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Metaplanet Boosts Bitcoin Holdings with New 42.47 BTC Acquisition


  • Metaplanet acquired 42.47 BTC for ¥400 million, increasing its total holdings to over 203 BTC.
  • The company’s Bitcoin holdings now represent 13.8% of its market cap, reflecting strong market confidence.
  • Metaplanet’s stock price has surged by 382% since the beginning of 2024, driven by its Bitcoin strategy.

Metaplanet has acquired an additional 42.47 BTC worth ¥400 million, further bolstering its Bitcoin holdings. This latest acquisition brings the company’s total Bitcoin reserves to over 203 BTC. The announcement led to a 2.5% surge in Metaplanet’s stock price during post-lunch trading.

Metaplanet’s Growing Bitcoin Portfolio

Metaplanet’s aggressive Bitcoin acquisition strategy continues to pay off. The recent purchase of 42.47 BTC, valued at approximately $2.3 million, came as Bitcoin prices dipped below $54,500. This marks the company’s fifth Bitcoin purchase in the past four months. The average purchase price per Bitcoin for Metaplanet stands at around $58,500.

The company’s market capitalization is currently 14.5 billion JPY, and its Bitcoin holdings amount to 2 billion JPY. Metaplanet’s strategy aligns with a global trend of companies adopting Bitcoin as an economic hedge.

Impact on Metaplanet’s Market Value

Metaplanet’s Bitcoin holdings now represent over 13.8% of its market cap, a significant increase that underscores the company’s commitment to its Bitcoin strategy. Financial experts predict that this percentage might exceed 100% soon, enhancing the company’s financial stability.

Metaplanet has also established a subsidiary in the British Virgin Islands to further its Bitcoin investment strategy. This move aims to strengthen its position in the cryptocurrency market and maximize the benefits of its Bitcoin investments as part of its long-term financial strategy.

LeClair, often compared to MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor, said, “Japan’s environment is highly conducive for Bitcoin adoption, offering unparalleled opportunities for corporate growth.” Many market analysts share this sentiment, viewing Metaplanet’s strategy as a key example of corporate Bitcoin utilization.

Stock Price and Market Response

Metaplanet’s stock has seen significant gains since adopting a Bitcoin strategy. Since the beginning of 2024, Metaplanet’s stock has surged by 382%, largely driven by its Bitcoin acquisition strategy. Last month, the share price reached a high of 107 JPY.

The company’s strategic Bitcoin purchases have resonated well with investors, who view the move as a savvy hedge against economic challenges. Metaplanet’s approach mirrors that of global firms like MicroStrategy, which have also adopted Bitcoin as a reserve asset.

According to data from Bitcointreasuries.net, global public companies collectively hold 324,295 BTC as of July 7, with MicroStrategy leading the way with 226,331 BTC. Metaplanet’s increasing Bitcoin reserves underscore the growing trend among companies to adopt Bitcoin as a hedge against economic volatility.

As of this writing, Bitcoin is trading at $55,740, down more than 3% in the past 24 hours. BTC is down 11% and 19% weekly and monthly, respectively. The market capitalization is $1.09 trillion, while the trading volume stands at $26 billion.

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