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Best Solana Meme Coins

Solana meme coins have experienced a significant rise in popularity. This has attracted investors who are shifting their focus away from more conventional platforms, such as Ethereum. Solana, with its meme coins, is here to challenge Ethereum’s status.

Solana’s impressive transaction speeds (scalability) and cost efficiency drive the migration. Solana scales far better than its competitors by a considerable margin. Compared to Ethereum, Solana provides memecoin enthusiasts with lightning-fast transactions at a fraction of the cost. This helps users avoid the drawbacks of high transaction fees and slow processing times.

In this extensive guide, we explore the leading Solana meme coins that warrant your attention in 2024. We offer valuable insights to assist you in making informed choices. 

Best Solana Meme Coins

Below is a list of the 10 best Solana meme coins on the market today.

  1. Dogwifhat: The Top Solana-Based Meme Coin to Buy in 2024
  2. Bonk (BONK): The Largest Solana Meme Coin by Market Capitalization
  3. BOOK OF MEME (BOME): Revolutionary Solana Meme Coin Perfect for Web3
  4. Popcat (POPCAT): One of the Best Solana Meme Coins Trending on the Market
  5. Cat in a Dogs World (MEW): The Innovative Solana Meme Coin Rivals the Others
  6. Lucky Boo (BOO): Rewards-Filled Solana Meme Coin
  7. Loaf Cat (LOAF): The Biggest Solana Meme Coin Powering an NFT Collection
  8. Wen (WEN): A Must-Watch Solana Meme Coin in 2024 and Beyond
  9. Myro (MYRO): An Undervalued Solana Meme Coin Named After Blockchain’s Founder 
  10. Ponke (PONKE): Solana Meme Coin for Online Traders and Gamers

Best Solana Meme Coins to Buy Now – A Detailed Analysis

Before investing in Solana meme coins, it’s important to understand the underlying projects. It is extremely important to combine fundamental and technical analysis in order to buy the right meme coins.

Below, we examine the best Solana meme coins for 2024 and beyond. We update our list according to market trends and performance as well as evolving utility and adoption.

1. Dogwifhat – The Top Solana-Based Meme Coin to Buy in 2024

At the top of the list for Solana memecoins in 2024 is Dogwifhat (WIF). Dogwifhat takes on a playful demeanor. Dogwifhat, like most memecoins, models itself after a dog. The only difference is that the dog is wearing a hat. At a glance, it showcases a Shiba Inu wearing a unique pink knitted hat as a Solana-based meme coin. 

Solana Meme Coin: Dogwifhat

In contrast to cryptocurrencies that center on technological advancements or societal impact, Dogwifhat places a strong emphasis on humor and creativity. 

According to its official website, it is a symbol of progress for futuristic transactions. Essentially, the developers believe that interested traders are those who are open to embracing innovation. Overall, Dogwifhat captures the true spirit of meme culture within the crypto space.

With its simplicity, Dogwifhat has managed to captivate the crypto community. Its native asset, WIF, continues to showcase remarkable daily trading volumes and market capitalization. The rapid growth of this project highlights the community’s strong interest in meme-inspired initiatives. It also demonstrates the significant role that humor plays in engaging the crypto community.

Since its establishment in late November 2023, Dogwifhat has witnessed remarkable growth despite its limited practicality. With its project website playfully describing it as “literally just a dog with a hat,” Dogwifhat perfectly embodies the lighthearted nature of meme coins on the Solana blockchain. Keep an eye out for Dogwifhat, which will continue to gain traction among the leading Solana memecoins in 2024.

The native crypto WIF price experienced a significant surge in March 2024, skyrocketing by over 1700% within that month. However, it later experienced a correction of more than 50% due to significant selling by profit-takers. Following the 50% decline, this Solana memecoin experienced a period of little change in its value.

Is Dogwifhat worth investing in?

Dogwifhat is a cryptocurrency you should consider investing in. There are many pros to Dogwifhat. Among the others is scalability (it scales around 4,272 transactions per second).

Secondly, Solana, a robust platform, powers it with decentralization and security, enhancing its scalability. 

Furthermore, the memecoin boasts a substantial total and maximum supply of approximately one billion WIFs. This implies that the token may experience scarcity due to the liquidity influx. Once this happens, there could be a price surge in the future. 

Additionally, the daily trading volume of some of the largest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges supports it. KuCoin, HTX Global, Kraken, Binance, Jupiter, Crypto.com, and Bitrue are among the exchange platforms that list WIF.

The pros outweigh the cons, which is why you should consider Solana memecoin.

Summary of Dogwifhat’s metrics

Launch Date  November 2023 
Exchanges Supported  35 exchanges 
Blockchain  Solana 
Launch Price  $0.1681
Market Capitalization  $3.3 Billion (Medium-Cap)
Maximum Supply  1 Billion WIF Tokens 
Year-to-Date (YTD) Change  2,085% Increase

The table above provides a detailed account of what the Solana meme coin, Dogwifhat, entails. It is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies on the market. WIF’s more than 2,000% gains have made it one of the digital currency market’s golden goose.

2. Bonk (BONK) – One of the Largest Solana Meme Coins by Market Capitalization

BONK, like most Solana meme coins, is a digital currency that draws inspiration from internet memes, quips, and satire. There is no specific use case for meme coins. Rather, they are a means of expressing humor, creativity, and social commentary through cryptocurrency.

BONK shares similarities with Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). The three digital assets use a cute dog as their emblem and logo. In many respects, BONK differs from the two most popular and largest memecoins in terms of market capitalization.

Solana Meme Coin: Bonk

Solana serves as the foundation for BONK. Solana has gained a substantial share of the market due to its cost-efficiency and scalable nature. This is why many analysts have dubbed Solana a legitimate chain to challenge Ethereum’s status as the king of smart contracts. Bonk is currently one of the more than 400 decentralized applications (dApps) running on the chain. 

A substantial airdrop introduced BONK to the Solana community as a Christmas present on December 25, 2022. An airdrop is a marketing ploy that entails the distribution of free coins or tokens to wallet addresses. We do this to raise awareness about a new cryptocurrency.

By the end of 2022, Solana users received 50 percent of the 100 trillion coins in the total supply. The airdrop targeted users who made significant contributions to the network’s development and expansion. This encompassed active community members, non-fungible token (NFT) collectors, developers, creators, and artists. The airdrop was conducted anonymously and randomly, without any prior announcement or marketing.

Coinbase Pro, Bybit, OKX, DigiFinex, Kraken, Crypto.com, and Uniswap are part of the exchanges that support BONK crypto.

How High Can Bonk Crypto Go?

BONK crypto can go as high as $0.000100 before 2024 ends, data from The Times India showed. According to analysts on the same platform, BONK could reach the lowest possible price of $0.000050. The cryptocurrency could also reach an average price of $0.000074 before the end of 2024.

The Solana meme coin has the potential to rise in value due to the following factors:

BONK has successfully integrated itself into the Solana ecosystem. BONK’s prospectus delineates its aspiration to become the “community coin of Solana.” This will enable its utilization in a variety of decentralized applications. The project’s objective is to empower the broader Solana community in order to contest the dominance of “predatory VC tokens.” Its strategy of airdropping 50% of its entire supply demonstrates this.

Currently, the correlation between SOL and BONK over a one-year period is 0.76. OpenBook and Orca are among the platforms that use coins as a payment option for NFTs. Platforms like BonkStake and SolFarm also use it as an incentive for staking NFTs. Additionally, prominent crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Serum list BONK, catering to Solana-based tokens.

Summary of BONK’s metrics

Launch Date December 2022 
Exchanges Supported  38 Exchanges 
Blockchain  Solana 
Launch Price  $0.0000001095
Market Capitalization  $2.3 Billion (Medium Cap Digital Asset) 
Maximum Supply  100 Trillion 
Year-to-Date (YTD) Change 156% Increase 

The table above gives a summary of the BONK token. From its YTD, it could be seen that investors who threw money behind BONK have doubled their investments.

3. BOOK OF MEME (BOME) – Revolutionary Solana Meme Coin Perfect for Web3

Another popular Solana meme coin worth watching is BOOK OF MEME. BOME is the native asset behind the Book of Meme. It is a cryptocurrency initiative that was motivated by the aspiration to transform meme culture in the decentralized realm of blockchain technology. Launched in March 2024, the project’s objective is to offer a secure and seamless platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

In addition to this, it will also be providing consumers with an optimized Web3 experience. BOME has distinguished itself by emphasizing the creative and social aspects of the digital world, in addition to the financial aspects of cryptocurrency.


The distinctive features of BOME enhance the utility and efficacy of NFTs. The initiative launches a new token, $BOME, by staking the popular collection of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs.

This token has dual functions. It enables holders to vote on a variety of propositions that will influence the BOME ecosystem as a governance token. You can also exchange the digital currency for other cryptocurrencies.
The Book of Meme leverages the Solana blockchain’s high scalability and rapid processing rates to enhance the user experience for meme creation and sharing.

In addition, it fosters active community engagement. This guarantees a consistent flow of diverse ideas and content, thereby enhancing the project’s sustainability.

In conclusion, BOME is not merely another cryptocurrency endeavor. It is a platform that combines financial technology, social engagement, and digital creativity to provide its users with a distinctive and enriching experience.

Binance, HTX Global, Gate.io, ByBit, Crypto.com, and BitMart are among the crypto trading platforms that list BOME.

Will the Book of Meme Coin Go Up?

Analysts at CoinEdition forecast that Book of Meme Coin will rise to $0.05 in 2024. Staking and the rebounding NFT market are the potential primary drivers that could lead the coin to such a milestone.

Summary of Book of Meme Coin Metrics

Launch Date  March 2024 
Exchanges Supported  32 Exchanges 
Blockchain  Solana 
Launch Price  $0.0009838
Market Capitalization  $910 Million 
Maximum Supply  70 Billion Tokens 
Year-to-Date (YTD) Change  1,239% Increase

The table above shows how far the Solana meme coin has come in just three months, in 2024. Only time will tell if the bulls hovering around memecoins could lead BOME to $1. 

4. Popcat (POPCAT) – One of the Best Solana Meme Coins Trending on the Market

Popcat is a Solana meme coin that is currently garnering attention in the crypto space. As a trader or investor interested in Popcat, you should know its origins and its ascent in the crypto world.


The Popcat meme first appeared on the internet in October 2020. It depicted two images of a cat named “Oatmeal.” The images showed the cat’s mouth in two distinct positions. The images showed the cat’s mouth in two distinct positions, one with its mouth closed and the other with its mouth open in a ‘O’ shape. The swift switching between the two positions produced a ‘pop’ sound. This straightforward, amusing concept rapidly acquired momentum and popularity. This transformed into the viral internet meme known as Popcat.

The Emergence of Popcat in the Crypto Industry

The Popcat meme, like many internet memes, gained popularity beyond the confines of social media and meme-sharing platforms. The Solana blockchain adopted it and transformed it into a meme coin. Popcat crypto illustrates the influence of meme culture on the Solana ecosystem. The project illustrates how meme currencies can achieve significant market prominence through viral trends.

Popcat’s increasing popularity in the crypto space is a testament to the speculative enthusiasm and community engagement associated with meme coins. Like most memecoins, the community’s perception and engagement primarily determine Popcat’s value.  It does not have any intrinsic value. This underscores the speculative nature of meme coin investing. Investing in Popcat comes with high volatility and unpredictability.

Therefore, you must understand the dynamics that drive the value and popularity of POPCAT and other Solana-based coins. Understanding this is critical for making informed investment decisions in the volatile and rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies. 

Jupiter, Gate.io, MEXC Global, XT.COM, and BingX are among the cryptocurrency exchanges you can purchase POPCAT from.

Will Popcat reach $1?

Yes, POPCAT has been forecast to test $1 in the future. According to analysts at Digital Coin Price, the coin could reach $1 in 2025. Experts at Coin Data Flow believe the cryptocurrency can reach $1.89 in the same year. AmbCrypto predicts POPCAT to reach $1 by the end of 2026. 

A summary of Popcat’s metrics

Launch Date  October 2020 
Exchanges Supported  12 Exchanges 
Blockchain  Solana 
Launch Price  $0.01623
Market Capitalization  $393 Million (Small Cap Digital Asset) 
Maximum Supply  980 Million Tokens 
Year-to-Date (YTD) Change  4,849% Increase

5. Cat in a Dogs World (MEW) – The Innovative Solana Meme Coin Rivals the Others

A new entrant has emerged in Solana meme coins, causing quite a stir in the markets. Cat in a Dogs World (MEW) is a formidable competitor. It strides with the confidence of a cat on a hot tin roof amidst competitors dominated by dogs.

MEW, the cat-themed token, entered the cryptocurrency market in March 2024. In just three months, it has caught the same traction that Cool Cats had in the NFT space in July 2021.

Cat in a Dogs World

MEW is consciously transitioning from the chaos of memecoins to a more structured and purposeful domain. The Solana-based digital currency is disrupting the status quo by offering novel cat-centric narratives that challenge the dominance of dog-themed memecoins. This is why MEW has nonchalantly garnered substantial attention from the cryptocurrency community since its debut.

Cat in a Dog’s World’s Strategic Approach

MEW employs a distinct, more strategic approach to establish its presence in the crypto ecosystem. It functions as a model for memecoins to integrate scarcity, value, and community into their primary functionalities. It does this by combining a strategic burning strategy and intentional airdrops.

Furthermore, the aforementioned burnings and airdrops establish MEW as a cunning cat among dogs. Burning coins has always been one of the primary ways of reducing the circulation supply of a digital currency. This process has helped many digital currencies, such as Ethereum and Shiba Inu. Airdrops, as earlier explained, also promote cryptocurrencies to new audiences. The combination of the two has drawn the attention of the crypto community to MEW. Within a short time, it has garnered a presence in the fiercely competitive cryptocurrency landscape.

MEW is causing a stir and demonstrating that it is not merely a “cat in a dog’s world.” Its performance over the past three months shows that it is prepared to confront the titans of the cryptocurrency industry. Therefore, regardless of whether you believe memecoins have a dog theme, it is worth monitoring this intriguing newcomer. It may ultimately ascend to new price highs and brighten many portfolios in the long term. HTX Global, Gate.io, OKX, Jupiter, and ByBit are among the crypto exchanges you can buy MEW from.

Should you buy Cat in a Dogs World (MEW)?

Cat in a Dog World (MEW) is one of the BEST Solana meme coins you should consider adding to your portfolio. All memecoins have a dog theme. Fortunately, MEW has branched out with a cat appeal similar to that of the popular NFT collection Cool Cats. MEW could reach an average price of $0.06568 before 2024 ends, according to Coincu data. The token could also reach the lowest possible price of $0.03863. It can also test the best possible price of $0.09272 before the end of 2024. 

Summary of Cat in Dogs World’s Metric

Launch Date  March 2024 
Exchanges Supported  17 Exchanges 
Blockchain  Solana 
Launch Price  $0.001874
Market Capitalization  $394 Million (Low Cap Digital Asset) 
Maximum Supply  89 Billion Tokens 
Year-to-Date (YTD) Change 137% Increase

Investing in MEW now could be a game-changer. As an outsider in an otherwise dog-themed market, the potential for this hot Solana meme coin is limitless.

6. Lucky Boo (BOO) – Rewards-Filled Solana Meme Coin

In October 2023, the Solana blockchain founded the meme coin Lucky Boo. The highly anticipated Solana meme coin has emerged brightly in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape. Lucky Boo endeavors to enhance the diversity and innovation of the Solana ecosystem as a newcomer.

Solana Meme Coin: Lucky Boo

According to its official X (formerly Twitter handle), Lucky Boo has applied for listing on CoinGecko. CoinGecko, alongside CoinMarketCap and CoinRanking, track the price of more than two million cryptocurrencies. Hence, the ability to buy a token in its presale state has generated interest among the broader cryptocurrency community. The initiative emphasizes a community-centric approach, emphasizing engagement and participatory opportunities for its members.

Users who are interested in participating in the Lucky Boo presale are advised to utilize crypto wallets. As the project is Solana-based, the chosen wallets must be compatible with Solana. Ledger Nano X, MetaMask, Solflare, Exodus, and Phantom are examples of Solana wallets.

Presales offer an opportunity for early engagement with crypto projects. Presales also highlight the importance of community duties and involvement to potentially reap rewards from a specific digital asset.

Should you buy Lucky Boo (BOO)?

Lucky Boo is a Solana meme coin you may consider to hold before regular traders start tradint. It is a project that unites a community that values engagement, enjoyment, and the thrill of participating in the crypto world. More importantly, it provides a platform for community events, connection, and a shared appreciation of the dynamic culture of the industry. 

Here is a small guide on how you can buy Lucky Boo. Connect your Phantom, Exodus, or other Solana wallet to the blockchain. Swap SOL, Solana’s native asset, for BOO tokens. Hold onto the tokens to qualify for an airdrop. 

CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap can track the token once it becomes tradable, potentially bringing you gains in the near future. Get your hands on a few BOO tokens. It could be the crypto asset that makes your portfolio a winner.

Summary of Lucky Boo Metrics

Launch Date  October 2023 
Exchanges Supported  Available on Birdeye (Solana Chain)
Blockchain  Solana 
Pre Sale (Launch Price)  $0.000344
Market Capitalization  Not Tracked 
Maximum Supply  8.1 Billion Tokens 
Year-to-Date (YTD) Change 63% Decrease 

According to data from TradingView, the presale price is going down. Thus, you can obtain some of the billions of tokens. Millions of traders will soon have access to the token on some of the most liquid exchanges. Once this occurs, you may be on your way to making progress.

7. Loaf Cat (LOAF) – The Biggest Solana Meme Coin Powering an NFT Collection

Loaf Cat (LOAF) is the new star cryptocurrency on the horizon. Launched in 2023, the project promises a revolution in the way millions of people perceive cryptocurrencies. The majority of traders see memecoins and most Solana meme coins as tokens that come with short-term gains. 

According to a PR article, Loaf Cat’s story is not solely about cryptocurrency. Technological innovation and internet culture intertwine with the narrative. The project showcases the power of memes, deeply ingrained in the digital collective consciousness. It wants to become a serious contender in the blockchain space, particularly as we approach a potential bull run in the crypto markets.

Loaf Cat’s amazing transformation

The transformation of Loaf Cat from a popular meme to a cryptographic asset is nothing short of extraordinary. The meme is based on Hirose Takuro’s Japanese children’s book “Catbread and Cardboard Box.” 

It depicts a cat whose loaf-like sitting posture captivates the affections of netizens worldwide. This basic yet relatable image encapsulated the playful essence of internet culture. With time, Loaf Cat became a staple of online humor and creativity.

The Loaf Cat initiative was launched to integrate this cultural iconography with the emerging cryptocurrency industry on the Solana blockchain, capitalizing on its widespread popularity. The outcome is an endeavor that occupies the intersection of finance, art, and humor.

The native token of the Loaf Cat ecosystem, $LOAF, is more than a digital currency. The digital currency is the lifeblood of a platform that is both diversified and engaging. This transcends the typical confines of the over two and a half million cryptocurrencies on the market today.

Where can I buy a loaf cat?

Loaf Cat is among the most popular cat cryptos on the market. MEXC Global is the token’s largest market. As of June 1, 2024, centralized exchanges Jupiter and AscendEX (BitMart) also support the token for trading.

Is Loaf Cat a Good Investment?

Indeed, Loaf Cat is a Solana meme coin worth considering because of the following factors:

First, it wants to have a foothold in the real world. The project has ambitious plans to establish bakery cafés worldwide. $LOAF tokens will be used as the primary digital currencies. This will help bridge the gap between digital currencies and fiat currencies.

Secondly, it plays an essential role in the NFT space. In many ways, it will function like ApeCoin (APE), which is associated with the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The global NFT market’s sales aren’t what they used to be. That said, BAYC continues to see decent periodical volumes. In the same way, LOAF’s utility could increase with the support of more NFT collections in the future.

Lastly, it plays a crucial role in the gaming world. Loaf Cat sets itself apart by offering interactive gaming experiences. Some of these experiences include multiplayer platforms and a nostalgic Tamagotchi-style game. These games will incorporate $LOAF tokens and NFTs to create a rich and engaging user experience.

These are the reasons why analysts at CoinCu believe LOAF’s value could rise in the future. According to them, LOAF could increase to an average price of $0.001190 by the end of 2024. The token could spike to the lowest possible price of $0.0007002 and the best possible price of $0.001680 in 2024.

Summary of Loaf Cat’s Metrics

Launch Date 2023
Exchanges Supported 
Blockchain  Solana 
Launch Price  $0.000174
Market Capitalization  $3.7 Million (Small Cap Digital Asset) 
Maximum Supply  100 Billion LOAF Tokens 
Year-To-Date (YTD) Change  78% Decrease 

LOAF tokens are currently on the decline. While the initial decline in LOAF tokens may appear negative, it also presents a positive opportunity. Its new price makes it a great barrier to entering the crypto market. A few hundred or $1,000 can provide you with millions of LOAFs. Owing whole coins and tokens will help you maximize rewards in the long term. 

 8. Wen (WEN) – A Must-Watch Solana Meme Coin in 2024 and Beyond

Many people are dissatisfied with the constant rebranding of Dogecoin and dog-themed tokens as new cryptocurrencies. This is where Wen (WEN) comes in. WEN, inspired by felines, launched towards the end of 2023. Crypto.com recently added a trading token to its platform.

However, you may be wondering what distinguishes Wen from the rest of the saturated crypto market. In addition to the fact that it is based on a cat meme, Wen operates on the Solana blockchain. Therefore, we cannot question security, scalability, and decentralization.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, each WEN token represents fractional ownership of a non-fungible token (NFT) of a poem. We have all come to accept NFTs as a key part of the decentralized finance sector.

The Wen project endeavors to foster positivism within the crypto community. So in addition to being a member of the digital arts sector, you also have the opportunity to invest in a cryptocurrency.

How does Wen Memecoin operate?

The Wen meme token functions predominantly as a memecoin. Despite this, it also incorporates elements of decentralized governance because of its affiliation with the WEN DAO. The following is a detailed explanation of its operation:

Community and Meme Culture: WEN’s community and meme culture are integral to its value and popularity. Engagement, promotion, and perception significantly influence the community’s market presence.

WEN Airdrop Distribution: In January 2024, WEN’s distribution to over one million crypto wallets was a significant component of its operation. The cryptocurrency industry frequently uses this distribution method to promote new tokens and encourage widespread ownership.

Based on the Solana blockchain, WEN is housed on the Solana blockchain. The chain is renowned for its low transaction costs and high throughput. This feature is crucial for a token that may encounter high-volume and low-value transactions.

Market Dynamics and Volatility: WEN, like numerous cryptocurrencies, is susceptible to market volatility, particularly those that are based on internet parodies. Trading activities, market sentiment, and broader trends in the crypto market can all contribute to a substantial fluctuation in its value.

Governance Token for WEN DAO: In addition to its function as a memecoin, WEN also functions as the governance token for WEN DAO. Holders of WEN tokens are eligible to participate in the decision-making procedures of the WEN DAO ecosystem. A utility layer associated with its governance sets the token apart from conventional memecoins.

Token burning, NFTs, and DeFi are also part

Potential Token Burn: Rumors suggest that the airdrop could lead to the burning of a portion of the WEN token supply. Cryptocurrencies frequently use token burning as a mechanism to reduce the overall supply. The result is usually a potential increase in scarcity and value.

Integration with NFT and DeFi Platforms: A variety of NFT initiatives and decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms are likely to integrate or associate with WEN. The Solana ecosystem is booming, and WEN may be involved in several aspects of blockchain in the long term.

Is the Wen Coin listed on Binance?

No, Binance does not list it. Several cryptocurrency exchanges, including Crypto.com, KuCoin, Bitget, Bybit, BitMart, and others, support it. HTX Global is WEN’s biggest market.

Summary of WEN’s Metrics

Launch Date  January 2024 
Exchanges Supported  19 Trading Platforms 
Blockchain  Solana 
Launch Price  $0.00005584
Market Capitalization  $148 Million (Low Cap Digital Asset)
Maximum Supply  728 Billion Tokens 
Year-to-Date (YTD) Change  264% Increase 

The primary drivers and table above show that WEN has a bright future. Getting your hands on some WEN tokens now could be the best way to go. 

9. Myro (MYRO) – An Undervalued Solana Meme Coin Named After Blockchain’s Founder

Myro has been gathering momentum in the constantly changing cryptocurrency industry. It was launched in November 2023. This section delves into understanding Myro, the Solana meme coin. Let us examine what differentiates Myro from other digital tokens.

Myro is a cryptocurrency that is energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable. It is renowned for its high performance. Its 10,000 nodes, distributed globally and using proof-of-participation technology, operate efficiently.

Myro’s goal is to provide a cost-effective and dependable infrastructure. Such infrastructure is suitable for users who are interested in the development of decentralized applications (dApps). Myro has evolved into a platform that facilitates the development of innovative solutions for a variety of industries. 

Myro has also ventured into the realm of merchandise, with Myro plushies available for pre-order. Alternatively, you can purchase these plushies using $MYRO, $SOL, and $USDC cryptocurrencies.

What are the features of Myro?

The distinctive features of Myro are the reason for its popularity in the crypto world. The Myro Network is renowned for its capacity to execute up to 3,000 transactions per second. It is also known for its lightning-fast transaction speed of 4.5 seconds. This renders it a preferable option for traders who are in search of transactions that are both efficient and rapid.

Furthermore, Myro stands out for its low transaction fees, enhancing the value of transactions by lowering their cost. Myro is a formidable competitor in the cryptocurrency market due to its cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and speed.

Myro sets itself apart with its environmentally friendly approach. People recognize Myro as an energy-efficient crypto asset. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Proof-of-Work (PoW) are known to be harmful to the environment. Myro’s energy efficiency is consistent with the increasing global emphasis on sustainable practices, including in the context of digital currencies.

Can Myro reach $1?

MYRO can reach $1 in the long run, according to analysts at Crypto.Ro. According to them, the Solana meme coin could reach an average price of $2.31 in 2025. It could have the least possible price of $1.76 and the best possible price of $2.95 within the same period.

Summary of MYRO’s Metrics

Launch Date November 2023 
Exchanges Supported  20 Trading Platforms 
Blockchain  Solana
Launch Price  $0.003916
Market Capitalization  $266 Million (Low Cap Digital Asset) 
Maximum Supply  1 Billion Tokens) 
Year-to-Date (YTD) Change  28% Rise 

ByBit, Jupiter, and Gate.io are among the best exchanges to buy MYRO cryptocurrency. Below is a pictorial view of its performance in 2024. 

10. Ponke (PONKE) – Solana Meme Coin for Online Traders and Gamers

PONKE is one of the most under appreciated Solana meme coins on the market today. The project joined the crypto sector in December 2023. Numerous projects in the crypto world lack practical applications. Here comes Ponke, a meme coin with a dedicated community and an ambitious roadmap.

The Solana blockchain hosts PONKE, a meme coin. While memecoins are known for their amusement and community engagement, PONKE is more than just a humorous internet mascot. PONKE provides a range of utilities that aim to provide genuine value to their owners.

What makes Ponke a unique Solana meme coin?

A number of factors set PONKE apart from the typical meme coin community.

Ponke thrives on deflationary tokenomics. Many mainstream cryptocurrencies have fixed total and maximum supplies. On the other hand, most meme coins are inflationary. To meet investor demand, projects added more coins to the market. The resultant effect was the plunge of those projects’ native assets into irrecoverable zones. Luckily for traders and investors, Ponke is a deflationary token. This implies the periodic removal of more coins from circulation. This will reduce the number of PONKEs. The resultant effect will be scarcity. As an attribute of what constitutes money, scarcity will lead to a significant rise in PONKE’s value.

The project has a strong community presence. The PONKE community is passionate and actively involved in the initiative. They actively engage in governance decisions and contribute to the project’s development through a variety of initiatives. Ponke has more than 75,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter) after just six months of joining the platform. Its online presence is extremely strong. The developers behind the project constantly update stakeholders with the latest metrics about the token. This is why it rose to an all-time high price (ATH) of $0.5763 on May 27, 2024. 

PONKE has initiated the practical aspect of functioning as a currency. Unlike other digital assets, PONKE is not merely a symbol for speculation and parodies. It is being incorporated into a variety of projects in the Solana ecosystem. Decentralization exchanges (DEXs), play-to-earn (P2E) games, and launchpads on Solana have been utilizing the token enormously. Crypto Launchpads are platforms that facilitate the collection of investments for emerging initiatives by businesses in the crypto and NFT sectors.

So, is PONKE a good investment?

As a crypto stakeholder, you should be aware that PONKE investments come with risks, just like any cryptocurrency. Even well-established crypto projects can experience significant price swings in their native assets. This is all due to the notoriously volatile nature of the asset class.

Nevertheless, the distinctive combination of utility, community, and deflationary tokenomics makes it worth considering. Investor interest (above-average trading volumes) and the accessibility of listings on major exchanges are positive indicators of a healthy project. Gate.io, Jupiter, HTX Global, Bybit, MEXC Global, and BitMart are among the trading platforms that list PONKE for trading.
Analysts at Coin Data Flow believe PONKE will surpass its current ATH price and reach $0.7323 by the end of 2024.

Summary of PONKE’s Metrics

Launch Date  December 2023 
Exchanges Supported  13 Trading Platforms 
Blockchain  Solana 
Launch Price  $0.08052
Market Capitalization  $178 Million 
Maximum Supply  555 Million Tokens 
Year-to-Date (YTD) Change  416% Increase 

More exchange listings could befall PONKE in the future. Once the project thrives, it will definitely be listed by Binance, the largest exchange by volume, and others. The effect will be an addition of liquidity to what is currently recorded by the token daily. 

It is imperative to conduct independent research and allocate funds that are within your financial capacity. Meme coins, perceived as a quick way to make gains in the crypto market, are highly volatile. Invest about 5% to 10% of your investment capital into Solana meme coins. Take into account positive and negative macro-economic indicators. See where these investments can take you in the long run.

What are Solana Meme Coins?

Solana meme coins are digital tokens generated and housed on the Solana blockchain. The Solana blockchain does not diminish the satirical and humorous themes inherent in the memecoins. Similar to other memecoins generated on other chains, they thrive on speculative trading and experience great volatility. Huge gainers like Dogwifhat (WIF), Ponke (PONKE), Book of Memes (BOME), and Popcat (POPCAT) serve as great examples. These crypto tokens have brought more than 1,000% gains to their holders in 2024.

Ethereum controlled the memecoin market for a long time, until Solana became its competitor. Ethereum houses memecoins like Shiba Inu (SHIB),  Pepe Token (PEPE), and Floki Inu (FLOKI). They are among the highest-ranked memecoins by market capitalization. That said, thousands of developers have been choosing Solana over Ethereum. Solana lacks a large number of meme virtual currencies. Therefore, choosing the platform reduces on-chain competition. More importantly, Solana relies on high decentralization, scalability, and security, which fits into the expectations of many developers.

Elawn Moosk (MOOSK), gmeow Cat (GMEOW), and Samurai Cat (YUKI) are among the best Solana meme coins.

How We Choose the Best Solana Meme Coins?

To choose the best Solana meme coins, many factors were considered. Among them were trading volume, accessibility, and roadmap.

Trading volume 

We do not want you to invest in a cryptocurrency that does not see above-average daily liquidity. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others have remained relevant for more than 10 years due to their trading volumes. Therefore, we carefully selected tokens based on their trading volume.

Out of the 10 coins we selected, about eight see daily trading volumes of more than $100 million. This means that you can invest in WIF, PONKE, BOME, and other meme coins with confidence. After joining other traders, you can split profits and losses.

Accessibility (Support by major exchanges) 

Secondly, we analyzed accessibility. One of the worst things that can happen to a trader is to fall in love with a token but not find a place to trade it. Accessibility is an integral part of the strength of any crypto project. Almost all exchanges across the globe support BTC, ETH, Cardano (ADA), and others.

Similarly, we chose coins backed by some of the largest exchanges based on trading volume. Most of the reviews highlighted Binance, Gate.io, Bybit, BitMart, Huobi Global, Kraken, and KuCoin. These trading platforms record more than $500 million in daily trading volume. That is why we chose them—to help you enjoy your crypto journey.


We all know that most memecoins are joke currencies. Despite this, we took it upon ourselves to find tokens that offer more than pumps and dumps. Most of the Solana meme coins chosen have real-life use cases. Most of them are integral in the NFT, DeFi, and Web3 spaces. Their use as a transactional currency boosts the volume of daily transactions. With time, more companies may want to include them in their payment options due to the utility feature.


Popularity was another crucial factor. Unpopular cryptocurrencies often lack significant liquidity. Bitcoin is popular as the first blockchain-backed digital currency. Ethereum is popular as the first smart contract-backed digital asset. Dogecoin is popular for being the first memecoin on the market. These factors contribute to Dogecoin’s continued dominance in their respective markets, as measured by market capitalization. We chose WIF, BOME, BONK, BOO, WEN, and others due to their popularity.

Market Capitalization 

Most of the Solana meme coins were medium-cap digital assets. This is an important metric that shows that the projects continue to gain value daily.

More Factors About How We Chose the Best Solana Meme Coins

Popularity was another crucial factor. Unpopular cryptocurrencies often lack significant liquidity. Bitcoin is popular as the first blockchain-backed digital currency. Ethereum is popular as the first smart contract-backed digital asset. Dogecoin is popular for being the first memecoin on the market.

These factors contribute to Dogecoin’s continued dominance in their respective markets, as measured by market capitalization. We chose WIF, BOME, BONK, BOO, WEN, and others due to their popularity.

Lastly, there is market capitalization. Most of the Solana meme coins were medium-cap digital assets. This is an important metric that shows that the projects continue to gain value daily.

How to Buy Solana Meme Coins

There are two methods for purchasing Solana meme coins. You can buy the coins on centralized and decentralized exchanges. Let us examine how you can buy Solana meme coins on centralized exchanges.

Buying Solana Meme Coins on Centralized Exchanges

  • Step 1: Create an account on Binance or any major crypto exchange. Enter your legal full name, home address, email address, and telephone number.
  • Step 2: Verify your account on the exchange. Many of them require a government-issued ID card with your signature embossed on it. In addition to this, some exchanges also ask for a bank statement to confirm your home address. Depending on how cooperative you are as a customer, this will take less than 30 minutes.
  • Step 3: Deposit funds into your account. Choose from a select group of payment methods. Among them are direct crypto transfers, direct bank transfers, and bank cards. Deposit an amount that is above the minimum requirement for trading. More importantly, deposit an amount of money that fits your investment goals.
  • Step 4: Navigate to the meme coin of your choice. Search for the Solana meme coin of your choice (WIF, BONK, BOME, etc.). Select the token that best suits your investment needs by clicking on it.

Buying Solana Meme Coins on Decentralized Exchanges

  • Step 1: The first step is to find a crypto wallet that is compatible with Solana. Compatible wallets include Exodus, Phantom, Solflare, and MetaMask.
  • Step 2: Buy SOL tokens because they’re the digital asset that oversees transactions on the Solana chain.
  • Step 3: With SOL tokens, you can head to DEXs such as Jupiter, Orca, and Raydium.
  • Step 4: On those platforms, you can buy your favorite Solana meme coin.

Why Do Traders Choose Meme Coins That Are Based on Solana?

Solana-based meme coins have experienced a surge in prominence over the past six months. Many continue to wonder how traders have suddenly switched to Solana meme coins. Why are many traders choosing meme coins that are based on Solana?

  • A Growing Community: Meme coins have been enthusiastically adopted by the expansive, supportive community of Solana. This fosters a collaborative environment for the initiation and promotion of these tokens. The activity on social media platforms like X, Telegram, Reddit, TikTok, YouTube, and Discord also fuels the virality of these initiatives.
  • There are minimal fees: In comparison to other blockchains, such as Ethereum, transaction fees on Solana are substantially lower. This simplifies and reduces the cost of participation in the meme coin mania for newcomers. This further enhances the overall anticipation and trading volume.
  • Lightning-fast transactions: In contrast to traditional blockchains, Solana is distinguished by its lightning-fast transaction velocities. This allows for the nearly instantaneous trading of meme currencies. The viral nature of internet memes and online communities is enhanced by the rapid transaction velocities. Investors can promptly capitalize on short-term price fluctuations and capitalize on trends.

These factors have established a fertile environment for the patronage of meme coins on Solana.

The Best Way to Buy Solana-Based Meme Coins

There are several effective methods to purchase Solana-based meme coins. The two best ways to buy Solana meme coins are through centralized and decentralized exchanges. Centralized exchanges are custodial, while decentralized exchanges are non-custodial. Buying tokens on CEX means that you do not have access to your private keys. The cryptocurrency exchange holds the keys. On the other hand, DEXs are another way to buy Solana meme coins. You have access to your private keys on a non-custodial platform. This means that you can move your tokens wherever and whenever you so choose.

Centralized exchanges that support the tokens are Binance, HTX Global, Bybit, OKX, Gate.io, and Bitget. The aforementioned are the largest token exchanges on Solana. Exmo, Nami, WhiteBIT, Bitrue, Bitvavo, and BTSE are among the CEXs that also support Solana-based tokens. 

Decentralized exchanges that support the meme coins are Drift Protocol, Orca, Lifinity, Raydium, and Jupiter.

In conclusion, while there are many ways to buy Solana-based coins, these are the best.

Is Solana a Good Marketplace for Meme Coins?

Yes, Solana is an excellent marketplace for meme coins. The blockchain is highly scalable and has all the essential features needed to make a memecoin healthy. Solana is not only involved in memecoins. The chain plays an integral role in DeFi with several dApps. It also has many NFT collections that continue to record huge sales volumes.


In 2024, the meme coin market will be on the rise. As of this writing, the top memecoins had a total market capitalization of $62 billion. While DOGE (an independent chain) and Shiba Inu (Ethereum) continue to lead the market, Solana-based coins aren’t far away.

The likes of Dogwifhat (WIF) and Bonk (BONK) continue to draw more people to Solana meme coins. Most memecoins remain jokes. Fortunately, some of the coins on Solana have use cases, distinguishing them from the bulk. That said, cryptocurrency trading is risky.

Despite the gains millions of traders have made within a short period, you should be cautious. Invest in memecoins you believe in. But more importantly, invest an amount of money you can write off as bad debt if your investments go south in the future.

This guide has provided useful information on the best Solana meme coins in 2024. The guide reviews a total of 10 of the best meme coins housed on Solana. 


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What is the most successful Solana meme coin?

Solana is the basis for many successful meme coins. Dogwifhat (WIF), Popcat (POPCAT), and Book of Meme (BOME) are among the successful Solana meme coins. Because they gave investors over 1,000% gains in six months in 2024.

Dogwifhat (WIF) is the best Solana meme coin currently trending on the market.

Ponke (PONKE), Myro (MYRO), Wen (WEN), Dogwifhat (WIF), and Book of Meme (BOME) are some of the coins housed on the Solana blockchain.

Dogwifhat is the top meme coin trending on Solana in 2024.