solana Price

Knowing how volatile the crypto market can be, we need to admit that SOL price may fluctuate meaningfully in the years to come. Below, we’ll present in a table potential high prices and low prices of SOL for the years under review:

Year Potential High Potential Low
2023 $30 $18.5
2024 $56 $34
2025 $98 $60
2030 $320 $215

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection. 

What Other Analysts Predict for Solana Price

To help you make a quick and fair comparison, we’ll sample the opinions of other experts regarding Solana price prediction in this sector. You should know, however, that it is challenging to forecast with certainty how the prices of digital assets will move in the volatile crypto market.

There will be Bitcoin halving in 2024, and hence we should expect a positive trend in the market due to user sentiments and the quest by investors to accumulate more of the coin. Since Bitcoin trends affect the direction of trade of other cryptocurrencies, we could expect SOL to trade at a price not below $44 by the end of 2024″

“If the market gets bullish, the maximum price of Solana could be up to $106.68 in 2025 while the minimum price can go down to $72.51.”

Solana, according to some, is one of the most amazing cryptocurrencies to rise this year. The SOL price forecast for 2023 anticipates a significant increase in the year’s second half, possibly reaching $32.98.”

“The price of Solana is predicted to reach a minimum value of $320.36 in 2030. The Solana price could reach a maximum value of $382.50 with the average trading price of $331.89 throughout 2030.”

By the end of 2024, Solana might attract a myriad of projects to be built on its network. whilst also enticing the creation of NFTs. In such a scenario, the thriving user base might stimulate the price to a maximum of $41.2086.”

What is Solana and What is It Used for?

Solana is a highly functional, open-source layer-1 blockchain that provides decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. It can also be described as a smart contracts platform that facilitates the creation of decentralized applications (dApps).

what is Solana

Like Ethereum (the biggest smart contracts platform), Solana utilizes a Proof-of-Stakes (PoS) consensus mechanism. However, it combines it with a novel Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus to improve scalability and overall performance. Again, it performs its primary purpose of running smart contracts at a lower cost to Ethereum.

Solana supports an array of activities, including the trading of NFTs and usage of all kinds of DeFi products. The Solana Foundation, a Switzerland-based nonprofit that directs the affairs of the blockchain, has indicated that it plans to add stock trading to the activities supported by the Solana blockchain.

SOL Coin

Like other blockchain projects, Solana has a native token that powers the blockchain/network. This token, which trades under the ticker symbol “SOL” is one of the leading cryptocurrencies, ranking as the 7th largest crypto in terms of market capitalization at the time of writing.

SOL Crypto

Solana coin or SOL token can be used for many things within and beyond the Solana blockchain. It is primarily used to pay gas fees and can also be staked to secure the network. Like other cryptocurrencies, Solana is also an investment vehicle. The fact that you are reading our Solana price prediction article is an indication that you may be considering it for investment purposes.

What Influences the Price of Solana?

There are many factors that influence the prices of digital assets. Below, we’ll summarize the most significant factors that drive SOL price movements:

Supply and Demand

The basic economic principle of supply and demand has a meaningful impact on the prices of digital currencies, and Solana is not an exception. Higher demand and limited supply push prices up.

The Solana Ecosystem

Solana has a thriving ecosystem and activities within this ecosystem influence the value of the blockchain and, by extension, the price of SOL coins.

Institutional and Venture Capitalists’ Interests

In a previous section of this Solana price prediction guide, we hinted at the effect FTX collapse had on SOL price. Interests of other institutional investors and venture capitalists will always exert some level of influence on Solana price and Solana price forecast.

Regulatory and Legal Issues

Solana, like some other crypto projects, has faced regulatory and legal issues in some countries. These issues and their outcomes influence SOL price.

General Condition of the Crypto Market

As a unitary unpredictable market, the crypto market generally moves in a defined manner. Most coins gain during a bull market and most coins drop during a bear market. Solana responds to market conditions in the same manner most top altcoins do.

Is Solana a Buy?

Considering the points we’ve covered in this Solana price prediction guide, it is easy to see that Solana is a solid blockchain project. But then, is it going to be a good investment? In other words, should you buy Solana?

Is Solana A Buy?

Solana remains one of the most interesting and attractive smart contracts platforms. It is useful in many ways and will grow bigger in years to come. From what we’ve seen over the years, it has what it takes to contribute meaningfully to the DeFi niche. It will continue to play big roles in years to come.

In summary, we can conclude that Solana is a good buy. It is one of the best altcoins with growth potential, so you can include it in your list of the best crypto to invest in.

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Conclusion – Solana Price Prediction 

This Solana price prediction guide has covered some of the most important things you should know before deciding to buy the altcoin. From what we’ve discussed, we’ll agree that Solana is a very good blockchain project with huge growth potential. We can also agree that SOL coin could be a good investment.

It may take years for Solana to reach the ATH it managed in late 2021. But our Solana price forecast indicates that it will rise steadily in the years to come. If you looking to invest in crypto assets with long-term potential, SOL might be the right coin to buy. Also remember to only buy from trusted exchanges and brokers like eToro, which offers many benefits.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

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What was Solana's highest price?

According to Coingecko data, Solana’s highest price is $259.96 and it was recorded on November 6, 2021. The coin price dropped right after that period just as the major bull market came to an end.

Yes, Solana price will go up in the future. Our Solana price prediction for the different years ahead indicates that the coin price will rise because of many positive factors.

This looks like a really good time to buy Solana. Though the coin has seen worse days, it is currently trading at a cheap price, giving potential investors an excellent opportunity to buy before the price surges again.

Yes, Solana price can reach $100 per token. Actually, Solana has reached nearly $260 in the past, so there is no reason why it can’t reach the $100 mark again.

Solana is among the top altcoins expected to explode in 2024. Bitcoin halving is expected next year, and as the price of BTC rises as a result of the halving event, top altcoins like SOL will also bloom. 2024 is generally expected to be a good year for crypto.

According to our Solana price prediction, SOL could reach as high as $98 per token in 2025. There is also a good chance that it will perform above expectations and touch the $100 mark before the end of 2025.

Based on our research and algorithmic-based analysis, Solana price may reach $320 by the end of 2030. The Solana project is expected to have grown significantly by then and the possibility of crypto going mainstream by 2030 also means that SOL price could be significantly higher than this figure.

Ten years is enough time for a vibrant blockchain like Solana to expand meaningfully and become a lot more valuable. In the same vein, the native token, SOL, could rise significantly by then. Based on our estimation, Solana price in 2030 could be up to $500 per token.

Yes, Solana looks like a good investment. The Solana blockchain is a solid and highly functional blockchain that can attract top talents and valuable users. Our Solana price prediction also estimates that SOL price will go up in the future. Buying Solana coin could put you in a position to make meaningful profits in the years to come.