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Consensys acquires Wallet Guard


  • Consensys acquires Wallet Guard to integrate advanced security features into MetaMask for enhanced user protection.
  • The acquisition aims to bolster MetaMask’s scam and drainer detection through advanced transaction validation and client-side heuristics.
  • Consensys continues to strengthen its position in web3 security, ensuring a safer environment for MetaMask users.

Consensys has acquired Wallet Guard, a prominent security tool for digital assets and data protection. This strategic move aims to enhance MetaMask’s security features and ensure users receive advanced protection in the developing Web3 ecosystem.

Enhancing MetaMask Security

The acquisition of Wallet Guard, known for its user-centric browser extension and security dashboard, marks a significant step for Consensys. Wallet Guard’s expertise in transaction validation and client-side heuristics will be integrated into MetaMask, providing real-time protection against scams and malicious dapps. This move follows the integration of Blockaid security alerts into MetaMask, which helped prevent significant crypto asset theft in 2024.

Joe Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and CEO of Consensys, expressed excitement about the acquisition:

Wallet Guard has quickly become a premier security tool with advanced capabilities that align with our goal of prioritizing user safety. Their innovative security solutions will be instrumental in creating a safer environment for the mass adoption of web3.

Strengthening User Protection

Wallet Guard’s team will join Consensys’ MetaMask Product Safety Team, focusing on enhancing MetaMask’s security roadmap. This integration will improve scam detection and drainer prevention, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all threat vectors. Patrick Berarducci, MetaMask & Infura Business Group Lead at Consensys, highlighted MetaMask’s unique approach: “MetaMask offers strong default security features and security-enhancing plugins through our Snaps extensibility platform. Wallet Guard’s capabilities will accelerate our security roadmap and market position.”

The increased focus on security comes amid rising threats in web3. According to Chainalysis’ 2024 Crypto Crime Report, over $1.7 billion worth of crypto was stolen through scams in 2023 alone. As web3 adoption grows, the prevalence of scams poses a significant threat to users. Wallet Guard’s integration into MetaMask aims to address these challenges, providing users with superior real-time protection while preserving privacy and self-sovereignty.

Commitment to User Safety

Wallet Guard’s co-founders, Ohm Shah, and Martin Peko, were enthusiastic about joining Consensys: “We’re thrilled to bring our knowledge and commitment to end-user security to millions of MetaMask users worldwide. Advancements in security, fraud, and scam prevention are essential for the mass adoption of web3.”

Consensys has been active in acquisitions, enhancing its offerings for web3 users, builders, and businesses. Previous acquisitions include Special Mechanisms Group, HAL, and MyCrypto, each contributing to Consensys’ robust security framework.

Consensys’ ongoing collaborations with Web3 security partners and integration of Wallet Guard’s advanced security features signify a comprehensive approach to safeguarding users. This acquisition underscores Consensys’ commitment to building a secure and welcoming ecosystem for the next generation of Web3 users.

Consensys’ acquisition of Wallet Guard aims to bolster MetaMask’s security, providing users with advanced protection against scams and fraud. This strategic move reflects an increased focus on user safety in the ever-evolving web3 landscape. With Wallet Guard’s expertise, MetaMask users can expect enhanced security features and a safer experience in the decentralized world.

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