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Best Arbitrum Network Tokens

This guide looks at the best Arbitrum Network tokens to invest in 2024. Our analysts arrived at these digital assets after vetting the Arbitrum Network thoroughly.

They settled on these because they have performed well in the past. These coins are also expected to perform well in the future. Some have even been named the next crypto to explode by leading analysts and investors.

Read on to learn more about the best ARB coins to buy and the Arbitrum Network.

Best Arbitrum Network Tokens to Invest in

Here is a list of what our analysts consider the top 10 best Arbitrum network tokens to buy today.

  1. Arbitrum (ARB) – Native utility and governance token for the Arbitrum Network. ARB is new, popular, and is anchored in a promising and sustainable blockchain technology. The altcoin launched in March 2023. It has more than maintained an uptrending price action. It has also sustained its market cap above $1 Billion.
  2. Uniswap (UNI) – Uniswap is one of the largest, most popular, and fastest-growing decentralized exchanges. Its UNI token has also performed exceptionally well in the past. UNI trades close to 90% below ATH at writing and is expected to rebound soon.
  3. Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) – Wrapped Bitcoin is the ERC-20 equivalent of Bitcoins. WBT’s value is closely tied to that of Bitcoin. It lets you access passive investing products exclusive to the Ethereum network, like staking. Wrapped Bitcoin is expected to Explode as soon as Bitcoin starts rallying.
  4. Chainlink (LINK) – Chainlink is one of the best future cryptos. It promises to bridge on- and off-chain programs, allowing smart contracts to access real-world data. LINK is hugely popular and its value is expected to continue rising steadily.
  5. Sushiswap (SUSHI) – SushiSwap is a decentralized exchange and a successful Uniswap fork. Sushiswap is popular because it lets investors earn crypto passively. SUSHI is one of the best Arbitrum Network tokens to buy now because it trades at a huge discount.
  6. The Graph (GRT) – The Graph is an indexing protocol on the Ethereum network. It helps developers query the network to find relevant and accurate information to create more effective smart contracts. It is expected to fuel the Dapp, DeFi, and Web 3 ecosystems. The promising future makes GRT one of the best altcoins to buy today.
  7. AiDodge ($AI) – The best new Arbitrum Network token to buy. AiDoge hopes to revolutionize the global meme space by leveraging AI technology. For example, it has introduced a tool that converts text to memes instantly. It is a low-cap crypto with a considerable upside potential.
  8. Synthetix (SNX) – Synthetix is an on-chain liquidity and derivatives trading protocol. SNX has maintained an overall uptrending price action since launch. Synthetix protocol’s popularity and use cases are also rising. Therefore, investors expect a strong rebound from the current 90%+ dip during the next market rally.
  9. Maker (MKR) – Maker is the governance token for Maker DAO and maker Protocol – issuers of $5 Billion DAI stablecoin. MKR has one of the lowest total supply in the crypto-verse. It is also massively popular and ranks high among the most lucrative tokens.
  10. Aave (AAVE) – Aave is another popular decentralized lending platform. It lets crypto investors earn competitive interest when they supply liquidity to the platform. Anyone can borrow crypto at equally competitive interest rates. Among the factors making it the best Arbitrum token to invest in are its popularity, resilience, and promising future.

Below, we look at all these crypto projects and currencies. We tell you why they are considered the best Arbitrum network coins to invest in today.

Further below, we look at reasons to buy Arbitrum Network tokens. We also share tips on how to find the best ARB tokens to buy.

Best Arbitrum Tokens to Buy Analyzed

According to CoinMarketCap, there currently are 240+ crypto projects integrated into the Arbitrum Network. In this guide, we introduce you to hugely promising cryptocurrencies that have bridged to this network.

Here is an overview of top Arbitrum Network tokens worth buying today:

1. Arbitrum (ARB) – Overall Best Arbitrum Network Token to Buy Today

One of the best Arbitrum network tokens to buy is ARB, it is the native token for the Arbitrum Network. It is both the governance token and a utility token of the layer 2 protocol.

Launched in March 2023, ARB is a relatively new crypto. ARB enjoys an immense community support that has helped maintain its market cap above $1 Billion. Arbitrum Network’s scalability has also endeared it to hundreds of popular DeFi projects, Dapps, and Web 3 programs.


The network is undeniably popular and has an auspicious future. Moving forward, it is expected to onboard an even larger number of dApps and DeFi coins. In light of these, analysts are convinced that ARB only sells 90% below its ATH because of the ongoing bear market.

Several factors are expected to thrust Arbitrum price prediction to a new all-time high during the next bull market. First is a recovering market, as evidenced by its obedience to market trends. Second is an increase in the number of projects bridging to the Arbitrum Network.

Arbitrum Price Chart

Lastly, we expect Arbitrum ARB token use cases to grow steadily over the next few months. We expect crypto staking, liquidity mining, yield farming, and crypto lending programs to all adopt ARB tokens. In effect, these, and a recovering market will catapult its value to new highs.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative

2. Uniswap (UNI) – Popular DEX Token with a Promising Future

UNI is the utility token for the largest and one of the fastest-growing decentralized exchanges. It, too, ranks highly among the best Arbitrum Networks tokens to buy today. It makes it here because of its resilience, promising future, and growing adoption of DEXs by the crypto community.

Uniswap Altcoin

Launched in 2018, Uniswap lets you buy crypto anonymously and has facilitated trades worth $1.3+ Trillion. Uniswap has also been integrated into 300+ crypto programs – with even more adoption and integrations coming soon. These have helped it maintain an overall uptrending price action.

Uniswap Price Chart

Uniswap is popular because it lets you earn a double income. First, you grow your investment when you buy UNI tokens and their value increases. You also make money by contributing liquidity to one of its many liquidity pools. UNI ranks highly among the best trending cryptos to consider.

Its value is expected to continue growing in the foreseeable future. Much of this will be in reaction to a rallying crypto market and increased trader activity on the Uniswap DEX.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative

3. Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) – Best Arbitrum Token to Buy for Yields and Near-Guaranteed Price Rebound

Wrapped Bitcoin is an ERC-20 token – on the Ethereum network – whose value is pegged to Bitcoins. wBTC is backed one-to-one by Bitcoin. This implies that for every one wBTC minted, one BTC is deposited into a secure reserve. In the absence of an interoperable blockchain, wBTC makes it possible for BTC investors to benefit from DeFi services.

Wrapped Bitcoin Price Chart

wBTC helps investors enjoy the best of both crypto worlds. First, they get to benefit from Bitcoin’s resilience and promising future. By the turn of the decade, for instance, BTC – and by extension, wBTC – is expected to rally by as much as 4000%.

Secondly, investors interact with highly rewarding passive income generators unavailable on the Bitcoin blockchain. These include staking, lending, borrowing, yield farming, and saving.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative

4. Chainlink (LINK) – Popular Arbitrum Network Token to Buy and Hold

Chainlink is a blockchain of the future. It promises to bridge the disconnect between the crypto-verse and the real world. And it hopes to make this possible by leveraging proprietary ‘Oracle’ technology and smart contracts. This has analysts convinced that Chainlink’s adoption will grow steadily, alongside the growing adoption of crypto and blockchain technology.

Chainlink Price Chart

As more individuals, brands and technologies embrace blockchain technology, demand for real word data and Chainlink will rise. Analysts then argue that this key feature makes LINK one of the best long-term cryptos to buy today.

That said, we must observe that LINK doesn’t just rank among the best ARB tokens because of its promising future. It also makes it here because of its accessibility, resilience, and obedience to market trends. This implies that though it trades 85% below its ATH, it will rebound when the market starts recovering.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative

5. Sushiswap (SUSHI) – Trending Arbirum Tokens to Buy at a Hugely Discounted Price

Sushiswap is a Uniswap hard fork and a popular decentralized exchange. It is built atop the Ethereum network but is also available on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and other EVMs. Most recently, it bridged to the Arbitrum Network and its SUSHI token currently trades 97% below its ATH.

SushiSwap Price Chart

Given its popularity, potential, and current use cases, analysts list SUSHI among the most discounted cryptos. The market is convinced that SUSHI will eventually recover and possibly recapture its ATH. That informed our decision to feature it among the best ARB tokens to buy right now.

Among the factors that will drive its recovery is its embrace of DEXs and Sushiswap’s integration into more crypto programs. Others include growing use cases for SUSHI tokens, like adoption by DeFi programs, as well as increased trader activity on-chain. Further, SUSHI has proved its resilience and is expected to continue obeying the crypto market trends and direction.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative

6. The Graph (GRT) – Best Long-Term Crypto Investment to Consider on the Arbitrum Network

The Graph also makes our list of the best Arbitrum tokens to invest in. GRT is also one the best future cryptos for the long-term. Not only does it have an overall uptrending price action, but also because of the revolution it brings to the crypto-verse.

At its core, The Graph is an indexing protocol. It is designed to help developers build better, smarter, and more accurate dApps, smart contracts, and DeFi programs.

The Graph Price Chart

Through open APIs called Subgraphs, developers are able to query the large information resource that is Ethereum. The Graph, therefore, eases the process of finding relevant data on the blockchain network. This can then be used to create complex DeFi services, dApps, and Web ecosystems of the future. The Graph will eventually launch on other EVM-compatible blockchains.

Such a promising future explains why GRT stands out among what most consider the next cryptos to explode. In addition to this, we list it here because it has maintained an overall uptrending price action. It also proved its resilience by surviving multiple price crashes and always rallying to a new high.

GRT is expected to rally to a new price record as the crypto market gears for a possible bull run.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative

7. AiDodge ($AI) – New Arbitrum Token with a Huge Upside Potential

AiDoge also tops our list of the best Arbitrum Network tokens to buy right now because of its massive upside potential. Launched in July 2023, AiDoge also comes up on different investor lists of the best new crypto to buy today. The altcoin also received a warm welcome from the crypto community. It even rallied by close to 600% to peak around $0.0000116 immediately after launch.


Two months later, $AI continues to elicit so much excitement in the crypto community. This, plus the fact that the crypto market is in recovery mode, has analysts convinced it is bound to explode. The coin’s growing use cases then reinforce these sentiments. $AI is the utility token for the AiDoge platform – an AI-backed technology that turns text into memes instantly.

These memes are unique and can be traded as NFTs. The AiDoge community even has a voting system that ranks the best and most popular memes. In addition to generating memes, you can stake $AI and earn passively. The popular meme coin can also be swapped for other tokens on DeFi platforms integrated into the Arbitrum Network.

Understand that AiDoge launched at the peak of a bear market. Its rally was, therefore, short and is already trading more than 80% below this peak price. The upside to this is that it continues to enjoy a growing community support.

This, as well as the ongoing hype and a recovering market, are expected to drive $AI value up. The expected revival of the meme coin investing frenzy makes AiDoge the best crypto to buy before the next bull market.

8. Synthetix (SNX) – Popular Arbitrum Network Token to Invest in Before Next Bull Market

Synthetix is a derivatives liquidity protocol built upon the Ethereum blockchain network. The protocol facilitates the creation of synthetic assets whose value is pegged to the actual asset. A good example may be a synthetic Bitcoin that tracks the value of real Bitcoins.

In so doing, Synthetix exposes you to the benefits of owning the asset without necessarily buying and holding that asset. The protocol has bridged to Arbitrum, which explains SNX’s feature among the best ARB tokens to buy today.

Synthetix Price Chart

Five key factors help SNX make the cut to this list. First is the fact that Synthetix is still a work in progress. Having updated to Version 3, we expect future upgrades that introduce more features and spur user cases for SNX. Secondly, Synthetix protocol’s user base is expected to sustain the current uptrend. This has the effect of increasing the demand and price of SNX tokens.

Thirdly, Synthetix has already established itself as a market leader in a fast-growing crypto niche. It is arguably the largest decentralized derivatives liquidity provider on Ethereum. SNX also makes it here because it is resilient and is currently trading more than 90% below its all-time high.

In addition to all these, SNX features among the hottest cryptos on Arbitrum because of its obedience to market trends. The crypto market is ripe for a rally, which analysts believe will catapult SNX to unimaginable heights.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative

9. Maker (MKR) – Invest in DAO With one of the Most Popular and Successful Stablecoin

Maker has been consistently ranked among the best DeFi coins to invest in right now. It is the native token for MakerDAO – the protocol that operates the DAI stablecoin. MKR stands out with its comparatively low circulating supply of 1 million tokens.

In the past, MKR has been a highly lucrative crypto investment. By the time it peaked in November 2021, MKR was close to 30000% above its introductory price.

Maker Price Chart

Today, however, MKR has shed 75% of this peak price – even though it maintains an overall positive price action. Moving forward, several factors are expected to help MKR recapture its 2021 high and possibly set a new ATH.

First is the increased adoption of DAI stablecoin. The second has to be increased use cases for MKR tokens and adoption by more DeFi programs.

A recovering market is also expected to trigger an upward price correction for MKR tokens. Note, also, that MakerDAO is among the top DeFi brands that have bridged to the Arbitrum Network. This explains why MKR makes it to our list of best ARB tokens to buy right now.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative

10. Aave (AAVE) – Best Decentralized Lending Protocol to Invest in Today

Aave is the largest DeFi lending protocol with more than $4 Billion in TVL locked. The AAVE token has also been one of the best-performing cryptos of all time. Between November 2017 and May 2021, for instance, the crypto rallied by close to four million percent.

AAVE Price Chart

Though it has lost more than 90% of its all-time high, it is expected to rebound fast. This resilience and promise of a profitable future makes AAVE one of the best altcoins to buy today.

In early 2023, the Aave protocol launched its bridge to Arbitrum. The move was an extension of a streak of significant developments made by the lending protocol throughout the bear market. Others included the launch of the Aave V3 protocol in March 2022.

Not forgetting that it had also integrated with other DeFi protocols, including Synthetix and Curve Finance. Yet, none of these developments have been priced in AAVE’s current value.

Together with a recovering market and AAVE’s resilience, these are expected to catapult AAVE’s price to a new ATH. That, then, explains why we include AAVE among the best Arbitrum Network tokens to buy before the next bull market.

Crypto asset investments are highly volatile and speculative

What is Arbitrum Network?

The Arbitrum Network is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. Like most of the layer 2 platforms, Arbitrum was created to address the fees, security, and speed challenges facing Ethereum.

To solve this – often known as the Blockchain trilemma – Arbitrum leverages the Optimistic Rollups scaling solution. This bundles transactions off-chain before submitting the batch to Ethereum as a single transaction.

The network was created by Off-Chain Labs and went live in 2018. After launch, Off-Chain Labs handed it over to the ArbitrumDAO, which is responsible for its maintenance. Interestingly, the native token for the network – ARB – was only launched in March 2023.

The tokens total supply is 10 billion ARB tokens, but only 12.75% of these are in circulation today. The coin also had an introductory price of $1.18 ARB and rallied 1000% on the launch date to hit $11.80.

Note that in the five years that Arbitrum has been around, hundreds of crypto programs have bridged to its Network. The most notable include Uniswap, Chainlink, Aave, Sushiswap, MakerDAO, and The Graph. All these are rushing to cash on Arbitrum’s three core promises.

First is faster transaction speeds – noting that while Ethereum processes up to 30 transactions per second, Arbitrum can handle 40,000. It also promises lower gas fees – made possible by the batching of transactions. Lastly, the layer 2 protocol promises to use fraud-proof verification mechanisms to enhance on-chain security.

What Makes Arbitrum Different From Other Networks?

Several factors help Arbitrum stand out among other layer 2 protocols. First is the fact that it has built its own blockchain mainnet. This implies that you can do more than just create a bridge to the protocol. You can also create and deploy DeFi, dApps, and Web 3 ecosystems directly on Arbitrum’s blockchain infrastructure.

Arbitrum Network Tokens

Others include its cross-chain functionality, which lets you access dApps and DeFi services across multiple blockchain networks. Additionally, Arbirum allows the creation of smart contracts on the network. Lastly, the protocol lets ARB token holders stake and vote on key matters affecting the network.

Why Invest in Arbitrum Network Coins?

We first need to note that most of the Arbitrum Network tokens listed here are hosted elsewhere. The majority of these are anchored to the Ethereum Blockchain network. They have only created bridges to the Arbitrum Network to benefit from the scalability benefits it offers.

That said, here are some of the key reasons why you should consider investing in Arbitrum Network cryptos.

  • Potential high returns: Some of these cryptos are relatively new and have a hugely promising future.
  • Innovation: Most of these coins are backed by highly innovative crypto projects. By investing in either, you participate in driving crypto innovation forward.
  • Experimental: You may also consider investing in trending Arbitrum Tokens because of their experimental yet disruptive powers. These are designed to disrupt existing industries – from the conventional finance industry to centralized exchanges.
  • Passive income: You may also want to buy cryptocurrencies linked to the Arbitrum network because they let you earn passively. The majority have been adopted by leading DeFi platforms by their investors and earn higher than average returns.
  • Proven resilience and obedience to trends: These assets are also the best cryptos to buy because they have performed exceptionally well in the past. They have proved their resilience and are obedient to market trends. As the market changes direction and starts recovering in readiness for the 2024/5 rally, so will these digital assets.

How to Find Good Arbitrum Network Tokens to Invest in

There are a number of factors you need to consider when searching for the best ARB tokens. Below, we discuss the most important:

Check the CoinMarketCap

Head over to CoinMarketCap and use the category option to view all the crypto projects bridged to Arbitrum. There currently are 240+ cryptos linked to the layer two protocol. Choose from this list by considering such factors as their price history, sustainability, and expected future performance.

Read their whitepaper and vet the developer team

After coming up with a list of top trending coins to buy, go through their whitepapers. Vet the sustainability of their underlying project. Understand how the crypto project works. Take a deep look at its token distribution model, vet its roadmap, and understand its goals. You will also need to vet its development team, confirm their experience, and assess commitment to the project.

Confirm accessibility

Before asking how to invest in cryptos linked to Arbitrum, you first need to confirm their accessibility. Ensure your preferred coins are listed with the best crypto exchanges around. Ensure they have decent trade volumes on these platforms and are liquid.

Confirm utility and sustainability

Check the use cases for both the Arbitrun Network affiliated tokens as well as that of their underlying technology. Only invest in scalable crypto projects with the potential for large-scale future adoption. They should also seek to solve a real-world problem in a decentralized manner. Where possible, only buy cryptos that are leading the charge in disruptive conventional industries.

Check their track record

A coin’s past price action doesn’t necessarily have an impact on its future price. It, however, speaks volumes about its resilience, obedience to market trends, and volatility levels. More importantly, understanding how dip a promising coin has crashed gives you an idea of how powerfully it can rebound.

Vet their price forecast

When deciding how much to invest in a crypto, you first need to assess its future price action. This gives you an idea of the rate at which it will grow your capital. This, in turn, goes a long way in shaping your investing goals. When assessing a crypto project’s price action, do your own research, consult expert investors, and experienced forecasters.

Conclusion – Best Arbitrum Network Tokens

The Arbitrum Network is on the path to becoming the most useful and most valuable layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. So far, more than 240 crypto projects have bridged to its protocol. More are preparing to create bridges while numerous developers and brands contemplate building directly on its mainnet.

Its success is bound to reflect positively on all the crypto projects bridged to the network – such as AiDoge. A recovering market, further upgrades to its network, and the growing adoption of blockchain technology will impact ARB’s price positively.

Looking for the best altcoins to buy right now? Consider AiDoge or the other assets we have discussed above. They are all selling at hugely discounted prices and are resilient. But even more important, it is expected to rebound during the next crypto market rally.

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FAQs on Best Arbitrum Network Tokens

What is the best Arbitrum network token to buy today?

The best Arbitrum Network token to buy today is AiDoge. It is a relatively new crypto, sells at a discounted price, has growing cases, and a hugely promising future.

The Arbitrum Network is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. It is designed to solve the Ethereum blockchain trilemma. It achieves this by lowering gas fees, increasing transaction processing speeds, and improving the network's security.

The native token for the Arbitrum Network is ARB. It is a new crypto – launched in March 2023 – and has a circulating supply of 1.2 million tokens. It, too, has a highly promising future.

Yes, the majority of the Arbitrum Network tokens are worth buying today. They are selling at discounted prices, their use cases are growing, and are ripe for a rebound. Therefore, they are expected to recapture previous ATHs and rally to new price heights over the next few years.