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MetaMask Unveils Delegation Toolkit at EthCC 7


  • MetaMask Delegation Toolkit streamlines DApp usage and smart contract development
  • Consensys acquires Wallet Guard, boosting MetaMask’s security features
  • The toolkit supports EVM-compatible chains, enhancing cross-platform development

Consensys, a leading Ethereum software company, announced the launch of the MetaMask Delegation Toolkit during EthCC 7 in Brussels. This new toolkit is designed to enhance the user experience for blockchain application users by providing developer tools and smart contracts that enable seamless Interactions within dapps.

MetaMask Toolkit Enhances DApp Interaction and Development

The Delegation Toolkit is engineered to reduce user friction by allowing immediate onboarding without the typical wallet interactions such as pop-ups or confirmations. This will be particularly beneficial when users switch between different decentralized applications and their wallets.

The toolkit streamlines smart contract development and improves gas cost management. It could allow some users to transact without fees. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) supports the toolkit, which works with various chains, including Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Linea, Optimism, and Polygon. This broad compatibility ensures that developers across multiple platforms can implement the toolkit to create more user-friendly blockchain experiences.

MetaMask Enhances Blockchain Accessibility with New Toolkit

During the EthCC conference, MetaMask also detailed its plan to onboard developers to utilize the new toolkit. This initiative is part of MetaMask’s broader strategy to empower developers with tools that foster rich collaboration and dynamic user experiences in the crypto space.

Dan Finlay, co-founder of MetaMask, highlighted that the toolkit would usher in a new era of authorization and composability, which is essential for the next generation of blockchain applications. In addition to the tool, MetaMask has been actively enhancing its offerings, including introducing pooled staking earlier this year.

This feature allows users to stake Ethereum directly from their self-custodial wallets, contributing to the security of the blockchain while earning rewards. The staking service initially required a minimum of 32 ETH, per the Ethereum protocol standards for validators.

Blockchain technology is evolving, and tools like the MetaMask Delegation Toolkit mark a significant advancement. This toolkit makes blockchain applications more accessible and efficient. This development supports the Ethereum network’s growth and solidifies Consensys’s role as a pivotal player in the blockchain ecosystem.

 Consensys Enhances MetaMask with Wallet Guard Acquisition

Crypto2Community recently reported that Consensys has acquired Wallet Guard, a leading security tool known for its adequate digital asset protection. This acquisition will boost MetaMask’s security features.

Consensys’s popular Ethereum wallet ensures that users enjoy heightened protection within the Web3 ecosystem. Wallet Guard is known for its user-friendly browser extension and security dashboard. It specializes in transaction validation and fighting online threats with client-side heuristics.

Integrating Wallet Guard’s technology into MetaMask provides instant protection against scams, enhancing security within the decentralized environment. This integration aligns with Consensys’s wider plan to enhance its Web3 services, ensuring a secure and user-friendly environment for new and existing users. Incorporating advanced security measures from Wallet Guard demonstrates Consensys’s commitment to fostering a safe, welcoming ecosystem for the next generation of Web3 participants.

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