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Best Altcoins To Buy In June: Predictions of Significant Gains

The recent approval of spot Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs) significantly impacts the crypto market as Q2 2024 nears conclusion. This development has sparked interest among investors who are keen to see the subsequent movements in ETH prices and the overall altcoin market. There’s also anticipation around what new altcoin ETFs might be proposed to the SEC soon.

The introduction of Ethereum ETFs could increase demand for ETH and, by extension, elevate the entire altcoin sector. Consequently, this will reduce Bitcoin’s market dominance. Such a scenario suggests a positive long-term outlook for altcoins. The approval of Ethereum ETFs is expected to generate widespread optimism across the altcoin market, reinforcing bullish sentiments.

Recently, a market expert highlighted Ethereum’s critical role in driving an altcoin surge. Yoddha indicated that altcoins are gearing up for significant gains. The analysis suggests that a breakout in ETH’s performance could catalyze a broad rally among altcoins.

The success of a major asset like Ethereum often influences other cryptocurrencies positively. This perspective points to an imminent surge in altcoin prices triggered by Ethereum’s upward movement.

Let’s explore several altcoins poised for significant moves that will likely gain significant gains this June.

Toncoin (TON)

Developed in 2018 by Telegram, Toncoin originated as part of the “Telegram Open Network” and has evolved into “The Open Network,” a community-driven, Layer-1 blockchain. Initially designed for transaction settlements within the Telegram app, it now boasts a proof-of-stake system known for rapid processing and validation times.

Recently, Toncoin reached a new all-time high of $7.78, bolstered by the launch of Notcoin, a meme coin on the TON platform, which surged over 350% early on. This surge has heightened the buzz around Toncoin.

IntoTheBlock data shows a sharp 237.5% rise in large Toncoin transactions exceeding $100,000 within the last 24 hours. This notable uptick in TON whale activity indicates a strategic adjustment in their investment positions. 

The data points to increased interest and potentially significant shifts in market dynamics. Investors should closely monitor these movements, as they might forecast an incoming market uptick in Toincoin’s market. This surge in high-value transactions highlights growing strategies among major Toncoin investors, suggesting a growing confidence that could lead to a surge in TON.

 Arbitrum (ARB)

Arbitrum, an Ethereum layer-two solution, utilizes optimistic rollups to enhance speed and scalability while reducing costs. It shifts most computation and storage off-chain, offering higher throughput and lower fees while maintaining Ethereum’s security and compatibility.

Arbitrum is experiencing significant growth in its Total Value Locked (TVL), boosting investor confidence. Data from DeFiLlama shows that TVL increased from $1.9 billion on November 10, 2023, to $3.10 billion. This rise indicates more capital is now secured within the platform, reflecting increased investor trust.

Additionally, the number of Arbitrum token holders has risen, suggesting a bullish trend. According to Santiment, the holder count grew from 1,172,000 on May 22 to 1,195,954 by June 5. This increase in holders points to growing interest in the platform.

Moreover, Arbitrum is set to release $103 million tokens on June 16. According to Crypto2Community, this significant move is poised to boost network liquidity and usage, potentially enhancing ARB’s price.


FLOKI’s price ranges from $0.00021 to $0.00030, with significant recent gains: 11% weekly, 75% monthly, and 690% over six months. It approaches resistance at $0.00035 with support at $0.00017, indicating a potential breakout soon.

FLOKI has hit a new all-time high, reaching $0.0003462. This surge followed DWF Labs’ announcement of a $12 million investment in Floki. The price chart indicates a sharp increase coinciding with this news, signaling strong market optimism.

FLOKI is advancing its ecosystem with several key projects. Notably, the Valhalla metaverse game is expected to launch on the mainnet later this year. This game is part of a broader strategy to expand FLOKI’s functionalities. Other upcoming features include the Floki Trading Bot, a decentralized domain name, and a website service. These innovations aim to enhance user experience and utility on the Floki platform.

Introducing products like the Valhalla game and the decentralized domain service, coupled with DWF Labs’ ongoing support, will likely increase FLOKI’s market value further. These initiatives promote growth and stability within FLOKI’s ecosystem, making it more appealing to investors and users. Sustained investment and continuous development are critical to setting FLOKI’s price to surge.

Market expert ZAYK recently reported FLOKI’s exceptional growth, noting an over 80% increase. ZAYK anticipates a significant upward trend, predicting a swift price escalation. The notable rise began in early May and continues through June, displaying a solid bullish pattern. 

This surge was especially marked when Floki overcame a major descending trend line in early June, indicating a shift in market sentiment. The breakout, illustrated on a 1D timeframe chart, reflects strong investor confidence bolstered by positive updates within the Floki Inu community and general market optimism. This development points to potential further gains for Floki.

Binance Coin (BNB)

The BNB Chain is experiencing increased activity as its native token, BNB, reaches a new high of over $710. This surge in value is reflected in the BNB ecosystem, where the total value locked has risen by nearly 8%, according to DefiLlama. 

Key players like PancakeSwap and the lending app Venus are leading this growth. Recent data indicates a significant shift, with net inflows of $2.4 million into the ecosystem, marking a reversal from previous net outflows since May 30.

A significant factor in this uptrend is the Binance Launchpool’s growing appeal. This platform enables users to stake BNB for participating in new token launches. Such opportunities have spurred robust demand for the token.

Notably, last month, Binance Launchpool supported Notcoin, boosting its visibility. Binance was the pioneer in listing Notcoin, now boasting a market cap of $2.2 billion. The success of Notcoin and similar initiatives through Launchpool not only advances these projects but also positively influences the overall valuation of BNB, suggesting potential for further increases.

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