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WorldCoin Price Could Hit $6 Amid Speculation of Apple-OpenAI Collaboration

WorldCoin is showing signs of a strong rebound today. Over the last 24 hours, World Coin has gained by 1.87%, and as of 09:03 UTC, it was trading at $5.83.

This uptick in World Coin’s performance comes when the broader crypto market struggles with volatility and uncertainty. While other cryptocurrencies are experiencing fluctuations, World Coin is finding its footing, hinting at a possible path toward recovery.

Possible Apple and OpenAI Partnership

Looking ahead into the upcoming week, World Coin could be poised for further gains, fueled by promising developments within the OpenAI ecosystem. Apple Inc. is reportedly on the verge of striking a deal with OpenAI to integrate the startup’s technology into the iPhone. Sources familiar with the matter reveal that negotiations are in their final stages, with plans to incorporate ChatGPT features into iOS 18, the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone operating system.

The potential collaboration between Apple and OpenAI marks a significant milestone in the intersection of artificial intelligence and consumer technology. By leveraging OpenAI’s advanced capabilities, Apple aims to enhance the user experience on its devices, tapping into the power of AI-driven features.

WorldCoin Closely Associated With OpenAI

Notably, World Coin stands to benefit significantly from its association with OpenAI. As news of the impending partnership between Apple and OpenAI reverberates through the industry, investor sentiment toward World Coin is gaining momentum. The cryptocurrency’s rebound today can be partially attributed to the positive speculation surrounding its ties to OpenAI and the potential implications of this partnership.

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Investors Excited By AI-Focused Investments

Furthermore, the broader excitement surrounding AI-related investments in both the crypto and traditional stock markets adds fuel to World Coin’s upward trajectory. With tech giants like Apple and Google actively exploring AI-driven solutions, the demand for cryptocurrencies linked to innovative AI projects is poised to surge.

Overall, World Coin could be headed for a rebound amidst a challenging week for the crypto market. With its recent rebound and the anticipation surrounding the Apple-OpenAI partnership, World Coin appears primed for a notable uptrend. 

Let’s look at some of WorldCoin’s price action to determine how it could trade in the coming week. 

WorldCoin Consolidating, But Bulls Are Gaining Momentum

WorldCoin has been exhibiting a consolidation pattern, oscillating between the $5.924 resistance and the $5.762 support levels. Recent upticks in buying volumes suggest bullish momentum building towards challenging the $5.924 resistance. If bulls successfully breach this level, WorldCoin could rally toward a high of $6.074 within the week.

WorldCoin Price Chart

Conversely, failure to surpass the $5.924 resistance may prolong the consolidation phase, with WorldCoin remaining range-bound between the $5.924 and $5.762 resistance and support levels. In such a scenario, market participants should closely monitor for any signs of breakout or breakdown.

Should bears gain dominance in the broader market sentiment, attention shifts to the critical $5.762 support level. A decisive breach below this level could trigger further downside movement, potentially leading WorldCoin to test the 3-day support at $5.404.

Careful monitoring of price action and volume dynamics will be essential in gauging the subsequent directional bias for WorldCoin.

Why WorldCoin Price Could Be Headed Higher

While WorldCoin price is still rangebound, some important factors could cause its price to be high today or earlier in the week. The most important one is news of a possible integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into the next generation of Apple OS. This is a big deal for WorldCoin because of the perception value, a cryptocurrency closely associated with OpenAI and its founders. Big news from OpenAI has triggered WorldCoin price rallies in the past, and this case is no different. 

There is also the fact that the broader market seems to have stabilized after last week’s selloff. Bitcoin has pushed back to $61k, and buying volumes are rising. This factor could help increase the price of altcoins like WorldCoin in the coming days.