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Cardano Price Prediction

Cardano, nicknamed “Ethereum Killer”, is one of the most promising projects in the crypto space. It was created to enable “change-makers, innovators and visionaries” to produce positive global change. Little wonder it has attracted lots of institutional interest.

Cardano (ADA) is considered among the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, which is why many traders and investors are interested in Cardano price prediction. This post will provide a comprehensive Cardano price forecast, as well as other information that can help prospective investors make informed decisions.

Cardano Price Prediction Summary

  • End of 2024: As we’ve observed, the anticipation of Bitcoin halving, approval of Bitcoin ETF and other favorable events have started what could be the most significant bull market in history. Cardano, as a top altcoin, will benefit from this market condition. Based on our Cardano price forecast, ADA could reach $1.825 before the end of 2024.
  • End of 2025: Cardano is an ambitious project with a goal of global mass adoption. Over the years, it has demonstrated its willingness and ability to innovate. By 2025, we anticipate several high-quality ecosystem developments and strategic partnerships that could help push Cardano’s value up. Our 2025 Cardano price prediction, therefore, is $4.065 per token.
  • End of 2027: Considering the impacts it has already made, we anticipate that the Cardano ecosystem will bubble in 2027. Cardano, also, will be able to attract several partners and institutional investors that will boost its reputation and value. Before the end of 2027, ADA could be worth as high as $6.172 per token.
  • End of 2030: As Cardano and the entire blockchain industry continue to evolve, crypto may go mainstream before 2030. Even if that is not the case, we estimate that the Cardano ecosystem will become larger, better and more valuable even before 2030. So, our long-term Cardano price forecast estimates that ADA will be worth up to $8.248 by the end of 2030. 

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.  

Cardano Price History

The Cardano project started in 2015 when Ethereum co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, teamed up with Jeremy Wood to form IOHK, a business dedicated to creating blockchains for corporations, governments and educational institutions.

In 2017, Cardano was officially launched after a series of events. While the blockchain was named after Italian Mathematician, Gerolamo Cardano, its native token “ADA” was named after English Mathematician, Ada Lace. According to Coinmarketcap data, Cardano’s (ADA) initial price at launch was $0.0246.

Due to its founder’s link to Ethereum and the nickname it earned in its earliest days, Cardano was seen by many as the next crypto to explode. It quickly gained momentum, reaching $0.429 on December 28, 2017. It rose further in January 2018, reaching a height of $0.997 before declining sharply.

Cardano (ADA) had an average performance in 2018. After nearly touching the $1 mark in January, it dropped steadily and reached $0.155 on March 28. It rallied again to reach $0.358 in May before dropping further and reaching $0.027 in December. For most of 2019 and 2020, ADA traded below $0.10 per token – the price was constantly fluctuating, nevertheless.

Cardano Price Chart

Cardano Price Chart

Like most other top altcoins, Cardano picked up with the rest of the market in 2021. It exploded during the crypto bull market, eventually reaching its all-time high price of $3.10 on September 2, 2021, according to Coinmarketcap.

Cardano price has declined slowly since it reached the ATH value. By December 30, 2021, it traded at $1.06 and by May 2022, it was down to $0.88. By December 30, 2022, ADA traded at $0.244 per token.

At the time of writing this Cardano price prediction guide, ADA was trading at $0.2898. That’s approximately -90.44% of its ATH value. Like the previous year, 2023 has been a mixed year for the cryptocurrency and the Cardano Foundation, among other entities in charge of it.

Throughout its history, different factors have influenced Cardano price. When the Alonzo hard fork failed to live up to its expectations in 2021, many ADA holders feared for the worse. However, the September 2022 Vasil upgrade was so successful that it restored confidence.

Regulatory issues have also affected Cardano (ADA) price in recent times. When the SEC sued Binance and Coinbase for selling unregistered securities, ADA was included as one of the unregistered securities. The effect is beginning to ameliorate, following Ripple’s seeming victory in a similar case filed earlier by the SEC. Cardano continues to recover from the barrage of issues it has faced, and its price continues to fluctuate in response to market factors.

Key Points in Cardano Price History

  • According to coinmarketcap, Cardano initial price in 2017 when it was launched was $0.0246
  • Nicknamed “ETH Killer” and banking on the expertise and experience of its founding members, Cardano rose quickly and reached a high of $0.997 in early 2018
  • As most cryptocurrencies collapsed towards the end of 2018, Cardano price dropped below $0.1 and it remained below the region for most of 2019 and early 2020
  • The 2021 bull market saw Cardano (ADA) reach a new all-time high (ATH) of $3.10, recorded on September 2, 2021
  • At the time of writing, ADA is down -90.44% from its ATH
  • Cardano price plunged further after the SEC named it as an unregistered security in suits against Binance and Coinbase

It is expected that Cardano will make many more moves in the next couple of years. As it expands its ecosystem, it is bound to enter into more partnerships that will improve its technology, infrastructure, and overall resources. All these, hopefully, will help push Cardano (ADA) price higher. 

Cardano Price Prediction 2024

We’ve seen from Ripple’s case that coins can still rally while being under regulatory scrutiny. XRP performed relatively okay, even as the SEC battled Ripples Labs. There is no serious reason why ADA will not perform well in the event of a favorable market condition, especially when we consider the fact that the Cardano Foundation was not charged in the lawsuit.

Many analysts believe that the current bull market may change the face of the crypto industry for good. With Bitcoin hitting new all-time high values multiple times in March, there is now a consensus that this bull run will surpass the ones we’ve witnessed before. It will be interesting to see how undervalued cryptocurrencies, like Cardano, will perform. 

Cardano Price Prediction and Forecasts

One of the major factors driving the current bull run is Bitcoin halving. The historic 4-year event is scheduled for April. The anticipation alone resulted in improved market conditions in 2023. Now, even before the halving event, BTC has reached historic heights on several occasions. 

Another major factor that has influenced the current bull market is the approval of Bitcoin ETF by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commisions in January. This historic event marks a new milestone for the entire crypto market, and the effect will trickle down to top altcoins, including ADA. 

Interest in crypto investing is also growing steadily. Even though The Federal Reserve has initiated multiple interest rate hikes, it appears that inflation is still looming. Now, many investors consider cryptocurrencies as ideal investments for inflation hedge. More capital will most likely flow into the market.

As one of the top reputable digital currencies, Cardano (ADA) will continue to attract new admirers in 2024. As the market improves, many experienced investors could back the asset. When it becomes obvious that it is still among the most sustainable cryptocurrencies to yield profit, many will follow suit.

Based on the factors we’ve considered, there are tangible reasons to expect ADA to have a good year in 2024. Accordingly, our Cardano price forecast for 2024 estimates that ADA could reach a new high price of $1.825 before the end of the year.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.  

Cardano Price Prediction 2025

Cardano was created with the best intentions, which is why it was able to attract lots of attention and institutional interest in the early days. The entities behind the network have also shown in many ways that they are ready to push it to the highest heights. We expect a lot to happen by 2025.

Already, Cardano has demonstrated its readiness to innovate. The Cardano ecosystem has improved significantly since it was launched. In spite of criticism from some angles, it has been able to reach several enviable milestones, and we expect more by 2025. 

ADA Price Forecasts

With the Cardano ecosystem improving, ADA will gain more value. There was a notable improvement after it implemented decentralized finance (DeFi) in 2021. With the launching of smart contracts and the creation of decentralized apps (dApps) rising on the network, the value of Cardano will equally rise, resulting in ADA price growth.

Based on our thorough research and algorithmic-based analysis, Cardano will build on its 2024 performance and overall network improvement to grow even larger and better in 2025. Therefore, our Cardano price forecast for 2025 estimates that ADA will rise to $4.065 before the year runs out. 

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.  

Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction 2027 

Cardano is one of the crypto projects that have made heavy investments to grow its ecosystem. Obviously, it is staying true to its original mission of empowering changemakers. Cardano has made a series of investments in Africa and other parts of the world to help change-makers and innovators create global positive changes. 

While many of Cardano’s investments are yet to make tangible impacts on ADA price, they are helping in different ways to boost the Cardano ecosystem. Before 2027, we anticipate that the Cardano ecosystem will be richer and a lot more valuable that how it is now. 

ADA Price Forecasts

In addition to attracting and empowering some of the best talents in the world to its ecosystem, Cardano has been able to capture the attention of many institutional investors. As its efforts start yielding results, more long-term investors will come in. 

It is also important to mention that Cardano has already established strong partnerships with various institutions around the world. It is arguably the champion of “RealFi”, a concept that denotes bringing DeFi to the real world. Cardano has made several meaningful impacts on Agriculture, Education, Finance and cross-border remittances.

It is expected that Cardano will make many more moves in the years ahead. As it expands its ecosystem, it is bound to enter into more partnerships that will improve its technology, infrastructure, and overall resources. All these, hopefully, will help push Cardano (ADA) price higher. 

As per our actual Cardano price prediction for 2027, we estimate that ADA could reach a maximum price of $6.172. 

Cardano Price Prediction 2030

Many investors are interested in long-term Cardano price prediction. Well, 2030 is a good year to keep in mind as it represents a significant milestone for the entire crypto industry. Our ADA price forecast for 2030, therefore, will consider several long-term possibilities.

For a start, it is critical to understand Cardano’s ambitions and how far the entities behind it have gone to ensure it achieves its aims. The Cardano Foundation, IOHK, and Emurgo are the three entities backing the Cardano blockchain. Collectively, they’ve invested so much across the different continents of the world to empower change-makers and innovators.


We need to reiterate at this point that Cardano was created for real-world use and is focused on global mass adoption. It is equally one of the most successful layer-1 blockchains when it comes to the number and variety of its real-world applications/use cases. Obviously, it is moving towards its goals at a respectable pace. By 2030, a lot must have been achieved.

So, based on all the factors we’ve considered, our Cardano price prediction for 2030 is very bullish. We estimate that the ADA price could reach $8.248 before the end of 2030. However, there are good chances that Cardano will be worth a lot more than that. As always, it is best to err on the side of caution when forecasting a volatile asset.

Cardano vs. Ethereum 

It is also important to mention that Cardano has already established strong partnerships with various institutions around the world. It is arguably the champion of “RealFi”, a concept that denotes bringing DeFi to the real world. Cardano has made several meaningful impacts on Agriculture, Education, Finance and cross-border remittances.

Cardano VS Ethereum

From all indications, Cardano may never be able to beat Ethereum in some regards, especially when it comes to the value of ADA vs ETH. However, Cardano has the potential to impose itself on the smart contracts scene and drive innovation in many industries. It is already helping many innovators and willing institutions create changes that appear revolutionary and sustainable. All these will help push Cardano (ADA) price up.

At this point, we have to consider the possibility of crypto going mainstream in the years to come. Many analysts have opined that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will gain a lot of new ground in the years to come, and if Cardano can achieve many of its goals, ADA will be a lot more valuable than the current price.

Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction 2040 

Knowing how the blockchain industry works, it is challenging to predict how well the Cardano ecosystem must have developed by 2040. However, we can draw inference to the many giant milestones the project has reached in the past. 

In terms of what it promises and what it has been able to achieve so far, we can safely suggest that Cardano will continue to grow bigger and better. Before 2040, the Cardano ecosystem should be bubbling with innovative projects that will contribute in diverse ways to human development. 

We also need to consider the glaring possibility of crypto going mainstream long before 2040. Already, it is becoming increasingly obvious to many governments that the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency economy has come to stay. It is only a matter of time before many countries develop workable crypto regulatory frameworks. 

Knowing the value Cardano offers, we can expect it to be among the most valuable digital assets by 2040. It will make meaningful impacts and attract the right entities to take it to a higher level. 

Based on our estimations, Cardano token (ADA) will most likely gain significantly before 2040. As per our actual long-term Cardano price forecast, we project that ADA could be worth as much as $22.50 before the end of 2040. 

Potential Highs and Lows of Cardano (ADA) Price

Considering that it is challenging to predict the price of a volatile asset with certainty, it may be more helpful to make decisions based on price ranges. In the table below, we’ll summarize potential high and low prices of ADA for the years under review:

Year Potential High Potential Low
2024 $1.825 $0.900
2025 $4.065 $3.422
2027 $6.172 $4.205
2030 $8.248 $6.876
2040 $22.50 $17.45


Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No EU investor protection.  

Expert Opinions – What Other Analysts Say About Cardano Price Forecast

Though we’ve used the most reliable metrics to determine Cardano price prediction for the years ahead, it is still important that we consider the forecasts from other analysts. Below, we’ll summarize Cardano (ADA) price forecasts from other relevant sources.

“Given that the uptrend continues, ADA could break the resistance level at $0.418 and rise towards $0.54. Moreover, the volume profile shows that just below the $0.4 price level, ADA has a large trading volume. Hence, there could be a fierce battle as the selling and buying volumes are not much different.”


“Therefore, with a bull run in 2024, Cardano prices are expected to create a new swing high of $1.63. With an average of $1.695, the ADA prices could settle down at $1.37 by the end of 2024 due to exhaustion.”


“In 2025, we expect Cardano to see impressive growth as crypto gains recognition across many business sectors. As a result, the price could reach as high as $1.13, averaging around $11.04. Cardano could see a minimum price of $0.953991.”


“The year 2030 will be determined by the maximum ADA price of $6.28. However, its rate might drop to around $5.03. So, the expected average trading price is $5.18.”


What is Cardano and What is it Used For?

Cardano can best be described as a proof-of-stake blockchain platform that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions and allows developers to create decentralized applications that can be used to solve varying real-world problems.


A layer-1 blockchain, Cardano was created to enable innovators to bring about positive global change. It can be used to launch smart contracts, as well as create and deploy decentralized applications (dApps).

Like other blockchains, Cardano has a native currency called ADA, which powers the network and facilitates transactions. ADA can be used to pay for gas fees and is also staked by validators to secure the network. It is also a governance token that enables holders to vote on network governance proposals.

Cardano and its native token, ADA, can be used for several things. Besides the creation of dApps and deployment of smart contracts, Cardano can also be used to create non-fungible tokens. The blockchain and its token are relevant in the decentralized finance (DeFi) scene.

ADA is also an investment vehicle. Like other cryptocurrencies, investors can buy ADA coins and sell it openly on both centralized and decentralized altcoin exchanges. People searching for Cardano price prediction are mostly those considering it as an investment instrument. ADA can also be staked to earn returns.

What Influences Cardano (ADA) Price?

Cardano Price Influences

Several factors can influence Cardano (ADA) price. Here, we’ll briefly discuss some of the most influential factors:

Supply and Demand

Like other assets, Cardano responds to changes in supply and demand. Growing demand has a positive impact on ADA prices, just as a shrinking supply.

Adoption and Usage

The higher the adoption rate of ADA, the higher its price could go. With more entities adopting Cardano, the usage of ADA tokens will rise. Invariably, this will put positive pressure on ADA prices.

General Crypto Market Condition

The condition of the entire crypto market normally has a meaningful impact on the prices of assets. Being one of the top altcoins, ADA price will often depend on the prices of other assets and investors’ sentiment.

Regulatory and Legal Issues

As the crypto industry continues to evolve, regulatory issues will always have an impact on the market performances of assets. Legal problems, for instance, will have a negative impact on coin prices while favorable legislation will often result in a price boost.


Cardano faces competition from other smart contracts platforms, including the Ethereum. How these competitors perform and how investors view them will always exert some level of influence on ADA price.

Is Cardano a Buy?

We’ve covered most things you need to know about Cardano if you’re considering buying ADA. At this stage of our Cardano price prediction guide, we need to answer the question on many people’s lips: is Cardano a buy or should you buy Cardano?

Is Cardano A Buy

Though Cardano faces competition from many established blockchains, including Ethereum, it is still a highly valuable project. It is home to over 1000 decentralized applications and many more are in development. It is possible that it will flourish even better in the future.

Based on our Cardano price forecast, ADA is a potentially good investment. It is trading at a reasonably low price and our analyses show that it will gain in the years to come. Buying ADA now could give you the opportunity to take big profits when prices skyrocket.

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Cardano Price Prediction – Conclusion

Cardano is not your average cryptocurrency. Created by a knowledgeable and ambitious team, it is focused on enabling positive global change. It has the right technology and infrastructure and its native token is one of the top altcoins with huge growth potential.

This Cardano price prediction guide has touched on some of the most important things you need to understand to buy Cardano (ADA). From our analyses, ADA can be profitable in the long run. If you plan to buy ADA, take care to buy from a tested and trusted crypto exchange and brokerage like eToro. It offers many perks while charging the lowest possible fees.

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Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.


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FAQs on Cardano Price Prediction

What was Cardano (ADA) highest price ever?

According to Coinmarketcap data, Cardano (ADA) highest price ever is $3.10, which was posted on September 2, 2021

Yes, Cardano will go up. Most cryptocurrencies are expected to rise as we anticipate the next bull market. Cardano, being one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies will go up.

Yes, Cardano is expected to bloom in 2024. The next Bitcoin halving will happen in mid-2024, and it could usher in a bull market. Like other top coins, Cardano will benefit from the favorable market and bloom.

Based on research and analysis, Cardano (ADA) is projected to reach $1.825 in 2024. Depending on how the entire market performs, ADA may rise above that.

According to our Cardano price forecast for 2025, ADA could easily rise to reach $4.065 per token before the end of 2025.

By 2030, a lot must have happened within and beyond the Cardano ecosystem. Based on our estimation, the ADA price could be as high as $8.246 in 2030.

Yes, it is possible for Cardano (ADA) to reach $10. However, it may take several years for this to happen. It depends on several factors that affect coin prices.

This could be a good time to buy Cardano. Though ADA price is slowly growing, it is still selling at a very low price. The implication is that you can buy cheap, hold till the price is high, and then sell to make profits.

Cardano can be a good investment. Our Cardano (ADA) price prediction for 2024 – 2040 indicates that the coin will potentially buy in the years to come. Buying now gives you an opportunity to make a big profit. Also, you can stake ADA and earn rewards. It is also a governance token. Overall, ADA appears like a solid, good investment.