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WorldCoin Price Prediction: WLD All Set For 110% Rebound As Key Support Holds


  • WorldCoin sending bullish signals on a day the broader market is in the red
  • Chart patterns indicate that WorldCoin may have bottomed out
  • A series of positive news from the WorldCoin ecosystem could drive a rebound

While the broader cryptocurrency market is experiencing a significant downturn, WorldCoin (WLD) is one of the few cryptocurrencies showing bullish signals. Over the last 24 hours, WLD has gained 0.94% and is currently trading at $2.35. This gain, although marginal, is notable given that most altcoins are down by 10% or more today.

Chart Analysis: Signs of a Rebound

WorldCoin has been in a downtrend for over a month. However, there has been a notable shift in market sentiment since June 20, with selling volumes gradually decreasing. This reduction in selling pressure suggests investors believe the bottom may be in for WorldCoin. As of yesterday, bullish activity started to dominate, indicating a potential shift towards an upward trend.

worldcoin price chart
Source: TradingView

The $2.26 price level has emerged as a crucial support for WLD. If this support holds, WLD could rally towards $4.92, a critical multi-week resistance level. However, if bearish forces push the price below $2.26, prices could drop below $2. Despite this risk, the odds of a rebound appear higher due to the decreasing selling volumes and positive developments within the WorldCoin ecosystem.

Positive Developments Boosting Confidence

Recent news has bolstered investor confidence in WorldCoin. One significant announcement is the opening of the Orb in Ecuador, marking a step forward in WorldCoin’s goal of building a global network. This expansion indicates that WorldCoin is making substantial progress toward creating a globally interconnected ecosystem.

Additionally, WorldCoin has partnered with Alchemy, a prominent web3 infrastructure provider. This collaboration aims to provide reliable infrastructure for World Chain, WorldCoin’s new blockchain for human-centric applications. Alchemy will offer proven, reliable infrastructure for World Chain, including roll-up hosting services and access to a comprehensive developer platform. This includes APIs, tools, and integrations for building robust blockchain applications.

Alchemy will work to integrate World ID, a privacy-preserving human verification system, promoting its growth as a fundamental piece of web3 infrastructure. This integration will prioritize verified users, providing them with priority block space and a gas allowance for casual transactions. Alchemy’s registered developers will immediately access World Chain via the Alchemy dashboard, facilitating seamless onboarding and development. This broad access is expected to drive significant developer interest and activity on World Chain.

World Chain aims to support applications that enhance everyday life, particularly in DeFi and identity use cases. Alchemy’s expertise will help scale World Chain as it onboards more global users, applications, and developers.

The Potential for WorldCoin Amid Market Volatility

Despite the current market downturn, WorldCoin’s recent developments present a strong case for its potential rebound. The strategic partnership with Alchemy provides WorldCoin with a robust infrastructure and a platform for significant growth. The emphasis on human-centric applications and real-world utility aligns with the broader trend toward making blockchain technology more accessible and practical for everyday purposes.

A Promising Outlook for WorldCoin

While the broader cryptocurrency market faces a bearish trend, WorldCoin stands out with its bullish signals and positive developments. The decreasing selling volumes and establishing a critical support level at $2.26 provide a foundation for potential price recovery. The strategic partnership with Alchemy and WorldCoin’s ongoing expansion and community support further strengthen its prospects.

Investors need to keep an eye on Bitcoin’s price action, as it significantly influences the overall market. However, despite market volatility, WorldCoin’s unique developments position it well for growth. 

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