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Best CFD Brokers in the UK

In this guide, we will review and rank the best CFD brokers in the UK. We will also compare several aspects of each platform, such as fees, payments, trading tools, supported markets, and more.

Contracts for difference (CFDs) are fast becoming a popular financial product among UK investors. As a result, CFD brokers have also gained popularity as traders look to access CFDs securely. CFDs allow traders to access a host of markets, such as stocks, gold, oil, and currencies, without actually owning the underlying asset.

Furthermore, in addition to short-selling capabilities, CFDs also offer leverage. CFD trading in the UK has seen an exponential increase, especially among advanced traders.

What Is CFD Trading? 

Before we start looking at our list of best CFD brokers in the UK, it’s crucial to understand CFDs or Contract for Differences. A Contract for Difference, or CFD, is a contract between a buyer and seller. The contract simply states that the buyer must pay the seller the difference between the current value of an asset and its value at contract time.

CFD trading allows investors to profit from the price movements of a particular asset without actually owning it. The CFD’s value does not take into consideration the underlying asset value. It only considers the price difference between the trade entry and trade exit.

Trading CFDs offers significant advantages, leading to their popularity burgeoning in recent years. Some of the benefits offered by CFDs are

  • No Shorting Rules Or Borrowing Stock – Some markets enforce rules prohibiting shorting or requiring the trader to borrow the asset before short selling. Some markets also have different margin requirements for long and short positions. However, CFD instruments are not subject to such rules and can be shorted at any time.
  • Global Access – The best CFD brokers offer their products in all major global markets. This enables round-the-clock access, allowing investors to trade on nearly all international markets.
  • No Day Trading Requirements – Some markets have a minimum capital requirement for day trade. Other markets place limits on the number of day trades made by a particular account. However, CFD markets are not bound by such rules, with account holders having no restrictions on day trading.
  • Trading Opportunities – The best CFD brokers offer numerous trading opportunities. These include treasury, stock, index, currency, sector, and community CFDs. This allows traders who are interested in diverse financial instruments to trade CFDs instead of exchanges.

In the following sections, we review the best CFD brokers in the UK for 2024. Read on to discover top CFD brokers for high leverage limits, low fees, tight spreads, and supported markets.

The Best CFD Brokers In The UK 

We’ve taken the time to create a list of the best CFD brokers in the UK in 2024. Before we look at each in detail, let’s go over the list.

  1. eToro The best CFD trader in the UK, also offers copy trading and social trading features
  2. XTB – One of the best UK CFD brokers for low spreads
  3. Trade Nation – Allows users to trade over 1000 CFD assets
  4. Plus500 – One of the best UK CFD brokers for trading international stocks. 
  5. Ava Trade – Allows users to trade CFOs without commission 
  6. IG – Top CFD brokers in the UK, offering over 18,000 CFDs 
  7. Pepperstone – Allows users to access institutional-grade spreads
  8. Axi – An award-winning CFD broker 
  9. XM – Leading CFD broker that enables small stakes 
  10. CMC Markets – Allows users to access thousands of markets at competitive fees
  11. Skilling – A highly user-friendly mobile-based platform

Reviewing The Top CFD Trading Platforms In The UK

Now, let’s take a closer look at our list of best CFD brokers in the UK. Remember, selecting the best CFD trading platform in the UK requires you, the trader, to consider several factors. These include the regulatory status of the broker in question, along with other factors such as fees, spreads, supported markets, and more. Let’s get started.

1. eToro – Our Pick For The Best CFD Broker In The UK 

eToro tops our list of the best CFD Broker in the UK. The popular social trading broker is one of the most popular trading platforms in the United Kingdom and worldwide, with over 30 million registered users. In the UK markets, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) primarily crafts regulations for traders.

Best CFD Brokers UK

However, regulation also comes from licensing authorities based in the US, Cyprus, and Australia. When purchasing stocks and ETFs, traders are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). As a platform, eToro has been created for both beginners and advanced users.

Beginners or casual traders can begin trading with a small amount of capital. An account can be opened in minutes by depositing around $10 (£8). Furthermore, the platform does not charge additional account fees, while deposits are just charged 0.5%. Once traders set up their account, they can access thousands of stocks from global markets. These include the US, UK, Asia, Europe, and others.

eToro Offerings And Features 

UK-based traders can access thousands of stocks, commodities, ETFs, forex, NFTs, and even cryptocurrencies. They can also avail fundamental and technical analysis tools such as social media trends, economic data, market news, advanced charting trends, and news sentiment trends.

For professional traders, eToro offers a professional-grade technical analysis tool called ProCharts. ProCharts allows traders on the platform to compare charts from different financial instruments and time frames. It also provides risk management tools such as Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Trailing Stop Loss.

Traders purchasing shares that are listed on the London Stock Exchange do not have to pay the 0.5% stamp duty. The platform waives this fee. However, when traders are short-selling a stock or ETF, the platform converts the position into a CFD instrument. Traders who prefer ready-made investment portfolios can choose from over 40 balanced investment portfolios. These portfolios focus on markets that users can understand. Major portfolios include  BigTech, MetaverseLife, Vaccine-Med, GoldWorldWide, BitcoinWorldWide, Driverless, Diabetes-Med, and GigEconomy.

Investors can also buy Bitcoin or over top 70 best altcoins on eToro. This represents real ownership because investors in the UK cannot access crypto CFDs. Furthermore, eToro applies a 1% fee to the position when purchasing crypto. Another reason why we consider eToro to be the best CFD broker in the UK is because of the fees on CFD instruments.

Fees on forex and commodities are charged on a spread-only basis. For example, when trading EUR/USD, the spread starts at just 1 pip. All of these features help eToro top our list of best CFD brokers in the UK. 

Copy Trading 

Copy Trading is another feature that makes eToro extremely popular among traders, especially new traders. The copy trading features allow investors to copy the trades of top investors and traders on the platform.

eToro Copy Trading

Investors can research each investor, and see their strategy and performance, before choosing to implement it in their own trades. Additionally, investors can also view the type of assets traded by individual traders and how much time they keep a position open.

Fees On eToro 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the fee structure on the platform. Traders can open an account on eToro for free and receive access to a demo account. Here, traders can test their trading strategies without risking actual capital. The trading platform charges a conversion fee if withdrawals and deposits are made in currencies apart from the USD. There is also a withdrawal fee of $5, with the minimum withdrawal amount set at $30. 

CFD Assets Available  ETFs, Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Indices 
Pricing  0% commission fees on ETFs and real stocks. 1% commission on real crypto. Spread-only on CFD markets.
Deposit Fee 0.5%
Number of CFD Contracts Offered  Over 3000
EUR/USD Spread 1 pip
Trading Platforms eToro has a proprietary platform for web browsers and mobile devices. 
Cost of Trading  $0.15
Minimum Deposit  £8

Pros And Cons Of eToro UK CFD Broker

Let’s look at the pros and cons of the eToro CFD platform.

  • Low minimum deposit of £8
  • Offers traders real and CFD assets
  • Supports CopyTrading for stocks, forex, crypto, and more
  • Low fees. There is also a 0% commission on real stocks and ETFs
  • The FSCS covers ETFs and real stocks.
  • The FCA, ASIC, SEC, and CySEC regulate the platform
  • eToro does not offer a virtual private server
  • A deposit fee of 0.5%

2. XTB – The Best CFD Broker For Low Spreads 

XTB is our pick for the best CFD broker in the UK for low spreads. The CFD trading platform offers an extensive range of CFDs across 2100 markets. This includes access to a range of stocks, commodities, indices, and ETFs. Apart from being the best CFD broker for low spreads, it is also considered as one of the best platforms for traders seeking access to low fees.

XTB CFD Broker

The XTB platform is customizable and giggly user-friendly. Traders on the platform can access over 5000 instruments. These include stock CFDs, ETF CFDs, shares, commodities, indices, and forex.

There are also over 50 currency pairs, with spreads starting from as low as 0.1 pips. There are also over 2000 different stocks on offer, along with 20 commodities and 40 cryptocurrencies. The platform also offers a powerful in-house trading software, xStation.

The XTB software is available across multiple platforms (desktop, Android, iOS) and is ideal for both beginners and advanced traders. xStation allows traders to access multiple charting and risk management tools and craft their trading strategy accordingly.

XTB CFD Trading Platform

Traders can also access the in-house trading calculator to estimate metrics such as profit or loss before opening a position. Traders can also modify positions, stop loss, and take profit orders directly on the chart when closing their positions.

XTB is also not lagging behind the competition when it comes to research and educational material available. The platform offers an extensive catalog of webinars, videos, and courses designed for beginners and experienced traders. The platform also assigns a dedicated account manager to every new account to understand trading goals better.

Fees On XTB 

Now, let’s take a quick look at the fees on the XTB platform. Opening an account on the platform is absolutely free. Furthermore, traders on the platform also get a demo trading account with £100,000 in virtual funds. Users can use the demo account to test trading strategies before deploying them in the market. Deposits in EUR and GBP are free. However, withdrawals below £60 face a £12 processing fee.

Stock trading on XTB is commission-free if the account in question maintains a monthly turnover of $100,000 (£85,000). Transactions that cross this limit are subject to a 0.2% commission (minimum of £8.50. Stock and ETF trading is also commission-free, but spreads and margins apply to other products. XTB also charges an inactivity fee of £9 per month.

CFD Assets  ETFs, Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities 
Pricing  0% commission on all markets 
Deposit fee No deposit fee on credit or debit card deposits. However, there is a $2 fee on deposits made using Skrill.
Number of CFD Contracts  Over 2000 
Trading platforms available  xStation. Available on desktop, mobile, and web browsers
EUR/USD Spread  Spreads start from 0.1 pip
Minimum Deposit  There is no minimum deposit requirement 
Cost Of Trading  $0.5 per spread 

Pros And Cons Of XTB CFD Platform  

Let’s take a look at the pros first. 

  • Spreads start from as low as 0.1 pips
  • 0% commission on markets
  • XTB offers users 24-hour customer support
  • A vast selection of assets on offer
  • It does not offer support for MT4 and MT5
  • The platform charges a rather steep inactivity fee
  • Withdrawal fees are applicable under specific thresholds

3. Trade Nation – Offers Users Over 1000 CFD Assets 

Trade Nation was founded in 2014 in the UK and has established itself as one of the most popular trading platforms in the country.

The Trade Nation platform allows users to engage in CFD trading via MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 on Trade Nation enables users to trade over 1000 CFDs, covering a plethora of assets. These assets include indices, stocks, commodities, and forex pairs. It allows users on the platform to trade some of the best forex pairs, including GBP/USD and EUR/USD. The platform has a fixed spread of 0.4 pips on the hugely popular EUR/USD trading pair.

Trade Nation Broker

Regarding stocks, users on the platform can trade popular stocks such as BT, Vodafone, and Barclays. Thanks to the MT4 trading account, traders can leverage a range of trading indicators and price charts. This allows them to conduct detailed technical analysis for their trades.

Fees On Trade Nation 

Now let’s look at the fees on Trade Nation. The platform does not charge any hidden or additional fees. This makes it highly affordable for investors, especially those just starting their trading journey. The FCA regulates the trading platform in the UK and is also covered by the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The FSCS is an organization that ensures the return of funds in the event of an error on the part of the financial institution.

The Trade Nation CFD broker also accepts a plethora of payment methods. Traders can simply deposit funds using a debit or credit card. Additionally, Trade Nation also accepts other payment methods such as bank transfers, Astropay, Neteller, and Skrill. Trade Nation also allows users to apply leverage, increasing the valuation of their trades. However, traders must be aware of the risk of such an approach.

CFD Assets  Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices 
Pricing  Fixed Spreads
Deposit Fee  The platform does not charge a deposit fee on deposits made by credit/debit cards. However, there is a 2% fee on Skrill.
Number of CFD Contracts  Over 1000
Trading Platform  TN Trader, Trade Nations proprietary trading platform. It also supports MT4 and has a dedicated mobile app. 
EUR/USD Spread  Spreads start from 0.4 pips 
Minimum Deposit  There is no minimum deposit 
Cost Of Trading  0.4 pips 

Pros And Cons Of Trade Nation CFD Broker

  • Trade Nation has a relatively low minimum deposit limit compared to other platforms
  • The platform offers users multiple assets
  • The FCA regulates the platform. It also falls under the purview of the FSCS
  • The platform has fixed spread charges for its CFD trades
  • The spreads can see an increase during rollover periods

4. Plus500 – One of the best CFD brokers UK for trading international stocks.

Plus500 is easily among the best CFD brokers in the UK, offering tight spreads without burdening traders with commissions. Multiple regulatory authorities, including the FCA, regulate the platform. Plus500 is an ideal option for traders who wish to trade in international stocks.

Plus500 CFD Broker UK

Positioning itself as a primarily CFD trading platform, Plus500 offers a large selection of CFDs, putting itself far ahead of the competition. The platform offers traders over 90 ETF CFDs, 20 commodity CFDs, indices CFDs, options CFDs, and shares CFDs. All of these trading instruments can be accessed through the platform’s proprietary trading platform.

Plus500 is listed on the FTSE 250 index and is regulated by the UK FCA. This adds a high level of credibility to the platform, assuring traders that their accounts are secured. When it comes to features, Plus500 offers a range of in-depth charting tools, over 100 technical indicators, and a real-time news feed. Additionally, Plus500 also does not charge traders any deposit fees. Traders can utilize several payment methods to deposit funds, such as credit/debit cards, direct bank transfers, and even PayPal.

CFD Assets  ETFs, stocks, commodities, forex, indices, options 
Pricing  0% on all markets 
Deposit Fee No deposit fee applicable 
Number of CFD Contracts 2800
Trading Platform Plus500 offers users a native trading platform and a dedicated mobile app
EUR/USD Spreads  Spreads start from 0.8 pips
Minimum Deposit  £100
Cost Of Trading  0.74% of the spread

Plus500 UK CFD Broker Pros And Cons 

  • The FCA regulates Plus500
  • Offers users over 2800 CFDs
  • No deposit fees
  • Robust selection of risk management tools
  • Guaranteed stop-loss orders
  • It does not support MT4 and MT5
  • No dedicated customer support option
  • Does not accept US-based clients for CFD trading
  • It cannot be paired with other platforms or trading tools

5. Ava Trade – One Of The Best Trading Platforms With MT4 And MT5 Support 

Ava Trade is the next platform on our list of best CFD brokers in the UK. The popular gold CFD broker offers users a huge selection of assets, including bonds, stocks, commodities, ETFs, and currencies. Additionally, the platform also does not charge any commission on the CFD positions taken by traders. It also offers leverage of up to 5:1 for stock CFDs and 30:1 for currencies and supports six base currencies.

AvaTrade Top CFD Broker UK

One of the most significant advantages offered by Ava Trade is its support for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. This especially appeals to forex traders as they can create and deploy custom strategies. The platform does have a downside thanks to its high minimum deposit, set at £100. However, this is offset by the fact that the platform does not charge any fee on deposits and withdrawals or any monthly account fees. Ava Trade also offers users an exceptional educational section consisting of both in-house and third-party learning material.

The platform accepts several payment methods, including debit/credit cards, e-wallets such as PayPal, and direct bank transfers. Most traders consider Ava Trade an excellent low-cost CFD broker. This is because all supported markets can be traded commission-free along with competitive spreads. For example, the EUR/USD trading pair can be traded at a spread of 0.9 pips. Meanwhile, if a trader wishes to trade stocks, they can do so at 0.14%. Ava Trade is available across multiple web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Furthermore, passive traders can use the platform with ZuluTrade and DupliTrade.

CFD Assets Available  ETFs, Stocks, Forex, Indices, Commodities, Bonds, Options
Pricing 0% commission on all markets 
Deposit Fees No deposit fees
Number of CFD Assets  Over 1000
Trading Platform MT4, MT5, Mac, iOS, Android 
EUR/USD Spread Spreads start from 1 pip
Minimum Deposit  Ava Trade does not have a minimum deposit requirement 
Cost Of Trading  N/A

Pros And Cons Of Ava Trade CFD Platform

  • More experienced traders can access a range of high-level trading tools
  • Allows traders on the platform to trade CFDs at 0% commission
  • Does not offer traders real crypto assets
  • Minimum deposit of £100

6. IG – One of the best CFD brokers in the UK, offering over 18,000 CFDs

Another best CFD broker in the UK is IG. This is because of the sheer number of options when it comes to asset selection. IG offers an unbelievable 200 currency pairs, along with over 1800 ETFs and 10,000 stock CFDs. It also gives traders real ownership of stocks and funds.

Trading fees on the IG platform typically range between £3 and £8, depending on the number of trades placed within a specific period. Traders on the platform can trade all CFD markets, apart from stocks, at 0% commission.

Best CFD Broker UK

This includes assets ranging from indices, forex, precious metals, and energies. On the other hand, stock CFDs are subject to a variable commission depending on the market. For example, European and UK stocks attract a commission of 0.10%, while UK stocks will attract a commission of $0.02 per share. The platform also offers leverage to all UK retail clients in accordance with FCA limits.

IG Features 

IG future broker and trading platform offers traders industry-leading trading tools and platforms and a  trove of research and educational resources. Traders are given a rich trading experience, with features such as one-click trading, tailor-made watchlists, and a customizable web platform. There is also a dedicated mobile app with biometric authentication, adding an extra layer of security. Furthermore, the platform’s educational content section offers traders articles, webinars, and tutorial accounts. Traders also receive access to a demo account where they can test trading strategies.

CFD Assets Available ETFs, Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Futures, Options, Bonds, and Interest Rates 
Pricing  0% commission on all CFD markets except stock CFDs
Deposit Fees  1% deposit fee on Visa, 0.5% deposit fee on MasterCard
Number of CFD Contracts Over 18,000
Trading Platform Offers a native platform for web and mobile trading
EUR/USD Spread Spreads begin from 0.6 pips
Minimum Deposit  £250
Cost Of Trading  $0.02 per share 

Pros And Cons Of IG 

  • The platform charges 0% commission on non-stock CFD markets
  • The platform has an excellent reputation in the UK
  • IG is a well-established industry powerhouse, offering users a range of investment opportunities
  • The trading platform is easy-to-use and also offers a dedicated mobile app
  • Over 18,000 CFD and spread betting markets are available
  • Stock CFDs attract a hefty commission
  • A fee of 1% is applied on Visa, while a 0.5% fee is applied on MasterCard
  • Research material on the platform could do with improvement

7. Pepperstone – Allows Users To Access Institutional-Grade Spreads

Pepperstone is one of the best CFD trading platforms for forex trading. This is primarily thanks to its innovative “Razor Accounts” offering. The platform is based in Australia but has been operating in the UK for several years. The platform offers traders a vast selection of trading instruments.

These include forex, commodities, indices, ETFs, and a host of assets through CFDs (Contracts for Difference). Users on the platform can access low-cost spreads, quick speeds, and over 1200 trading instruments. The platform’s CFD trading accounts allow a minimum trade size of 0.01 lots and a maximum trade size of 100 lots. Retail traders can also leverage access of up to 30:1 and over 60 currency pairs.

Pepperstone Broker

Traders on the platform can also access expert advisors, news trading, hedging, and scalping. Traders can also utilize advanced trading strategies thanks to support for MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 5, TradingView, and CTrader. There is also DupliTrade, which allows social and copy trading, while Capitalize AI enables code-free trading automation.

Pepperstone has been created for both beginners and advanced traders. Casual traders will appreciate the platform’s standard account, which offers access to CFDs at 0% commission and a minimum spread of 0.6 pips. More advanced traders who want to invest large amounts can check out the platform’s Razor account.

The Razor account charges a commission of around £3 for every lot traded. However, the account also offers institutional-grade spreads, meaning traders can trade EUR/USD at 0.0 pips.

Pepperstone Fees And Features 

Traders can open an account on Pepperstone for free and access a demo account. This account can be used to test out new trading strategies before deploying them in the market. Spreads begin at 0.6 pips for forex CFDs, 0.4 for index CFDs, 0.05 for commodity CFDs, and 0.10% per side for UK share CFDs. There is also a swap rate to consider when holding CFD positions overnight, and other fees may also apply. Pepperstone also does not offer ISA or SIPP.

CFD Assets Available ETFs, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Forex
Pricing  Around £3 commission per lot on the exclusive Razor accounts. 0% commission on standard accounts
Deposit Fees  No deposit fees 
Number of CFD Contracts Over 1200 CFD contracts 
Trading Platform MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, TradingView, cTrader
EUR/USD Spread Spreads start from 0.6 pips on standard accounts and 0.0 pips on Razor accounts.
Minimum Deposit  Pepperstone does not have a minimum deposit requirement
Cost Of Trading  $0.02 per share

Pepperstone Pros And Cons 

  • The platform is regulated by the FCA in the UK and ASIC in Australia
  • The platform’s standard account offers 0% commission trading
  • Over 1200 CFD markets
  • The platform segregates user funds, giving an extra layer of security
  • Pepperstone does not have a native platform
  • Does not accept crypto payments
  • The platform also does not offer penny stocks

8. Axi – Award Winning CFD Broker 

Axi is regarded as one of the best CFD brokers in the UK. The platform is available in over 100 countries, offeringthe MetaTrader 4 platform to over 60,000 traders. Axi offers users three types of accounts, the standard account, the pro account, and the elite account. Each account type offers users unique benefits.

The Axi platform has also received awards for being the best forex broker and CFD broker in the UK. The platform has received these awards because it offers several features that enhance the user’s trading experience.

AXI Trading Platform

Axi’s Copy Trading feature allows users to copy trades of professional traders in stock, forex, commodities, and indices markets. Traders can search for their preferred trader, look at their trades and strategy, and implement it in their own trades if it matches their goals. The platform comes with many other features, such as AutoChartist and Psyquation. AutoChartist scans markets and provides traders with alerts about customized trading opportunities. On the other hand, PsyQuation gives traders access to performance analytics, a valuable tool during trading.

Fees And Offerings 

Now, let’s take a quick look at the fees on the platform and some of its other offerings. Axi can be used for forex, precious metals, commodities, and share CFDs. Another significant advantage offered by the platform is the service fee. Axi charges 0% commission and allows traders up to 400:1 leverage.

Additionally, spreads only apply to trades. There are over 70 currency pairs, along with 50 shares across the UK, US, and European markets. Apart from the low spreads, traders on Axi can also choose accounts based on their trading goals. This is possible thanks to the different account types we mentioned earlier.

CFD Assets Available Precious Metals, Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices 
Pricing  0% commission 
Deposit Fees  No deposit fee on standard accounts
Number of CFD Contracts Over 50 CFD instruments 
Trading Platform MT4 on PC, Android, iOS, and MAC, MT4 Webtrader 
EUR/USD Spread Spreads begin from 1 pip
Minimum Deposit  No minimum deposit. However, Elite accounts offer high leverage but have a $25,000 minimum deposit
Cost Of Trading  N/A 

Axi Pros And Cons 

  • Axi offers users on the platform access to free educational content
  • 0% Commission
  • PsyQuation, a powerful AI-powered analytics platform
  • High leverage for international traders. No minimum deposit required
  • Social trading features
  • AutoChartist plugin for MT4 available
  • Some top investors on the platform charge subscriptions when it comes to CopyTrading
  • A limited selection of assets on offer compared to other trading platforms.

9. XM – A CFD Broker For Small Trades 

Next on our list of best CFD brokers in the UK is XM. The XM platform supports over 1000 CFD instruments across stocks, indices, forex, and commodities. The trading platform offers something for everyone, with support for MT4 and MT5, along with XM Trade. XM is based in the UK and is regulated by the FCA. Regulatory bodies also govern the platform in several other countries, such as Sweden, Germany, and Finland. It is also regulated by the CySEC.

XM CFD Broker

The platform has a minimum first-time deposit of £4 across all account types. XM’s micro and standard accounts allow users to trade with 0% commission., with spreads starting as low as 1 pip. The XM Zero account offers users spreads starting from 0 pips and a standard commission rate. XM also offers Islamic accounts. These accounts do not offer overnight financing fees on CFD swaps.

Opening an account on the platform is relatively straightforward. Once the account is opened, traders can access the trading dashboard via MT4 or MT5. XM also offers a dedicated trading app available on iOS and Android.

CFD Assets Available ETFs, Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities 
Pricing  Standard account has 0% commission 
Deposit Fees  No deposit fees
Number of CFD Contracts Over 1000 CFD contracts 
Trading Platform Supports MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. It also has a dedicated trading app available on Android and iOS.
EUR/USD Spread Spreads start from 1 pip on standard accounts 
Minimum Deposit  £4
Cost Of Trading  5.85 pips

XM Pros And Cons

  • The platform offers traders a selection of different account types
  • XM supports MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • The platform has a minimum deposit requirement of £4
  • XM does not have its own web trading platform

10. CMC Markets – A Low Cost CFD Broker Offering Over 12,000 Markets 

CMC Markets is the next platform on our list of best CFD brokers in the UK. Established in 1989, the platform is a highly reputable UK-based forex broker. What’s more, CMC Markets is also listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the symbol CMCX

. Like other forex brokers operating in the UK, CMC also does not accept US clients. CMC Markets offers traders a feature-rich, web-based trading platform called “Next Generation.” Additionally, it also offers MetaTrader 4 and a highly functional mobile application to complete its online offering to users.

CMC Markets

Traders on the platform can access a range of offerings, CFDs, and spread betting across asset classes. CMC Traders has an exquisite catalog of offerings on its platform. This includes forex, commodities, individual shares, indices, over 14 crypto offerings, and a comprehensive government bond listing. Such a diverse asset selection offers trading opportunities for all types of traders.

The platform also offers competitive spreads. These spreads are dynamic and widen or contract depending on trade size.

CMC Markets offers dedicated sites for professional traders and institutions. However, perks such as rebates and free API interfaces are provided only to those who qualify as “professional traders” and are not available to the average retail trailer. However, all account holders can access guaranteed stop losses, free bank wire withdrawals, and several other features.

CFD Assets Available ETFs, Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Commodities, Indices, Treasuries
Pricing  0% on all markets except stocks and ETFs
Deposit Fees  No deposit fees
Number of CFD Contracts Over 12000 CFD contracts 
Trading Platform CMC Markets offers its native Next Generation platform for web and mobile trading. It also offers MT4.
EUR/USD Spread Spreads start from 0.7 pips
Minimum Deposit  No minimum deposit 

CMC Markets Pros And Cons 

  • CMC Markets has an extensive range of offerings
  • The platform puts great emphasis on customer service and education
  • Client accounts are protected
  • The platform is regulated by the FCA
  • Industry-leading research amenities
  • Extremely high CFD spreads for specific indices
  • Lacks back-testing or automated trading strategies
  • US clients not accepted
  • Significant differences between Next Generation and MetaTrader 4

11. Skilling – A User-Friendly Mobile-Based Platform 

The last platform in our list of best CFD brokers in the UK is Skilling. The Skilling CFD broker is widely considered a leading online broker, offering over 900 financial instruments. It also offers traders a host of dedicated advanced analysis tools. The platform is a mobile-based platform and is available on Android and iOS. The mobile app is regarded as one of the best, allowing users to use the professional cTrader platform and the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Skilling Trading Platform UK

The platform has a minimum deposit limit of £100, which is on the higher side when compared to other platforms in our list. However, it offers traders excellent trading conditions, such as spreads that start from as low as 0.2 pips. Another factor that gives Skilling an advantage over others is the fees. Commission fees are quite low, while trades and transactions are quick. Skilling is regulated by the FCA in the UK, although it is headquartered in Cyprus.

Skilling Features 

Now let’s look at some of the features offered by Skilling. The trading platform offers users a range of technical indicators and tools. These are optimized to give traders a seamless trading experience and enable them to enter positions quickly. Traders can trade on all markets at 0% commission.

The Skilling CFD broker offers several trading instruments, including indices, forex, commodities, shares, and cryptocurrencies. The platform also offers a social trading feature like eToro. Traders on Skilling can go through 800 strategies and mirror them in their trades. Traders who let their strategies be copied can also earn a passive income.

CFD Assets Available Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indices
Pricing  0% on standard accounts
Deposit Fees  Debit/credit card deposits are free. However, fees on e-wallets are between 0 to 2.0%.
Number of CFD Contracts Over 900
Trading Platform Skilling offers a native platform for web and mobile trading, MT4, and cTrader.
EUR/USD Spread Spreads start from 0.7 pips
Minimum Deposit  £100
Cost Of Trading  $0.53

Skilling Pros And Cons 

  • Skilling is widely considered one of the best trading apps on Android and iOS
  • Offers leverage to UK-based clients
  • Some accounts offer 0% commission
  • Offers similar assets to other CFD brokers

Top CFD Brokers In The UK Compared

As you can tell, several factors must be considered when selecting the best CFD broker in the UK.

The 11 best CFD brokers UK for 2024 are summarised in the comparison table below:

CFD Broker  CFD Assets Total CFDs Pricing  Deposit Fee EUR/USD Spread Cost To Trade  Minimum Deposit 
eToro Forex, Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, Indices   Over 3000 eToro charges 0% commission on stocks and ETFs and 1% on crypto. Spreads only on CFD markets 0.50% 1 pip $0.15 spread £8
XTB ETFs, Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Indices Over 2100 0% commission on all markets $0 deposit fee on debit and credit cards, 2% deposit fee on Skrill 0.1 pip $0.50 spread £0
Trade Nation Commodities, Stocks, Forex pairs, Indices Over 1000 Fixed Spreads None  0.4 pips 0.4 pips £1
Plus500 Stocks, Commodities, Forex, ETFs, Indices, Options Over 2800 0% commission on all markets  None 0.8 pips 0.74% spread €100
Ava Trade Forex, Stocks, ETFs, Indices, Commodities, Bonds, Options Over 1000 0% commission on all markets  None 0.9 pips 0.14% spread £100
IG ETFs, Forex, Stocks, Options, commodities, Indices, Bonds, Interest Rates  18,000 0% commission on all CFD markets apart from stocks 1% fee on Visa and 0.5% on MasterCard 0.6 pips $0.02 per share  £250
Pepperstone Stocks, Forex, ETFs, Indices, Commodities Over 1200 Commission of $3.50 per lot on Razor accounts, standard accounts have 0% commission None From 0.0 pips on Razor Accounts and 0.6 pips on standard accounts  $0.02 per share  £0
XM ETFs, Stocks, Forex, Indices, Options, Commodities  Over 1000 0% commission on standard accounts  None  1 pip on standard account 5.85 pip spread £4
CMC Markets ETFs, Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Treasuries Over 12,000 0% on all markets apart from stocks and ETFs None 0.7 pips $0.02 per share £0
Skilling Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, Crypto Over 900 0% on standard accounts Debit/credit card deposits are free, e-wallet deposits attract a fee ranging from 0-2.9%. 0.7 pips $0.53 spread €100

What Is A CFD Broker? 

CFD trading is an extremely popular way of speculating on the price movements of assets such as stocks. The CFD or Contract for Difference is essentially an agreement between an investor and the broker to pay the difference between a particular asset’s opening and closing price. The crucial detail here is that traders do not own the underlying asset. Let’s understand this better with the help of an example.

Let’s assume you wish to open a position on 10 shares. Each share has an asking price of £100. This means that should you want to own these shares; you must pay £1000. However, for CFD brokers in the UK, the cost of opening a leverage position is 5%-20% of the asking price. This allows traders to gain full exposure to the asset without taking actual ownership. CFD brokers are quite popular with day traders. This is because they offer straightforward access to major markets at significantly lower costs.

How Do CFD Brokers In The UK Work? 

CFD brokers in the UK allow customers to select assets, analyze the market, and take positions through a single platform. Brokers typically offer instant and pending offers and a suite of tools such as charts, drawing tools, and analytical functions.

How To Compare Top CFD Brokers In The UK 

There are several areas to be considered when selecting a CFD broker for trading. Let’s take a quick look at some of them.


The first point to consider is markets. CFD brokers operating in the UK typically offer access to different markets, offering traders equities, forex pairs, and indices. Top CFD brokers will provide traders with a plethora of pairs, both exotic and minor. They will also enable access to the FTSE 100 and the FTSE 250.


This is arguably the most critical factor to consider when choosing the best CFD broker in the UK. Traders must ensure the platform is regulated by the FCA in the UK. Other regulatory bodies, such as CySEC and ASIC, regulate some CFD brokers. The best CFD brokers will also offer FSCS cover, allowing traders to claim compensation due to unforeseen circumstances.

Assets Available 

Always select platforms that offer a wide range of tradable assets. This is because platforms offering a greater selection of assets make it easier to diversify one’s trading portfolio. Furthermore, many platforms offer international shares, while others provide bonds and funds. If you are a trader looking to invest in assets such as crypto, you would be better off selecting a trading platform that offers a robust selection of crypto assets.

Platforms Supported 

The best CFD brokers give users a selection of platforms. These include MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader. For traders, selecting a user-friendly, intuitive platform that can enhance their trading experience is vital. Choose a platform depending on your frequency and style of trading. Also, compare the features each offers, such as charts, signals, and automated trading options, before selecting which platform works best for your trading style.

Account Types 

Most CFD brokers offer a variety of account types. Experienced traders can select competitive accounts that offer tighter spreads, higher leverage ratios, and additional tools. Top CFD brokers also offer dedicated account managers for traders with professional trading accounts.

Minimum Deposit 

Minimum deposits vary from broker to broker. Most CFD brokers do not require a minimum deposit. However, some may have a minimum deposit ranging between £50 and £250.

Demo Accounts 

The best CFD brokers offer traders demo accounts, which play a crucial role in the success of traders. Demo accounts allow traders to test their strategies without risking real capital. Successful strategies can then be deployed in the real trading markets.

Payment Methods 

The best CFD brokers will accept a variety of payment options. Typically, platforms allow traders to fund their account using fiat currency. They also offer a host of payment methods, such as debit or credit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets, such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Customer Service 

The best CFD brokers will offer a dedicated customer service team to always address user queries and problems. Most CFD brokers offer email and telephone support, while some offer live chat support.

Mobile App 

A dedicated mobile application is vital and highly beneficial for active traders. Most CFD traders in the UK offer a dedicated, user-friendly, and fully optimised mobile application. Mobile apps must offer complete functionality when it comes to analysis, placing orders, and account management.


The best CFD brokers must provide trading tools for analytical purposes. Tools include real-time price charts, price alerts, technical indicators, and educational and research material.

Conclusion – Best CFD Brokers In The UK

In this review, we set out to find out which are the best CFD brokers in the UK and the top among them. We have concluded that the best UK CFD brokers allow users access to thousands of markets at zero or extremely low commissions. They also allow traders to access a host of financial instruments such as indices, stocks, forex, commodities, and more.

Keeping all of the above factors in mind, eToro is the overall best CFD broker in the UK. The popular social trading platform is highly reputable, trusted by users, and regulated by the FCA and other licensing authorities. It also offers users no-commission trades on several prominent assets. Opening an account on eToro is simple and takes mere minutes. 

The eToro CFD platform also offers a low minimum deposit of £8 and one of the best mobile apps amongst all crypto trading platforms. Furthermore, investors on the platform can also access and purchase cryptocurrencies. The platform’s social trading features allow traders to copy successful traders. Traders can mimic highly successful trading strategies and net stellar returns.

eToro Broker

  • Free Copy Trading of Professional Traders
  • Best UK CFD Broker
  • Minimum Deposit only £7
  • Best Beginner exchange

5 Stars

68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

FAQs - Best CFD Brokers In The UK

Which Is The Best CFD Broker In The UK?

eToro is the best CFD broker in the UK. However, each platform in our list comes with its own set of pros and cons. We highly encourage researching all platforms and selecting one that fits your trading goals

CFD brokers in the UK offer competitive trading fees and commissions. For example, eToro makes it possible for traders to invest in ETFs and real stocks at 0% commission.

The answer to this question is subjective and may vary from trader to trader. This is why you must do your research before settling on a platform for trading. In our view, eToro is the most popular platform operating in the UK. The platform offers a variety of advantages, such as thousands of financial instruments and features, such as Copy Trading.

CFD brokers in the UK are licensed to operate and offer direct access to British stocks and indices. Furthermore, they also allow traders access to currency pairs with GBP. Investors can open GBP accounts and pay any fees in their local currency.

All profits made through CFD trading are subject to capital gains tax in the UK if they exceed £12,500. This is why speaking with a professional tax advisor before trading is important.

No. The FCA has banned retail investors in the UK from trading crypto through derivatives such as CFDs. You can trade CFDs on crypto if you are a professional trader or if your account is with an unregulated offshore broker.

Any type of investing, including investing in CFDs is risky. Traders can incur significant losses, especially if they use leverage. This is why selecting a good CFD broker registered with the FCA and offering traders risk management tools and strategies is vital.

Yes, Plus500 is a CFD broker and a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Different CFD brokers charge different fees. Some platforms allow free deposits and withdrawals, while others levy a small fee. Always compare the fees prevalent on different platforms before selecting one for trading.

The best CFD brokers are regulated by different regulatory authorities depending on their area of operations. When it comes to CFD brokers operating in the UK, they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).