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Best Cryptos to Invest in May 2 – Polkadot, Shiba Inu, Cardano

The cryptocurrency market is sending mixed signals today. Some coins are showing a buildup in bullish momentum, while others have slowed down. Most of the momentum is on Layer-1 networks, mainly due to the rising investor interest in meme coins. With these market dynamics at play, it can get confusing to determine the best cryptocurrencies to buy now. Do you invest in meme coins that are behind the increased activity level on Layer 1s? Is it more prudent to invest in the top trending L1 networks directly? 

These are some of the critical questions we are tackling in this article. The idea is to help investors make the most prudent capital allocation. After all, the market is entering a super bullish cycle, and capital misallocation could mean waiting years before seeing another hype cycle. 

Best Crypto To Buy Today 

This section focuses on the best cryptocurrencies to buy today for maximum returns. The article looks at Ethereum and its potential now that the Dencun upgrade has been implemented, Solana’s rising momentum ahead of the Genesis Block celebration, and Avalanche’s upside momentum as investor interest in Avalanche meme coins grows. The article also looks at Cardano’s potential as Cardano staking goes live on the SIX Swiss Exchange, PEPE’s rising momentum, and how it is likely to trigger unprecedented FOMO. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) may not be making big price moves now, but it is one of the top trending cryptocurrencies today. This means a big move is underway for Ethereum. Investors are anticipating a big move for Ethereum, driven mainly by the success of the Dencun upgrade. 

The Dencun upgrade, which some Ethereum developers consider one of the most complex, is expected to reduce the scaling issues around Ethereum and the results drastically are already starting to show. For instance, on top of Ethereum layer-2s, such as Optimism, network fees have already dropped by up to 99%. This is a big deal because it means that, in the future, it will be easier for traders to buy ERC-20 tokens without having to worry about fees. 

The Ethereum upgrade has also come when bullish sentiment is on the rise in the market. Demand, especially for meme coins, is rising fast. Ethereum meme coins could see a significant uptake with the low fees, especially from small retail investors. This means demand for Ethereum is set to go up, and that’s good for its price going into the future.

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) is another top layer-1 currently recording phenomenal growth. This is primarily attributed to the growing uptake of Solana meme coins due to the low trading fees on Solana. Solana DEXs such as Jupiter are among the largest in the market, with Jupiter outpacing Ethereum’s Uniswap in terms of activity. 

With meme season seemingly already started, with some top meme coins now up by over 500%, Solana is likely to see a surge in buying activity. That’s because as FOMO builds up across the market, small investors to make the most of their money will likely gravitate to Solana meme coins. This is already happening and is a positive signal of what will come. 

Solana will also be celebrating its genesis block on March 16. While this has no bearing on Solana’s core fundamentals, it is essential in that it will keep Solana among the top trending cryptocurrencies this week. With Solana’s price already showing signs of a retest of the last all-time highs, this internet hype could get Solana there faster and open the way for new highs. All this makes Solana one of the best cryptocurrencies for investors chasing parabolic gains today. 

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche (AVAX) is another top layer-1 blockchain that is doing well now. Avalanche has been on an uptrend for the better part of the month, and that momentum is not slowing down

This has much to do with the growing use case for Avalanche as a platform for meme coins. Several high-potential meme coins now run on the Avalanche network, the most notable being COQ Inu, which is currently doing well in the market. 

Due to the ultra-low trading fees on Avalanche and demand for Avalanche meme coins such as COQ Inu, AVAX’s price will likely keep increasing. Besides, hype is building up that since Avalanche broke the $50 resistance, it could be headed to its all-time highs. Some analysts project that AVAX could hit $200 or more. Such hype and actual adoption make AVAX an undervalued cryptocurrency to buy today.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) is another top Ethereum competitor in the L1 space that is currently looking up. Like the other L1s doing well now, this has a lot to do with ultra-low trading fees on the Cardano network

This means investors are increasingly turning to tokens running on the Cardano network, and that’s a plus in terms of price growth. Cardano has even bigger news today. Liqwid Capital has announced that it will list Cardano staking products on the SIX Swiss Exchange today. The hype this announcement has generated could help push Cardano to $1 or more today. 


PEPE (PEPE) is a meme coin but makes it to this list mainly dominated by L1s. That’s because, in terms of potential gains, PEPE is increasingly distinguishing itself as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in this bull run. 

In the last month alone, PEPE is up by 800%, and while most meme coins that have made similar gains this month have long retraced, PEPE continues to gain upside momentum. This means the underlying demand for this meme coin is strong. Now that investing in meme coins like PEPE on Ethereum has become cheaper, the odds are that this demand will only get stronger. Such could trigger FOMO buying, which positions PEPE as one of the cryptocurrencies that could make several thousand percent gains in the coming months.