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Why Shytoshi's Tweet Could Propel Shiba Inu Price Higher By 50% Today 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) experienced a slight dip today, down by 1.54%, to trade at $0.00002563. This decline reflects a broader trend of weakness for this top meme coin. SHIB has been struggling through the week despite a general bullish breakout in the cryptocurrency market. However, looking at the charts, SHIB is in a consolidation phase, suggesting that a breakout could be imminent.

Shiba Inu Founder Responds To Vitalik Buterin

One of the potential catalysts for such a breakout is yesterday’s announcement by Shiba Inu founder Shytoshi Kusama. In response to a tweet by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin regarding the ideal characteristics of celebrity tokens, Kusama hinted at a significant upcoming project.

Buterin’s tweet outlined three criteria for a respectable celebrity crypto project: serving a public-good goal, incorporating engaging mechanics beyond token trading, and creating something with longevity, aiming for 10+ years.

What Makes For A Good Celebrity Token?

Buterin’s tweet stated:

“A quick summary of features that a celebrity crypto project needs to have for me to be more willing to respect it: 1. Have some kind of public-good goal that it’s serving, other than enriching the celebrity and early adopters. Realistically, it is either an art project or the celebrity’s favorite charity, or both. 2. Have some fun mechanics that go beyond just trading a token. As much as I dislike token-voting DAOs, at least they give people something to do and organize around. The DAO should not fully decide the agenda, but it can have some influence. 3. Make something that lasts 10+ years, rather than bubbling around for a few months and then being forgotten.”

Shytoshi Hints At Big Developments Coming Up

In a retweet, Kusama responded:

“Couldn’t be better timing. Walking into a meeting now to close exactly this. Well, almost exactly- we are thinking much bigger than this and on a massive scale. I’ll show this to the team for validation. Thanks, Woofmeister 🙂 @VitalikButerin.” 

This response suggests that the Shiba Inu team is planning something substantial that aligns with Buterin’s sustainability and public good vision. It’s a move that could ignite significant interest and investment in SHIB.

Announcement Gives Strength To Recent Shiba Inu Developments

This anticipation is further boosted by Shiba Inu’s recent advancements, including integrating ShibaSwap with Shibarium. This integration marks a significant step forward for the Shiba Inu ecosystem, potentially enhancing its utility and attractiveness to investors due to accelerated token burns. 

As the broader market shows rising momentum, driven by Bitcoin’s rally through the $71,000 mark, the stage could be set for SHIB to capitalize on the bullish sentiment and drive its price higher.

Shiba Inu Likely Headed For A Parabolic Bullish Breakout

If Shiba Inu’s upcoming project lives up to the hype and aligns with the sustainable and engaging framework suggested by Buterin, it could see a renewed surge in interest and investment. This, coupled with favorable market conditions, might help SHIB eliminate a zero from its price, a goal eagerly anticipated by its community.

Shiba Inu Still Trading In a Multi-Month Range Despite Bullish News

Shiba Inu
Source: TradingView

SHIB continues trading in a narrow range between the $0.00002588 resistance and $0.00002214 support. If bulls push SHIB through the $0.00002588 resistance, then SHIB could rally to a high of $0.00003602 in the coming days. On the other hand, if there is a bearish breakout for SHIB, it could experience a correction to a low of $0.0000100, a critical psychological support. 

Why SHIB Could Soon Breakout To $0.00003602

With yesterday’s tweet by the Shiba Inu founder that something big is coming up soon, the odds are high that SHIB could soon be headed for a breakout. The fact that the broader market is turning bullish could also add to the momentum in the event of a breakout. Overall, SHIB could be on course to hit new highs once it breaks out of the current price consolidation. 

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