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XRP Price Prediction: XRP Could Soon Test $0.54 as Broader Market Sentiment Improves


  • XRP is consolidating but sending signals of a possible bullish reversal
  • XRP has the potential to test $0.54 if the $0.449 resistance is broken
  • A Bitcoin rally through $60k could push XRP to $0.54 or higher 

Today, XRP, like many other cryptocurrencies, is experiencing modest gains. At the time of going to press, XRP is trading at $0.438, up by 0.40% for the day. However, this price movement is accompanied by a notable drop in trading volumes, which have decreased by 20% to $1.023 billion. This decline in trading volume largely explains the marginal price increase observed today.

Current Market Performance and Technical Analysis

XRP has established strong support at $0.418, following a low of $0.383 on July 5. Over the past three days, XRP has been gaining momentum, but the low trading volumes have prevented a confirmed bullish reversal. For such a reversal, XRP must push through the $0.449 inter-day resistance. If successful, XRP could rally to a short-term high of $0.542. 

Conversely, XRP may continue consolidating between the $0.418 support and $0.449 resistance if volumes remain low until market sentiment turns bullish.  A significant rally in Bitcoin will possibly trigger such an improvement in sentiment.

XRP Price Prediction – XRP Could Soon Test $0.54 As Broader Market Sentiment Improves
Source: TradingView 

Should the bearish sentiment prevail and XRP loses the $0.41 support, there is potential for a retest of the July 5 low of $0.383. Of all these scenarios, current market indicators suggest that XRP will likely reach the $0.542 mark soon.

Influence of Bitcoin’s Performance on XRP Price

Bitcoin’s performance is a critical factor influencing XRP’s potential price movements. Bitcoin is currently showing upside momentum, with market sentiment shifting from a score of 38 to 40, indicating a slight reduction in investor fear. As Bitcoin approaches the $60,000 mark, trading volumes are rising, an indicator that higher prices are coming soon. This positive momentum in Bitcoin could boost investor confidence in altcoins, including XRP.

If Bitcoin successfully retests the $60,000 level, it could increase investor confidence across the cryptocurrency market, providing the necessary boost for XRP to test the $0.542 resistance. XRP could potentially aim for $1 or higher in an all-out bull market scenario.

The Ripple and SEC Case: A Potential Game-Changer

A significant wild card for XRP is the ongoing legal battle between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The outcome of this case could substantially impact XRP’s price. If Ripple emerges victorious, XRP could be poised to revisit its all-time high of $3.5, last seen in 2017. Already, indicators are there that Ripple could be headed for a win, with the SEC now seeking a possible settlement. A positive ending to the case could also open the way for banks to adopt XRP, further adding bullish momentum to the price. 

Market Sentiment and Future Outlook For XRP Price

The overall cryptocurrency market sentiment is gradually improving, albeit slowly. The shift from a fear index of 38 to 40 suggests a cautious optimism among investors. Despite the low trading volumes, the potential for a bullish reversal in XRP remains strong, particularly if Bitcoin continues its upward trajectory. Once the sentiment turns neutral and Bitcoin hits prices above $60k, XRP could also see a price breakout.


While XRP is experiencing modest gains amidst low trading volumes, the potential for a bullish reversal is evident. The key factors to watch include Bitcoin’s performance and the outcome of the Ripple – SEC case. Should Bitcoin retest $60,000 and Ripple secure a favorable legal outcome, XRP could see significant price increases. It could reach $0.542 in the short term and $1 or higher in a sustained bull market.  

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