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Worldcoin Resumes Operations in Kenya Following Investigation

Kenyan authorities have concluded their investigation into Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency and digital identity project co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. The Kenyan Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has dropped all charges for illegally collecting and transferring personal data. This decision, detailed in a letter dated June 14, allows Worldcoin to resume its operations in the country.

Last year, the project was suspended over concerns about its iris scanning practices, which create digital IDs. However, the Director of Public Prosecutions has now directed that no further police action is necessary, clearing the path for Worldcoin’s operation in Kenya.

World Coin Regulatory Compliance and Expansion

Following the investigation, the Kenyan police have made recommendations for Worldcoin. They have advised the company to ensure proper business registration and licensing in coordination with the Data Protection Commission and the Communication Authority of Kenya. Additionally, Worldcoin has been recommended to thoroughly vet and legally contract all third-party vendors within the country.

Thomas Scott, chief legal officer at Worldcoin’s developer, Tools for Humanity, expressed gratitude for the fair investigation and resolution. “We are grateful for the DCI’s diligent work and the decision to close this matter,” Scott stated. He confirmed that Worldcoin would soon resume user registration across Kenya.

Worldcoin Navigates Regulatory Hurdles and Growth

Despite its challenges in Kenya, Worldcoin has also faced scrutiny in other jurisdictions. The project has encountered privacy concerns in India, South Korea, Germany, and Brazil. In May 2024, operations were halted in Hong Kong due to privacy violations.

Nevertheless, Worldcoin has shown significant growth globally. As of April 2024, the Worldcoin app boasts 10 million registered users, with an average of 2 million daily users and over 5 million monthly active users. This growth underscores the project’s resilience and the broad interest in its promise to differentiate humans from artificial intelligence using its IRIS technology.

Worldcoin Announced Launch of New Layer-2 Network, World Chain

Worldcoin (WLD) Recently took a step forward and announced the upcoming launch of its layer-2 network called World Chain. Scheduled to go live this summer, this new open-source network will leverage the security of Ethereum using the OP stack.

While it remains uncertain whether WLD will function as a gas token on this network, initial responses to the announcement have been overwhelmingly positive.

The resolution in Kenya marks a critical turning point for Worldcoin, potentially setting a precedent for how digital identity and cryptocurrency projects could navigate regulatory landscapes globally. The company’s focus on compliance and local cooperation may pave the way for further expansion and acceptance in the international market.

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