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WorldCoin Price Prediction

WorldCoin is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the market lately, up by 200% in the last one month. Today, WorldCoin has sustained that momentum up by 16% in the last 24 hours to stand at $9.10. 

WorldCoin continues to draw investor interest for its use case in a world dominated by artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence now pervades all aspects of society, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not. 

Tools like Sora will only make it even more challenging to tell what’s human and what’s AI. WorldCoin is becoming one of the possible solutions that humans can rely on to prove who is human in the digital world. By scanning biometrics, WorldCoin’s proof-of-personhood promises to be one of the most important inventions today. 

WorldCoin App Downloads Rocket 

Today, WorldCoin continues to gain strength as more people continue to join the network. A few days ago, WorldCoin announced that more than a million people were now using the WorldCoin network weekly. WorldCoin has also become one of the most downloaded apps in the world, outperforming popular Apps like Threads and TEMU. 

Orb Now In Europe – Spain And Portugal

Investors are also excited by the fact that the demand for the WorldCoin Orb is on the rise across the world. At the moment, the Orb is in Spain and Portugal, and more locations will be coming soon. This means more people are entering the WorldCoin network, and this is sending bullish signals to the market. 

At the moment, WorldCoin is available on all major exchanges, and this is playing a role in adding to the upside momentum since more investors have access. You can easily buy WorldCoin at top exchanges like Binance, and KuCoin. It is also available on top DEXs such as Uniswap V3 on both the Ethereum main network and optimism. 

In the section below, we take a look at WorldCoin’s price action and try to predict whether the upside momentum will continue or a correction is coming soon. 

WorldCoin Crypto Price Prediction 

When going to press, WorldCoin is trading at $9.16, with a market capitalization of $1.236 billion. Volumes have increased marginally in the day by 0.50% to stand at $819.620 million. 

WorldCoin Crypto Price Prediction

 Since it made a bullish breakout on February 13, WorldCoin continues to make new highs. At the moment, bullish momentum is on the rise as bulls remain firmly in control.

If the current bullish momentum continues, the key level to watch will be $10 mark. This is a key resistance level in the day, one that if broken, FOMO could push WorldCoin to $20 or more. 

However, if upside momentum drops, the key level to will $9, which is now key support. If this support holds, WorldCoin consolidate through the day, between $9 and $10 until broader market momentum determines the next direction.

On the other hand, if short sellers take control in the short term, and the $9 is level is broken, then WorldCoin could easily drop to $6.65, which is a key support level in the day. Pushing through $6.65 would mean WorldCoin eats into most of the gains it has made recently. 

Why $20 WorldCoin Could Be Underway

A consolidation or even a price collapse could play out in the day. However, the most likely one is that WorldCoin could push through $10, and hit highs of $20 in the short term. 

One of the key factors likely to drive WorldCoin’s price is the accelerated price rally that has seen WorldCoin outperform Bitcoin and most top cryptos. This has brought a lot of attention to WorldCoin. With more people onboarding the App, especially in European countries such as Spain and Portugal, more investors are likely to FOMO into WorldCoin. 

There is also the fact that bullish momentum is back across the market, after a slowdown last week. If Bitcoin gains momentum and breaks the $52,300 resistance, cryptocurrencies that are already bullish, such as WorldCoin stand to gain the most. 

Overall, all indicators point to WorldCoin outperforming the broader cryptocurrency market, for another consecutive week.

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