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Best Trading Platforms in the UK

This review closely examines the best trading platforms in the UK, their features, pros, and cons, and helps you determine which platform would work best for you.

Today, there are several trading platforms in the UK that you can choose from, such as eToro, Hargreaves Lansdown, and Interactive Brokers. The market has also seen the emergence of commission-free trading apps that have carved a niche for themselves in the market, such as Freetrade. But which is best for you?

With so many options in the market, we’ve taken the liberty to look at what we believe are the best trading platforms in the UK in 2024. In this review, we will take a closer look at several factors such as investments offered, fees, customer support, trading features, pros, and cons, and help you select a trading platform that best fits your needs.

Best Trading Platforms In The UK 2024 

A list of the 16 best trading platforms in the UK for 2024 can be found below:

  1. eToro – Overall the best trading platform in the UK for 2024
  2. Hargreaves Lansdown – Arguably the best trading platform for experienced investors based in the United Kingdom
  3. IG – One of the most established trading platforms in the UK, offers users a vast selection of assets
  4. Crypto.com – One of the best trading platforms for crypto
  5. Vantage – Vantage is a CFD Trading multi-asset platform
  6. XTB – A hugely popular trading platform that offers users access to over 2100 global markets
  7. Skilling – An extremely user-friendly trading app offering cTrader and MT4 platforms
  8. Binance – The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume 
  9. Axi – An award-winning trading platform that, like Skilling, offers MT4 and copy trading
  10. Libertex – An trading platform suitable for both beginners and advanced traders
  11. Plus500 – A highly popular CFD trading platform operating in the UK
  12. Free Trade – One of the best trading platforms for commission-free trading . 
  13. Interactive Brokers – One of the best trading platforms when it comes to ethical investing
  14. Pepperstone – One of the most trusted forex trading platforms in the UK
  15. AJ Bell – A highly trusted wealth management and trading platform
  16. Ava Trade – One of the best trading platforms available in the market. It also offers MT4/MT5 support

How Should You Choose A Trading Platform? 

While the concept of “best trading platform” is subjective, several factors should be considered when selecting a trading platform. The first factor to be considered is trading fees and any other monthly, quarterly, or yearly fees the platform may charge. You can also assess the trading platforms by comparing the trading tools offered, their mobile app, and the availability of research data. If you are a new trader, you must also factor in the platform’s ease of use.

It would be best if you also considered the account and investment options available. Not all platforms and brokers in the UK offer ISA and SIPP accounts, while some do not support US shares trading. As you can see, a lot of factors come into play when selecting a trading platform that works best for you.

An Overview Of The UK Markets 

The United Kingdom, as of 2021, had a GDP of $3.2 trillion and is a hugely significant international trading power. World Bank data shows it is the world’s 5th largest economy and the second-largest economy in Europe. It also led the G7 in GDP growth in 2021. With such staggering figures, it is clear there is plenty of opportunity for new and highly experienced traders. The country’s primary stock exchange, the London Stock Exchange (LSE), traces its origins over 300 years ago when regional exchanges were merged to create the Stock Exchange of Great Britain and Ireland.

This was later renamed the London Stock Exchange. In addition, the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 100 share index is the dominant index, consisting of 100 of the best blue-chip stocks on the LSE. The UK’s burgeoning markets and financial landscapes offer traders an array of trading platforms, each offering a unique trading experience. Selecting a trading platform that aligns with your objectives is imperative. Your chosen platform must provide you with access to your preferred stocks, ETFs, and crypto. It should also be affordable while providing you with an enriching trading experience.

Now that we have an idea of how to choose a trading platform and an overview of the UK markets let’s look at our list of best trading platforms in the UK today.

Best Trading Platforms In The UK 2024 

The trading platforms in the UK reviews that are to follow leave no stone unturned. In addition to supported assets and regulation, we cover customer service, withdrawal times, and more.

Read on to discover the best UK trading brokers this year.

1. eToro – Overall best trading platform in the UK 

eToro is our pick for the best trading platform in the UK in 2024. The platform is one of the largest online brokers, with over 30 million clients globally. eToro has cemented itself as one of the most secure trading platforms, thanks to being directly regulated by the FCA in the UK. The platform is also covered by the FSCS, meaning UK-based investors are protected up to ÂŁ85,000 should eToro become insolvent. eToro allows users to invest in crypto, stocks and trade CFDs.

Best Trading Platforms in the UK

In fact, UK-based traders can access thousands of stocks, commodities, ETFs, indices, forex, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies from eToro, one of the best trading exchanges. As a trading platform, eToro is the ideal choice for beginners and advanced traders.

The eToro platform offers a range of fundamental and technical analysis tools. These include economic data, social media trends, market news, advanced charting trends, and news sentiment trends. eToro also offers a professional-grade technical analysis tool called ProCharts.

eToro Platform’s users can use ProCharts to compare charts from different financial instruments and time frames. The platform also provides several risk management tools such as Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Trailing Stop Loss.

What Does eToro Offer?

The eToro trading platform has something for everyone. Customers who prefer ready-made investment portfolios can choose from over 40 fully allocated and balanced investment portfolios. The portfolios are designed to focus on markets that users can understand or relate to. Major portfolios include BigTech, MetaverseLife, Vaccine-Med, GoldWorldWide, BitcoinWorldWide, Driverless, Diabetes-Med, and GigEconomy. The portfolios comprise various assets such as ETFs, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

eToro Trading platform UK

eToro also offers a unique feature called CopyTrading. CopyTrading allows investors to copy the trades of top-performing traders on the platform. Any user on the platform can copy trades, and any user can enable others to copy their trades. Users that qualify to become a Popular Investor on eToro can allow others to copy their trades and earn monthly payments.

Now, let’s talk about the fee structure on eToro. Opening an account on the trading platform is free. All registered users receive access to a demo account to test strategies without putting up actual capital. Trading is primarily done in USD.

The eToro platform charges a conversion fee if deposits or withdrawals are made in any other currency. The platform also charges a withdrawal fee of $5, and the minimum withdrawal amount has been set at $30. eToro also offers its Money App to its UK clients, allowing them to convert their GBP to USD for free.

The Popular social broker and crypto exchange and trading platform offers a high level of convenience for users, accepting an array of payment methods to fund accounts. These include bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

You can also read our in-depth eToro review.

eToro UK Trading Platform Pros And Cons 

  • eToro is highly secure, regulated by the FCA, and has a long history of over 14 years
  • The company maintains its headquarters in the UK, which can be highly reassuring for its UK-based clients
  • The platform is excellent for new traders with features such as Copy Portfolios
  • Some users may find this a concern when it comes to the security of their trading accounts.

What We Like About eToro 

  • âś… eToro is a highly innovative social trading platform offering features such as Copy Trader and Smart Portfolios.
  • âś… The FCA directly regulates the platform
  • âś… eToro charges zero percent commissions on most asset classes 
  • âś… Users also get access to a free crypto wallet
  • âś… The platform has a minimum trade size of just $10
Assets Available  Crypto, stocks, commodities, indices, ETFs, currencies, Smart Portfolios, Copy Trader
Minimum Deposit  $10 (£7.95)
Fee Structure  The eToro platform charges a 0% commission on stocks, currencies, commodities, indices, and ETFs. However, it does charge a 1% fee on crypto trades + spread.
Key Features  Users can automate their trades by using the Copy Trades feature.

eToro provides users with a free crypto wallet.

Charges no commission on most assets 

Your capital is at risk. 79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

2. Hargreaves Lansdown – Best Trading Platform For Experienced Investors In The UK

Hargreaves Lansdown is an FTSE 100 company and, in our view, the best trading platform in the UK for experienced traders. It is also the largest investment platform in the UK. The platform has over 1.5 million users and handles around ÂŁ135 billion worth of investments, highlighting its stellar credibility.

While it may not be the cheapest option, Hargreaves Lansdown gives users an unrivaled offering of trading tools and stock research. The platform focuses on building long-term client relationships and prioritizes financial security.

Hargreaves Lansdown

Traders on the platform can find virtually any stock, fund, or investment asset. Hargreaves Lansdown also provides users with detailed information about the fund composition, performance, and advanced charting. The platform lets users access over 15,000 instruments that cover over 2500 different funds. Apart from the funds, they also include domestic and overseas shares, investment trusts, ETCs, ETFs, and more.

How To Build Your Investment Portfolio With Hargreaves Lansdown? 

Hargreaves Lansdown allows you to build your investment portfolio in three ways. You can select their investments based on your goals. Alternatively, you can choose from a plethora of ready-made portfolios or pay a financial advisor to select investments on your behalf.

You can also choose ready-made portfolios from different risk levels, and you’re set! However, as with every investment, you must monitor your investment portfolio. If you have opted for financial advice, a specialist will recommend a portfolio of investments based on your requirements and goals. They will also ensure that your portfolio is balanced, diversified, and cost-effective.

More advanced traders can choose their own investments and have the liberty to select from a number of funds, shares, and other investment assets. Now, let’s talk about fees. Hargreaves Lansdown does not charge any platform fee for its Fund and Share Account offerings.

Hargreaves Lansdown trading platform also does not charge non-trading fees or has a minimum deposit requirement. However, it charges 0.45% (capped at ÂŁ45/year) on its ISA and 0.45% (capped at ÂŁ200/year) on its SIPP. The platform also offers the most products by far, such as Stocks and Shares ISA, Junior ISA, Lifetime ISA, SIPP, and Fund and Share Accounts.

Hargreaves Lansdowne Pros And Cons

  • No platform fee for some types of accounts
  • Offers a wide range of accounts
  • Excellent customer service
  • A dedicated and reliable mobile app
  • Offers discounts for regular investors
  • The platform is quite expensive when it comes to buying or selling shares
  • Does not offer demo accounts
  • A complicated fee structure
  • As a listed company, it has to put shareholders above everything else

Why Should You Choose Hargreaves Lansdown? 

You should consider Hargreaves Lansdown as your preferred trading platform for several reasons. 

  • Ease of Use – Hargreaves Lansdown allows users to check their investments at any time. You can either use their web platform or their dedicated app. 
  • High Expertise – Hargreaves Lansdown users can gain access to investment ideas from expert analysts on the platform. 
  • High Security – Hargreaves Lansdown is an FTSE 100 company handling over a million clients. 
  • UK-based helpdesk – The platform has a dedicated UK-based helpdesk to address client queries. 
  • Award-Winning Platform – Hargreaves Lansdown has won over 190 awards. This also includes the Best Investment Platform 2021 award at the Your Money Awards.

 What We Like About Hargreaves Lansdown 

  • âś… Ready-made Portfolios 
  • âś… Expert assistance 
  • âś… One of the most well-established and highly respected platforms in the UK
  • âś… Offers users penny stocks as well
Available Assets ETFs, Stocks, bonds, and funds
Minimum Deposit  Hargreaves Lansdown does not have a minimum deposit requirement
Pricing The first 9 trades each month would cost ÂŁ11.95. The following 9 ÂŁ8.95, and then ÂŁ5.95 after 20 trades.
Key Features  The platform is heavily regulated. 

It offers users a range of in-depth analysis tools.

Has over £120 billion in assets under management. 

3. IG – One Of The Best Trading Platforms In The UK With A Massive Selection Of Assets

IG ranks as one of the best trading platforms in the UK for investors wanting a variety of options when it comes to asset selection. The platform offers over 200 currency pairs, 10,000 stock CFDs, and more than 1800 ETFs.

IG trading platform also offers users industry-leading trading tools, platforms, and numerous research and educational resources. IG is the standout player in trading experience, offering users features such as one-click trading, tailor-made watchlists, and a fully-customizable web platform.

IG Markets Trading Platform

The platform also offers a dedicated mobile app with biometric authentication for an added layer of security. The platform’s educational section offers a plethora of resources, such as articles, webinars, tutorial videos, and a demo account.

IG Trading Platform UK Pros And Cons 

  • IG is a well-established industry powerhouse and offers traders a broad range of investment opportunities.
  • The platform offers an easy-to-use trading platform and a dedicated mobile app.
  • It also offers ISA accounts with strong commission rates.
  • Commission fees are excessive when compared to newer players in the market.
  • The research material on the platform could use some improvement.

What We Like About IG

  • âś… There is no minimum deposit threshold
  • âś… The platform offers a massive selection of tradable assets to choose from 
  • âś… Offers multiple order types
Available Assets Indices, Currencies, Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, commodities, Crypto
Pricing Structure The platform does not charge commissions. Instead, the fee is built into the spread.
Minimum Deposit IG does not require a minimum deposit for bank transfers. However, the minimum deposit for credit cards or PayPal is set at ÂŁ250.
Key Features  Offers free trading courses

A complete suite of risk-management tools

Offers support for L2 dealer, MT4, and ProRealTime.

4. Crypto.com – One of the best trading platforms for crypto

Crypto.com is widely recognized as one of the best trading platforms for crypto. The cryptocurrency exchange offers its UK-based customers over 250 coins to trade. Creating an account is extremely straightforward and can be done in a matter of minutes. Additionally, you can fund your account quickly using either crypto or fiat and take full advantage of price movements.

Crypto.com Trading Platform

The platform ranks quite high regarding its fee structure as well. Trades executed on the platform attract only a 0.4% fee. However, the platform offers users an even lower fee if they use its native CRO token. Using the CRO token results in a reduction of 10% in the trading fees paid on the platform.

Crypto.com also offers a dedicated mobile application, allowing users to purchase crypto instantly. However, trades conducted through the mobile application incur a higher fee of 2.99% per trade.

That’s not all! Crypto.com also offers one of the best free crypto wallets in the markets, supporting over 100 assets. It also provides users with a crypto interest account, Crypto Earn, offering returns of up to 14.5% per year on specific tokens. Users can also access a dedicated NFT marketplace with extremely low fees. You can also spend crypto like FIAT using the Crypto.com credit card. The card offers cash-back options of up to 5% on some tiers.

Crypto.com Pros And Cons 

  • An excellent platform for crypto trading.
  • Reasonably easy to convert fiat into crypto and back.
  • Users can earn interest on crypto.
  • A robust selection of cryptocurrencies.
  • Low fees
  • Offers a visa card with cash-back rewards
  • The platform is quite challenging to manage, and beginners may find it overwhelming.
  • Customer service could be better.
  • The platform lacks educational resources.

What We Like About Crypto.com 

  • âś… Fees on the platform are low, starting at 0.4%
  • âś…The platform offers over 250 different assets to trade
  • âś… Offers users a free crypto credit card
  • âś… The platform’s Crypto Earn program allows users to earn up to 14.5% annually
Assets Available  Cryptocurrencies And NFTs
Fee Structure  2.99% on card purchases, 0.4% maker/taker fee for trades executed on the exchange.
Minimum Deposit $20 
Key Features  Offers a crypto savings account. 

Offers a crypto credit card.

Allows the purchase of crypto at true cost

5. Vantage – A CFD Trading Multi-Asset Platform 

Vantage is one of the best trading platforms in Australia that boasts over 130,000 clients. It is also available in the UK, allowing investors to access CFD trading in multiple instruments such as Shares, Indices, Commodities, and FX pairs. The platform also offers CFD crypto trading. However, this feature is not available for its UK clients. The Vantage trading platform offers two primary accounts, a standard STP account, and a Raw ECN account.

Vantage Trading Platform

Let’s look at the STP account first. The STP account has a minimum deposit limit set at £200. It allows investors to conduct commission-free Forex trading. However, popular FX pairs offer higher spreads that start at 1:1 pips. Coming to the Raw ECN account, it offers users low spreads that start at just 0.2 pips for the popular EUR/USD pair. However, this account type charges a commission for every trade and requires a minimum deposit of £500.

Clients can access vantage in two ways. Clients can access it using MetaTrader 4&5, which offers advanced charting and trading options. Alternatively, the platform can also be accessed through the Vantage app, available on Android and iOS. Clients based in the UK can access leverage of up to 1:30 on their trades, significantly multiplying their potential losses or profits.

The Vantage platform is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. Investors can access over 1000 CFD assets through an array of payment options, such as e-wallets, credit/debit cards, and bank transfers. Vantage does not charge deposit fees, but a ÂŁ20 fee is levied on international bank withdrawals.

What We Like About Vantage 

  • âś… The platform offers users several CFD trading options 
  • âś… Users can access over 40 FX pairs
  • âś… Vantage also offers leverage trading
  • âś… The ECN account offers significantly lower spreads
Assets Available Commodities, shares, indices, and CFDs for FX.
Minimum Deposit The STP account has a minimum deposit of ÂŁ200, while the ECN account has a minimum deposit of ÂŁ500.
Fee structure Only spreads on the STP account. The platform does offer low spreads on the ECN account but charges a commission for every trade.
Key Features  CFD trading, dedicated mobile application, MT4 and MT5. 

6. XTB – An Extremely Popular Trading Platform Offering Access To Over 2100 Global Markets 

XTB is a European trading platform known for its extensive CFD and Forex trading offerings. The platform is highly user-friendly, fully customizable, and offers access to hundreds of global markets and trading instruments.

XTB offers over 5600 instruments, including forex, indices, stocks, shares, ETFs, commodities, stock CFDs, and ETF CFDs. The platform offers over 50 currency pairs, with spreads starting from 0.1 pips. Additionally, it also offers users nearly 2000 different types of stocks, along with 150 ETFs, over 40 cryptos, and 20 commodities.

XTB Platform

Traders can execute trades using the platform’s in-house trading software, xStation, or use MetaTrader 4. xStation is a powerful trading software available across desktop, Android, and iOS. It is suitable for beginners and advanced traders.

Through xStation, traders can access charting and risk management tools and craft their trading strategy. The platform also offers an in-built trading calculator that allows traders to estimate their profit or loss while opening a position. Users can also modify stop loss, take profit orders directly on the chart, and close their positions.

The XTB platform also offers an extensive catalog of research and educational material. This includes videos, webinars, and courses tailored for both beginners and experienced traders. Furthermore, when a new user signs up, XTB assigns a dedicated account officer to understand your goals better and help them understand how the platform works.

XTB And Fees 

Opening an account on XTB is free, and users also get access to a demo account with ÂŁ100,000 in virtual funds. This allows users to test their trading strategies before deploying them in actual trading. Furthermore, All deposits in EUR and GBP are free, but withdrawals below ÂŁ60 are subject to a ÂŁ12 processing fee. Stock trading is commission-free if the account maintains a monthly turnover of $100,000 (ÂŁ85,000).

Any transactions that cross this limit will be subject to a 0.2% commission (ÂŁ8.50 minimum). Stock and ETF CFD trading is also commission-free. However, spreads and margins are applicable to other products. The platform also charges an inactivity fee of ÂŁ9 per month.

XTB Pros And Cons 

  • The XTB platform offers 24-hour customer support
  • Offers a vast selection of assets
  • The platform has the lowest forex spread cost
  • The platform does not support Meta Trader 4
  • There is an inactivity fee on the platform
  • The platform also charges withdrawal fees under certain thresholds

What We Like About XTB

  • âś… XTB has a vast resource of educational and research content
  • âś… The platform also supports numerous markets
  • âś… It also offers competitive spreads
Assets Available  Stocks, Commodities, Currencies, Crypto, ETFs, Indices, Precious Metals.
Minimum Deposit No minimum deposit
Fee Structure  The platform charges commission and spreads on ETF CFDs and stock CFDs
Key Features  Large selection of free educational content, market insights, and a demo account. 

7. Skilling – A User-Friendly Trading App That Also Offers cTrader And MT4 Platforms

Skilling is one of the best trading platforms available in the market, offering over 900 financial instruments for trading. Additionally, the platform also provides a bevy of advanced analysis tools. Skilling also has a dedicated app which is free to download on Android and iOS. The app is widely regarded as one of the best, and users can also use MetaTrader4 and the cTrader platform.

Skilling Trading Platform UK

At ÂŁ100, Skilling has a minimum deposit higher than other entries on our list. However, the platform offers an excellent trading experience and includes spreads starting as low as 0.2 pips. Another factor that works to its advantage is low commission fees and quick transaction/trade execution speeds. While Skilling is headquartered in Cyprus, it is regulated by the FCA in the UK.

Skilling also offers a plethora of technical indicators and drawing tools. These are fully optimized to offer users a seamless mobile experience, allowing users to enter positions quickly. Users on Skilling can trade all markets at 0% commission. The platform also offers a range of trading instruments, including shares, forex, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Like eToro, Skilling offers a copy trading feature targeting novice users.

What We Like About Skilling 

  • âś… Copy trading feature 
  • âś… Pips start at only 0.2 
  • âś… Exceptional pricing 
  • âś… Skilling is one of the best trading platforms in the UK, offering many advanced trading tools.
Assets Available  Stocks, Commodities, Indices, CFDs on Forex
Minimum Deposit  £100
Fee Structure  Skilling features 0% commission on all markets except spot metals and forex.
Key Features  Offers support for MT4 and cTrader

Advanced trading tools available 

Competitive spreads starting at 0.2 pips 

8. Binance – The World’s Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange 

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform by volume and is ideal for experienced crypto investors. The platform was founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao and was originally based in China. It offers a robust selection of top altcoins, features, and other trading options. However, the platform is not exactly user-friendly, and traders may face a steep learning curve depending on their experience.

Binance Crypto Exchange

Binance offers several trading features through its desktop and mobile dashboards, including hundreds of cryptocurrencies and a selection of marketing charts. Binance users can also access several trading options, including futures and options, along with several order types. However, the exchange is facing a number of legal issues in the United States, with only 150 cryptocurrencies available to US-based clients.

However, the platform’s UK-based clients can access and invest in over 500 crypto assets and trading pairs. These can be traded through the exchange or purchased outright using credit or debit cards. Users can also access a number of derivatives markets, such as European-style options and futures.

Additionally, they can also earn a passive income through the platform’s “Binance Earn” feature. The Binance Earn feature allows investors to access flexible lock-up options, allowing users to earn a return on their crypto. The platform also offers crypto loans, allowing users to borrow a particular asset while using another asset as collateral.

Another factor that makes Binance one of the best trading platforms in the UK is its extremely low trading fees. Fees on the platform start at just 0.1% for trades done through the Binance exchange. Additionally, these fees can be lowered by up to 25% if paid in the platform’s native BNB token.

Binance UK Trading Platform Pros And Cons 

  • Over 500 crypto assets for users to select and invest
  • A massive selection of trading options and order types
  • Extremely low fees
  • The trading platform can be quite complicated for new traders
  • Binance does not offer a built-in digital wallet
  • The exchange has run into several regulatory hurdles in several countries

What We Like About Binance 

  • âś… Binance offers over 500 crypto assets
  • âś… Offers P2P trading options
  • âś… The platform is ideal for both beginners and advanced traders
  • âś… Users on the platform can trade using fiat currency or crypto
Available Assets Binance allows users to trade NFTs and cryptocurrencies.
Minimum Deposit  A minimum deposit of $50 (£39.80) for fiat deposits
Fee Structure  Binance charges a 0.1% transaction fee and a 2% fee on card purchases.
Key Features  The platform offers NFT trading

Offers over 500 crypto assets for trading

Offers multiple derivatives markets

9. Axi – Award Winning Trading Platform Offering MT4 and Copy Trading 

Axi is one of the best trading platforms in the UK that offers the MT4 trading platform to over 60,000 traders based in 100 countries. The platform allows users to choose between three types of accounts, standard, pro, and elite, each offering unique benefits. It has also received multiple awards for being the best forex broker and best CFD provider. These awards have been made possible because the platform offers several features and simplifies trading.

AXI Trading Platform

One of the main features offered on the platform is Copy Trading. Axi’s Copy Trading feature allows traders on the platform to copy trades of professional traders in the stocks, commodities, forex, and indices markets.

Users can search for their preferred trader, study their strategy, and then choose to copy it if it matches their goals. Another significant advantage offered by the platform is the service fee. Axi charges 0% commission and allows traders up to 400:1 leverage. Additionally, spreads only apply to trades.

Other features on the platform allowing traders to maximize their profits are AutoChartist and PsyQuation. AutoChartist scans the markets and provides alerts about customized trading opportunities. Meanwhile, PsyQuation provides traders with performance analytics, helping reduce trading mistakes.

Axi Trading Platform UK Pros And Cons 


  • Offers high leverage for most international traders. No minimum deposit
  • Features an AI-powered third-party analytics platform called PsyQuatio
  • Offers AutoChartist plugin for MT4 and API trading for algorithmic traders
  • Offers social trading and excellent educational resources available in over 24 languages
  • The platform features a limited selection of assets compared to other trading platforms

What We Like About Axi 

  • âś… Copy trading, allowing users to copy trades of professional traders 
  • âś… Offers high-quality, free educational content
  • âś… High leverage.
Assets Available  Axi offers commodities, currencies, stocks, precious metals, and indices.
Minimum Deposit No minimum deposit requirement 
Fee Structure  Spreads
Key Features  Offers free educational content, a demo account, and market insights

10. Libertex – One of The Best Trading Platforms For Beginners And Advanced Traders

If there were a platform that could address the needs of beginners and advanced traders, it would be Libertex. It is considered one of the best trading platforms in the UK, offering users many tools, including MetaTrader 4.

Users on the Libertex trading platform can access indices, ETFs, stocks, commodities, CFDs, and crypto. Moreover, the platform offers quick speeds, low spreads, and competitive commission rates, including 0% commission on some trading pairs.

Libertex Trading Platform

For example, traders on the platform can trade commodities at just 0.0003% per slide. This means for every ÂŁ10,000 traded; the commission will only be 3p, which is ridiculously low. A significant advantage offered by the Libertex trading platform is its ease of use. It offers users a plethora of built-in tools and indicators suitable for most traders, along with enough educational resources to educate users.

However, one thing users must remember is that the FCA does not regulate Libertex. Instead, it is regulated by multinationals and trusted brands based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and another entity in Mauritius, MAEX. Another factor that could work against the platform is the limited range of trading instruments on offer. Compared to its peers, Libertex’s trading range is quite limited. However, most users should be happy with what is on offer.

Libertex Pros And Cons 

  • Libertex features a quick and straightforward registration process
  • The platform is highly intuitive and user-friendly
  • Offers over 300 CFDs on stocks, oil, gas, precious metals, indices, cryptocurrencies, and more
  • Does not offer any solutions for passive investing
  • The Libertex platform is available only as a web version. It also does not allow the addition of custom indicators
  • Libertex charges fees subject to asset type, which could put off some users. For example, the platform charges a 0.0005% fee on forex assets

What We Like About Libertex 

  • âś… Offers advanced trading and analytical tools
  • âś… An impressive series of educational tools on offer 
  • âś… 0% commission on major trading pairs
Assets Available  Libertex offers forex, commodities, ETFs, indices, and options CFDs. It also offers real stocks.
Minimum Deposit  £10
Fee Structure  0% commission on real stocks, 0% commission on CFDs
Key Platform Features  The platform does not charge commissions

Offers excellent customer support

Offers advanced trading and analysis tools, along with an MT4 Platform

11. Plus500 – A Popular CFD Trading Platform Operating In The UK 

Plus500 also ranks as one of the best trading platforms currently operating in the UK. The platform is primarily a CFD trading platform offering tight spreads without the burden of added commissions. The number of CFDs available on the Plus500 platform puts it far ahead of the competition. Currently, Plus500 offers over 20 commodity CFDs, 90 ETF CFDs, options CFDs, indices CFDs, and shares CFDs. Users can easily access all of these offerings through Plus500’s proprietary platform.

Plus500 Trading Platform

The UK FCA regulates the trading platform, and it is also listed on the FTSE 250 Index. Both these factors add an immense amount of credibility to the platform. Plus500 also offers in-depth charting tools, along with 100 technical indicators and a real-time news feed. The platform does not charge deposit fees and accepts various payment methods. These include credit and debit cards, direct bank transfers, and PayPal.

Plus500 Pros And Cons 

  • Plus500 offers users a highly intuitive and easy-to-use platform
  • FCA regulatation
  • Offers users access to over 2800 CFDs
  • Offers a robust selection of risk management tools
  • Guaranteed stop-loss orders
  • Does not accept US clients for CFD trading
  • Lacks a dedicated customer support option
  • The trading platform cannot be paired with other platforms or trading tools

What We Like About Plus500 

  • âś… The platform is regulated by the FCA and is listed on the FTSE 250
  • âś… Users can quickly and easily open accounts
  • âś… All customer assets and holdings are kept in segregated bank accounts
Assets Available  Currencies, Indices, Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, Crypto
Minimum Deposit  $100 (£80)
Fee Structure  Plus500 does not charge any commissions. All fees are included in the spread.
Key Features  Offers a guaranteed stop feature 

Has a customer base of over 22 million

The trading platform is listed on the FTSE 250

12. Free Trade – One Of The Best Trading Platforms For Commission-Free Trading

Freetrade is a mobile-based trading platform giving users access to thousands of UK and overseas stocks. Users can also access REITs, ETFs, and instrument trusts covering different global market sectors. The app is available on desktop devices, Android and iOS, offering users a slick and easy-to-navigate interface. The app is easy enough for beginners but also offers advanced trading tools for experienced traders.

Free Trade Trading Platform

The platform was launched in 2018 and offers commission-free trading. The platform’s commission-free model is one of its biggest strengths, allowing users to save considerable funds that would have otherwise been utilized to pay commissions. Freetrade also allows users to invest in fractional shares with as little as £2. Additionally, all deposits, withdrawals, and trading are commission-free, although other charges may apply.

Freetrade offers three different subscription plans, allowing users to get the most out of the platform, depending on their needs. The first plan is the Basic Plan, which costs ÂŁ0.00 monthly. This type of account allows users to open a General Investment Account and begin commission-free trading. After the Basic Plan comes the Standard Plan, which costs ÂŁ5.99 per month. This type of account allows the user to open a Stocks and Shares ISA in addition to the General Investment Account.

The third plan is the Plus Plan at ÂŁ11.99 per month. This type of account gives users a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), and a Stocks and Shares ISA, on top of the General Investment Account. Remember, Freetrade is commission-free irrespective of the plan chosen. However, Freetrade has fewer investment options compared to other platforms and does not offer crypto. It also offers far lesser trading tools than other platforms.

Pros And Cons Of Freetrade 

  • The platform is easy to navigate and extremely user-friendly
  • The platform does not feature any commission, withdrawal, or deposit charges
  • Users can purchase fractional shares for as low as ÂŁ2
  • Account opening is automated and remarkably straightforward
  • Freetrade does not allow users to invest in bonds, currencies, commodities, or mutual funds
  • It also does not offer CFDs, options, or spread betting
  • Funds can be deposited only via debit card
  • The currency conversion rate is on the higher side

What We Like About Freetrade 

  • âś… The platform is FSCS protected
  • âś… The mobile app is smooth and intuitive 
  • âś… Offers commission-free trading
Assets Available  ETFs, ISAs, SIPPs, Stocks 
Minimum Deposit  No minimum deposit 
Fee Structure  Up to £11.99 per month, depending on account type
Key Features  Zero fees

Entirely app-based platform 

Commission-free trading 

13. Interactive Brokers – Among The Best Trading Platforms For Ethical Investing 

Interactive Brokers is a highly respected brokerage designed for advanced traders. The platform offers excellent pricing and a robust trading experience. It also offers investors a unique tool that lets them determine if their investments are ethical. Interactive Brokers began operations way back in 1978 and has since established itself as one of the best trading platforms in the country.

Plus500 Future Broker

Interactive Brokers is a well-capitalized platform, is publicly traded, and has over 2.1 million client accounts. As of today, the platform was registering $2 million in daily trades. The platform offers a highly competitive yet transparent fee structure and margin pricing. However, some users may find the sheer number of assets and complex trading tools overwhelming. As a result, newer users could take time to get used to the platform.

In its endeavor for continued innovation, the company has recently added fractional shares trading for UK and international stocks. It has also added prominent cryptocurrencies to its list of offerings. The platform’s Impact App allows traders to invest based on the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) leanings, in line with its goal to promote ethical investing.

Interactive Broker’s dedicated GlobalTrader app allows international investors to access global markets on the move. The primary trading platform also constantly adds new features and products, along with many US and international mutual funds. All these features and functionalities make the platform ideal for professional traders looking to execute sophisticated trading strategies across global markets.

Thanks to its robust selection of assets and research resources, intermediate investors will also be drawn to the platform. However, beginners will find the platform a tad overwhelming and may have to grapple with the problem of plenty.

Interactive Brokers Pros And Cons 

  • The platform offers low commissions and margin rates
  • Offers a huge selection of technical and fundamental trading tools
  • Miles ahead of other platforms regarding the availability of investment assets
  • Vastly superior order execution
  • Less experienced investors can find the platform extremely intimidating

What We Like About Interactive Brokers 

  • âś… Offers several advanced tools for professional traders
  • âś… Offers strong pricing and a vast number of trading instruments
  • âś… The platform promotes ethical investing
Assets Available  Options, futures, bonds, funds, forex, and UK and International stocks.
Minimum Deposit  No minimum deposit 
Fee structure  The pricing on the platform is variable. Some stocks are charged £3 per trade, while a 2% fee is charged on exchanging money.
Key Features  Ethical investing 

Strong pricing 

Advanced trading tools 

14. Pepperstone – Among The Best Trading Platforms For Forex Trading

Pepperstone is one of the best trading platforms available in the UK. The platform is primarily a CFD and forex broker, allowing investors to invest in several trading instruments. These include indices, forex, commodities, ETFs, and a number of other assets through CFDs (Contract For Difference).

The popular UK trading platform offers quick speeds, low-cost spreads, and access to over 1200 trading instruments. Pepperstone’s CFD trading accounts allow a minimum trading size of 0.01 lots and a maximum of 100 lots. It also allows retail traders to access leverage of up to 30:1 and over 60 currency pairs.

Pepperstone Broker

The Pepperstone platform also allows hedging, scalping, expert advisors, and news trading. Moreover, traders can employ advanced trading strategies through powerful trading software such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, TradingView, and CTrader. It also offers DupliTrade, which enables social and copy trading, and Capitalize AI, which facilitates code-free trading automation. The Platform is ideal for both beginners and advanced traders. Thanks to its higher leverage offering, more advanced traders will find the platform particularly appealing. For beginners, the platform offers a vast selection of educational material to help get them started.

Opening an account on the platform is free; all users can access a free demo account. This account can be used to practice trades before deploying them in the real market. Spreads on the platform begin at 0.6 pips for forex CFDs, 0.4 for index CFDs, 0.05 for commodity CFDs, and 0.10% per side for UK share CFDs. The platform does charge a swap rate to hold CFD positions overnight, and other fees may also apply. Additionally, the platform does not offer an ISA or SIPP.

Pepperstone Pros And Cons 

  • The platform has a very strong reputation, ensuring peace of mind for traders
  • The FCA and ASIC regulate it
  • Segerates user funds, providing an extra layer of security
  • The platform does not offer penny stocks
  • It also does not accept crypto payments

What We Like About Pepperstone 

  • âś… Integration with other top platforms. 
  • âś… Regulated by the FCA
  • âś… The platform’s Razor account has spreads starting at 0.0 pips.
Assets Available  CFDs in stocks, currencies, indices, commodities, crypto, and ETFs
Minimum Deposit  No minimum deposit 
Fee Structure  0% commission, all fees are built into the spread
Key Features  Pepperstone is an FCA-regulated platform

Offers support for cTrader, MT4, MT5, and TradingView 

15. AJ Bell – A Highly Trusted Wealth Management And Trading Platform 

AJ Bell is one of the largest trading platforms in the UK, with a mission to give everyone access to investing. In line with its vision, the platform offers thousands of investment options. These include funds, bonds, shares, investment trusts, ETCs, ETFs, and warrants.

AJ Bell Trading Platform

The AJ Bell trading platform has offerings for every type of trader, from beginners to more savvy investors. New investors on the platform can choose ready-made investment portfolios. Alternatively, they can also choose to take help from the platform’s investment specialists and select their investment ideas. 

Investors can choose their investments based on their risk appetite and personal preferences. The platform offers eight distinct investment ideas, each crafted by a specialist team. AJ Bell also offers complex trading tools and fund screeners, allowing expert investors to create their portfolios. Products on the platform include:

  • Low-cost funds.
  • Ready-made portfolios
  • ISAs
  • Pension plans which include the self-invested personal pension (SIPP)

In total, it offers 2000 funds and shares from over 20 markets 

Another offering is its commission-free trading app, Dodl, giving traders a low-cost alternative to purchase shares, funds, or manage ISAs. There are also an array of research tools on offer. However, the platform charges a fee of ÂŁ1.50 each time a trader purchases or sells a fund.

Pros And Cons Of AJ Bell 

  • Offers an extensive range of investment assets
  • Excellent research and educational offerings
  • Pays out interest on cash balances
  • A percentage-based platform fee is suitable for lower-value portfolios
  • Lifetime ISA offering
  • The platform charges a high trading fee for funds and shares
  • The percentage-based platform fee could be more expensive for higher-value portfolios
  • It does not offer cryptocurrency trading

What We Like About AJ Bell 

  • âś… The platform offers a wide range of investment assets
  • âś… A highly trusted platform, AJ Bell is FSCS protected.
Assets Available Funds, stocks and shares, ISAs, SIPPs
Minimum Deposit  No minimum deposit 
Fee Structure  The platform levies annual charges depending on the portfolio, along with trading charges.
Key Features  A range of research tools available 

Over 2000 funds offered 

Highly respected platform in the UK

16. Ava Trade – One Of The Best Trading Platforms Offering MT4 and MT5 Support 

Ava Trade is considered one of the best trading platforms in the UK. The platform offers stocks, bonds, commodities, ETFs, and currencies and does not charge any commissions on CFD positions. It also offers leverage of up to 5:1 for stock CFDs and 30:1 for currencies, along with support for six base currencies, including GBP.

Avatrade Platform UK

One of the platform’s standout features is its support for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. This feature will particularly appeal to forex traders, as both platforms allow them to create and deploy custom strategies. Ava Trade does have a high minimum deposit, set at £100. However, the platform does not charge any deposit, withdrawal, or monthly account fees. Moreover, the platform also has an exceptional educational content section featuring in-house and third-party learning material.

In all, Ava Trade offers an exceptional range of platforms, including the complete suite of MetaTrader platforms. It also offers a dedicated mobile app, two proprietary platforms, a social trading platform, a stock trading platform, and a forex trading platform.

Ava Trade Pros And Cons 

  • The platform offers excellent research and educational content, enabling traders to make informed decisions
  • Setting up an account is straightforward; users can begin trading in no time
  • The platform offers a slew of social integrations, allowing traders to make the most of their investments
  • The platform features some conversion fees, which could be on the pricier side
  • The platform is not suitable for new traders

What We Like About Ava Trade 

  • âś… The platform does not charge deposit or withdrawal fees. 
  • âś… Offers support for MT4 and MT5
  • âś… Highly regulated.
Assets Available  Bonds, currencies, stocks, options, commodities, indices, ETFs
Minimum Deposit ÂŁ100
Fee Structure  The platform charges 0% commission. All fees are built into the spread.
Key Features  Offers support for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

Offers social trading features


AvaOptions trading platform

Comparison Between The Best Trading Platforms In The UK 

In the detailed section above, we looked at each individual trading platform available to traders in the UK. However, we’ve narrowed down the list even further and pitted the best trading platforms directly against each other to compare factors such as fees, minimum deposits, asset selection, and other key features. Let’s take a look.

Platform Assets Available  Fee Structure  Minimum Deposit Key Features
Crypto.com NFTs and Cryptocurrencies A fee of 2.99% on card purchases and 0.4% maker/taker fee on exchange £15.90 Offers a crypto savings account 

Platform also offers a crypto credit card feature

Allows users to purchase crypto at true cost

eToro Crypto, stocks, currencies, commodities, indices, ETFs, SmartPortfolios, CopyTrader eToro charges a 0% commission on commodities, stocks, currencies, and ETFs. However, it charges a 1% fee on crypto + spread ÂŁ7.95 0% commission on most tradable assets

Offers a free crypto wallet app

Allows for the automation of trades through CopyTrader

Ava Trade Bonds, stocks, currencies, options, commodities, options, indices, ETFs 0% commission, all fees are built into the spread  £100 Offers the AvaOptions trading platform

Supports MetaTrader 4 and 5

Social trading 

Binance Cryptocurrencies and NFTs A 2% fee is levied on card purchases and a 0.1% fee on exchange transactions ÂŁ39.80 Offers NFT trading

Multiple derivatives markets

Over 500 crypto assets 

Plus500 Indices, stocks, currencies, ETFs, commodities, and crypto The platform does not charge commissions. All fees are built into the spread £80 Guaranteed stop feature 

Platform is listed on FTSE 250

It has over 22 million registered users.

IG Indices, currencies, stocks, ETFs, commodities, bonds, crypto  No commission, all fees are built into the spread No minimum deposit is applicable on bank transfers. For credit/debit cards and PayPal, the minimum deposit is £250 Offers free trading courses

Offers a complete suite of risk management tools

Supports MT4, ProRealtime, and L2 Dealer

Pepperstone Currencies, commodities, stocks, indices, ETFs, and crypto Fees are built into the spread No minimum deposit  FCA Regulated 

Supports MT4, MT5, and cTrader

Offers Razor account with minimal spreads

Hargreaves Lansdown  ETFs, funds, bonds, stocks The fee structure is slightly complex. £11.95 for the first nine trades every month.

ÂŁ8.95 after that, and then a fee of ÂŁ5.95 after 20 trades.

No minimum deposit  The platform is heavily regulated 

Offers in-depth analytical tools

Over ÂŁ120 billion in assets under management

Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Trading Platforms In The UK

To select the best trading platforms in the UK, we scrutinized several factors. Here are some of the factors we took into consideration

Asset Selection 

The best trading platforms often offer the largest selection of assets. This allows traders to create a diverse portfolio without jumping across different platforms.


Regulation is easily the most crucial aspect when choosing a UK trading platform. The best trading platforms will be well-regulated, ensuring the safety and security of investments and assets. The best trading platforms in the UK are regulated by the FCA and coverage by the FSCS.

Platform Fees 

Another critical factor to take into consideration are platform fees. Fees are generally split between market spreads and one-time commissions. However, many platforms also charge non-trading fees.

Minimum Deposits 

A majority of the trading platforms in the UK have a minimum deposit that the trader must make to begin trading. The minimum deposit varies from platform to platform, although some platforms do not have a minimum deposit requirement.


Trading platforms also offer a plethora of trading tools for analytical purposes. These include price alerts, real-time price charts, educational and research material, technical indicators, and more.

Demo Accounts 

Demo Account

Some trading platforms offer demo accounts for traders. These accounts work in the same way as regular accounts. However, these accounts allow traders to use virtual money, allowing them to test strategies without risking real capital.

Mobile Application

Mobile App for trading

A dedicated mobile app is highly beneficial for active traders, allowing them to place trades on the go. Most trading platforms offer a dedicated mobile app with nearly the same features as the web-based platform.

Customer Service 

All of the best trading platforms offer a dedicated customer service team available to deal with customer queries at all hours. Most platforms offer telephone and email support, while others also offer a live chat support feature.

Payment Methods 

Deposit funds on eToro

The best trading platforms accept a variety of payment methods. Most platforms allow traders to fund their accounts using either fiat or crypto. However, trading platforms that deal with more traditional investments accept a variety of payment methods, such as debit/credit cards, direct bank transfers, and e-wallet transfers from PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.

What Are The Types Of Trading Platforms Available In The UK? 

There are several types of trading platforms operational in the UK. Finding the best trading platform for your needs means researching the type of assets each platform offers. This is crucial because it helps to create a diverse portfolio when investing. Let’s look at some of the platform types available in the UK.

Stock Trading Platforms 

Popular stocks on eToro

Stock and ETF trading is offered by most of the top platforms in the UK, typically with a 0% commission fee structure. An example of this type of trading platform is eToro.

Commodities Trading Platform 

Commodities are a highly popular investment asset across traders of all experience levels. This is because they offer appealing correlations with other asset classes, making diversification easier. Traders can trade different assets, such as gold, silver, and natural gas, through platforms offering CFDs.

Options Trading Platforms 

Options are financial instruments preferred mainly by more experienced traders. This is because, while risky, they offer high returns. However, options are available only with a few trading platforms in the UK.

Crypto Trading Platforms 

Crypto trading Platforms UK

Crypto trading platforms are exclusively for those traders looking to dabble in the crypto markets. Traders on these platforms can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. Examples of crypto trading platforms in the UK are Crypto.com and Binance.

Day Trading Platforms 

Day trading platforms allow traders to take short-term positions on a particular asset. Platforms such as Crypto.com and eToro allow traders to buy and sell assets on the same day. In fact, these platforms even offer lower fees, making day trading a cost-effective avenue for more active traders.

Forex Trading Platforms 

Most trading platforms in the UK offer traders a selection of currency pairs to trade. This is because the forex markets are one of the largest financial markets in the world. However, the platforms that exclusively focus on FX trading will offer traders more exotic pairs, significantly enhancing the trading options available.

Best Trading Platforms In The UK 2024 – Conclusion

In this in-depth review, we have taken a closer look at some of the best trading platforms currently operating in the UK. We have also highlighted the features they offer, their pros and cons, and why they are so well respected in the market. As online trading sees a surge in popularity, traders must choose a trading platform that works best for them.

We have determined that the best trading platform in the UK in 2024 is eToro. The platform offers its users a vast selection of assets and offers commission-free trading on a majority of assets on offer. Traders on the platform can take positions from as low as £7.95. Furthermore, the platform’s social trading features allow users to copy highly successful traders, enabling them to copy trading strategies and net stellar returns.

eToro Broker

  • Free Copy Trading of Professional Traders
  • Best UK Trading Platform
  • Minimum Deposit only $10
  • Best Beginner exchange
  • Open to US & Worldwide – Accepts Paypal

5 Stars

68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Best Trading Platforms UK: FAQs

What Is The Best Trading Platform For Day Trading In The UK?

We believe eToro is the best day trading platform in the UK. This is because it does not charge commissions whenever a trade is placed (apart from crypto). Traders only need to pay the spread. However, the spread can be quite tight for highly liquid assets.

eToro is our pick for the best overall trading platform in the UK. The platform enjoys a stellar reputation and is heavily regulated by the FCA. It also offers a huge array of asset classes and commission-free trades.

We found eToro’s trading app the best for beginners looking to invest in traditional asset classes. However, more advanced investors could also check out the Crypto.com app, available on Android and iOS.

Once again, eToro is our pick for the best share trading platform available in the UK. The platform gives users over 2000 stock CFDs to choose and trade from. Additionally, the platform also allows users to trade real stocks.

A trading platform allows traders to buy, sell, or trade different assets such as funds, investment trusts, shares, ETFs, and more directly rather than through an intermediary. They are also referred to as DIY trading platforms. A trading platform simply provides users with software that facilitates trades online. Investors can view their investments in real time and make immediate decisions regarding their portfolios.

eToro is also the cheapest trading platform operating in the UK. The platform offers commission-free trading on several assets and asset classes. There are also no deposit fees or monthly account fees for users to contend with. This makes the platform extremely cost-effective, especially for new users.

Opening an account on a trading platform is straightforward and should not take a few minutes. As a trader, you will be required to furnish some information such as personal information, bank account details, and government-issued ID. The platform will then verify the information in line with KYC norms, following which you can begin trading.

The amount of money required to open a trading account varies from platform to platform. Some trading platforms allow you to open a trading account with as little as ÂŁ1, while others offer monthly investment options. You will also need to keep adding funds to your account depending on the investments you want to add to your portfolio.

All of the best trading platforms in the UK will be regulated by the FCA. It is vital to check the FCA register and ensure your trading platform is authorized and regulated. If the trading platform is regulated, you can access the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) in the event of an issue.

Different platforms charge a variety of fees. Let’s look at some of the fees you may or may not encounter. Share trading fee, Platform fees, Foreign exchange fees and Other platform fees.