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2024 Super Bowl Preview: How America Plans to Celebrate the Showdown between 49ers and Chiefs

Super Bowl, a game known for bringing and uniting people for a variety of reasons, is imposing football fans with their own Super Bowl LVIII-related pressure. Amidst the excitement leading up to the highly-anticipated Super Bowl LVIII clash between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, American football fans are also facing a unique set of difficulties.

Super Bowl 2024 Survey

Aside from debating whether Usher should open with “Burn” or “Confessions,” fans are grappling with logistical dilemmas. Should they host a party at home or leave the cleanup to someone else? What’s the best approach to dealing with persistent postgame guests? Can a drinking game centered around Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s potential engagement be considered ill-advised?

These questions resonated with many, inspiring ESPN to collaborate with market researchers at SmithGeiger Group for insights into Super Bowl Sunday celebrations.

In the last seven days of the NFL season 2023, ESPN collected data from 2,049 American survey participants. Of these participants, 74% planned to watch part or all of the game. Among this group, 48% were male and 51% female; 1% identified as nonbinary. Age groups 18-34 (37%), 35-49 (31%), and 50-64 (31%) were represented.

The highest percentages of fans surveyed were for the Dallas Cowboys (8%), Kansas City Chiefs (5%), Pittsburgh Steelers (5%), Philadelphia Eagles (4%) and New York Giants (4%) teams. As of the time of reporting, 4% of respondents supported the Niners, and 6% supported the Chiefs in the championship game.

Making the Tough Calls: To Party or Not to Party?

As Super Bowl LVIII heads to Las Vegas, the city known for its legendary parties, fans find themselves divided on their preferred viewing methods. The NFL championship game is traveling to Las Vegas for the first time in its illustrious history. Some plan to hold parties or be party guests, while others opt for quiet solitude or sharing tranquility with their loved ones. The allure of the comforts of home won out, as only 6% planned to watch from a bar or restaurant.

However, there is complete disagreement among fans over the best way to watch the Big Game from a distance. The other half of the respondents want to watch the game alone or with their close relatives and enjoy the sound of (relative) stillness, while the other half want to have a party or go to someone else’s house for the occasion.

For instance, Lions Nation members would prefer staying home for Detroit’s first Super Bowl appearance (57%). Conversely, Bills Mafia continues to embrace the social scene, with 20% of fans intending to open their homes for watch parties. Ravens Flock also revealed a party-ready demographic, with 60% planning to go out or host.

Couches are clearly preferred over bar stools, regardless of whether spectators consider watching as a team sport. Merely 6% of the supporters stated they wanted to watch the game on Sunday from a restaurant or pub.

The Super Bowl Buffet: A Culinary Showdown

From wings and pizza to buffalo chicken dip and cheese fries, Super Bowl parties call for a diverse, delightful menu to cater to various tastes. Chicken wings and pizza reigned as the top two entree choices this year. Staying true to tradition, Buffalo fans chose wing, whereas Philly Eagles supporters went for pizza by a 2:1 margin.

In the dip controversy, cheese/queso and buffalo chicken emerged as front-runners. The 50-64 age group favored ranch as their second favorite choice.

Cheese/queso (45%): 45%

Buffalo chicken (38%): 38%

Ranch (17%): 17%

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