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Altcoins future trajectory


  • Bitcoin has continued to dominate altcoins despite the declining market phase.
  • Altcoins’ expansion prospect has emerged as a talking point among market participants as fear becomes the order of the day.
  • Leading experts share a similar optimistic future for altcoins and advised investors to persevere.

It is no longer news the crypto market has been in a topsy-turvy state, taking investors on a bumpy ride. Just yesterday, the market displayed signs of market recovery, with Bitcoin (BTC) almost hitting and breaking above $58,000.

Ethereum (ETH), the world’s number one altcoin, was not left out of the frenzy yesterday. It surged considerably to break above $2,800, stabilizing around the $3,000 region and reigniting hope among market participants.

ETH’s State Raises Concerns About Altcoins’ Future

Unfortunately, investors’ hope was short-lived as the market seemed to have retraced on the dawn of a new day. At the time of press, BTC was down by about 4.4% and trading around the $55,380 price range.

Similarly, ETH is down by roughly 4%, trading around the $2,900 price region. Ethereum’s declining phase remains a growing concern, not only for its enthusiasts but also for altcoin holders alike.

More worrying is the fact that despite the market slumps, Bitcoin’s dominance has continued to expand over that of altcoins. Currently, the entire market has a $2.14 trillion valuation, with Bitcoin contributing 51.1% courtesy of its $1.09 trillion market cap.

The above implies that despite the support of stablecoins, altcoins are contributing just 48.9% of the global market worth. Consequently, questions about altcoins’ future have been making rounds as enthusiasts are becoming uncomfortable with BTC’s unending dominance. In addition, traders are also confused about the prospects of either amassing or trading their crypto holdings.

Source: CoinGecko

Leading Analysts Delve In To Discuss Altcoins’ Future

Amid the “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” (FUD) penetrating holders’ minds, leading Analysts have waded in to discuss altcoins’ future. Interestingly, these experts share similar sentiments about altcoins’ expansion prospects. What does the future hold for altcoins? Find out as we unveil expert opinions from two leading crypto market experts.

Treat Present Market As Previous Declining States

Taking to his verified X handle, “CryptoYoddha,” a renowned expert, has advised followers on survival amid a declining market condition. According to him, altcoins have consistently displayed a back-and-forth pattern. “If you’re here long enough, you already have gone through so many crashes too,” the market expert added.

Forging ahead, CryptoYoddha admonished treating the current market state similar to previous ones. “It’s here to transfer the wealth from weak hands to strong hands,” the analyst warned.

Altcoin’s Present State Will Shake Out Weak Hands

Like CryptoYoddha, another market expert, “MilkybullCrypto,” has asserted that altcoins’ present condition will shake out weak investors. Describing altcoins’ present predicament, his post on X read in part, “It has happened in every cycle to shake you out.”

Notably, MilkybullCrypto attached a chart to his tweet, displaying previous cycles where altcoins have depleted and eventually bounced back. According to the share chart, altcoins appear deep at the bottom. However, hope still abounds as the bottom does not indicate the cycle’s end. Concluding his claims, the market expert queried, “Look at this chart and tell me why you should give up at this bottom?”

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