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zkSync Era v24 Launches on Mainnet, Enhancing Ethereum L2


  • zkSync Era v24 mainnet upgrade introduces P256Verify, enhancing transaction signing on secure devices.
  • The new zkSync Bridgehub aims to improve ZK Stack chain interoperability, facilitating smoother liquidity movement.
  • Beta Node release simplifies developer access to zkSync, streamlining node setup with a one-line Docker configuration.

The latest zkSync Era upgrade, v24, has been successfully deployed on the mainnet. It significantly improves security and developer experience for Ethereum Layer 2 scaling. The upgrade, launched on June 7, has undergone thorough testing and auditing, ensuring a seamless transition.

Enhanced Security and Functionality

One of the key features of the v24 upgrade is the addition of precompile P256Verify. This feature enhances device security by improving the ability to sign transactions on devices such as Appleโ€™s Secure Enclave, Webauthn, and Android Keychain. This development is crucial for securing transactions and protecting user data on these platforms.

The zkSync Bridgehub is another major addition to the zkSync ecosystem. It aims to enhance the interoperability of ZK Stack chains, facilitating a more integrated movement of users and liquidity across different platforms. This feature sets the stage for a more seamless and efficient user experience within the zkSync ecosystem.

Furthermore, the upgrade includes integrating Validium mode, which features a custom Data Availability (DA) layer and a new base token on ZK Stack blockchains. This integration is expected to improve the overall functionality and efficiency of the zkSync Era.

Governance Transition and Technical Enhancements

With the v24 deployment, the zkSync Era is also transitioning towards decentralizing its governance. The core development team has announced that this will be their last upgrade before handing governance to the community by June. This move aims to foster a more open and community-oriented development approach.

Additionally, the developers have addressed several technical issues identified during the end-to-end testing of the v24 protocol on the testnet. These fixes include changes to zkSyncโ€™s circuit logic, VM logic, testing infrastructure, and release pipeline. These enhancements are designed to ensure a smooth switchover to the mainnet setup.

Improved Developer Experience and Node Setup

In conjunction with the v24 upgrade, zkSync Era has released the Beta version of its Node. This release significantly enhances the developer experience by simplifying the node setup process. The Beta version includes a one-line Docker setup and synchronization from snapshots, making it easier for developers to get started and stay updated with the main node.

These improvements aim to optimize developer workflows and expand the zkSync community by making the platform more accessible to a wider array of developers. The improved ease of setup and lower resource requirements will likely attract more developers to the zkSync ecosystem.

Crypto2Community’s recent report indicates that zkSync is set to distribute an airdrop this month. This move is expected to boost market dynamics, capturing the attention of both investors and traders. The planned airdrop adds a new dimension to the ongoing market activity.

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