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This Week in Crypto: Major Events to Watch


  • Unlocking substantial amounts of STRK and ARB tokens could influence market behavior and pricing.
  • Launches of new testnets and public token sales highlight the ongoing expansion and innovation within the crypto ecosystem.
  • The culmination of various campaigns and airdrops offers participants rewards and fosters deeper community involvement.

According to CryptoRank, a market research and analytics platform, several key events this week, from June 10 to June 16, promise to shape market dynamics.

10th Monday

  • CryptoRank: Today marks the commencement of the HyperLane Blast bridging campaign, which offers participants a unique opportunity to explore new blockchain functionalities.
  • Berachain: The launch of Berachain’s Testnet V2 today heralds advancements in blockchain testing, inviting developers and testers to explore its enhanced capabilities.
  • Aark: Gaining significant traction, Aark has successfully listed on major exchanges, broadening its accessibility and market presence.

11th Tuesday

  • Ionet: The Token Generation Event (TGE) for Ionet is set, drawing attention from investors and traders alike.
  • Polyhedra & Backpack: This opportunity marks the final chance to join the ZKJ airdrop campaign, a collaborative effort by Polyhedra and Backpack, specifically designed to reward community engagement.
  • Build: The Build platform’s airdrop claim goes live, thereby allowing participants to claim their tokens following their active participation.

12th Wednesday

  • Economic Indicators: The U.S. CPI data will be released, a significant indicator that could impact market volatility and investor sentiment.
  • Caldera & Mitosis: Deadline alerts for Caldera’s sixth week and Mitosis’s ninth week of campaigns, both offering last-minute opportunities for engagement.

13th, Thursday

  • zkSync: Rumors of zkSync’s TGE stir the market, with the community keenly awaiting official announcements.
  • Tabi & Arweave: It’s a significant day for token sales as Tabi introduces its public token sale, while simultaneously, Arweave launches the AO token, effectively expanding its ecosystem’s offerings.

14th Friday

  • Tabi: Participants can complete the fourth week of quests, thereby further embedding themselves within Tabi’s rapidly growing network.

15th Saturday

  • StarkNet: A substantial unlock event with 64M STRK tokens valued at $72.4M becoming available, potentially affecting the token’s price and market liquidity.

16th Sunday

  • Arbitrum: In another significant unlock event, 92.63M ARB tokens, valued at approximately $90.01M, will be released into the market. Investors should closely monitor this potential impact on pricing dynamics.

Aark Digital Debuts on Multiple Exchanges

Aark Digital’s token, AARK, has now been introduced to several prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, including Bybit, Gate.io, and Bitget, marking a strategic expansion in its accessibility to investors. Consequently, this listing enhances the token’s exposure and potential liquidity, with its current price standing at $0.0732.

In addition, AARK boasts a market capitalization of $5.08 million and a fully diluted valuation (FDV) of $73.2 million. With a current circulating supply of around 69.41 million tokens, AARK has impressively achieved an all-time high return on investment, which is 2.77 times its initial value.

Moreover, listing AARK on these exchanges marks a crucial step in its trajectory, enhancing its profile among retail and institutional investors. This move consequently positions Aark Digital as a noteworthy player in the competitive digital asset market.