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Upcoming Events Will Catalyze Cardano's (ADA) Expansion – Experts Urge Immediate Investment

Popular decentralized crypto protocol, Cardano (ADA), has been projected to assume incredible price levels courtesy of upcoming events in the coin’s ecosystem. Consequently, experts and other influencers are clamoring for immediate investment in the token now, as later might be too late. 

For context, Cardano’s price statistics on popular crypto assets tracker site CoinGecko revealed the crypto asset price to be approximately $0.45, mirroring a slight 0.3% upswing in the past 24 hours. 

Per ADA’s 3-month-to-date price chart, the last time the coin traded around the $0.5 price status was on April 23. Since then, the token has struggled to break above $0.49, which has posed a potent resistance for the coin’s price ascent. 

ADA Price Chart

Source: CoinGecko

Like before the 2021 general market rally, many crypto enthusiasts are beginning to doubt ADA’s expansion prospect, which has resulted in many pessimistic sentiments hovering around the coin’s future. Amid the negative ADA perceptions, some X influencers and analysts have remained highly bullish on the token, backing their claims with pragmatic instances. 

A Potential ETF Approval And Argentina Adoption Could Fuel ADA’s Expansion 

Taking to his verified X handle, a crypto influencer and trader, “Alexander Legolas,” has speculated why ADA still boasts tremendous growth potential as he urges his over 11.4K followers to delve into the project now.

“If you ignore short-term price action & pay attention enough, you will invest early as a result of fundamentals & the potential of certain bullish events that could massively shift market sentiment,” the crypto influencer wrote on X. 

Additionally, Alexander hinted at possible price implications of entering a bull cycle, which would coincide with ADA’s Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Approval and increased adoption, with Argentina showing interest in the coin. 

“If you are waiting for these things to happen first before you get bullish, the money would have already been made,” the crypto trader added to conclude his take on the ADA’s future. 

Cardano’s Expansion, Fuelled By 3 Three Anticipated Events 

Another verified X user with the pseudonym “Av_Sebastian” corroborated the above claims by Alexander via a different tweet where he quoted the above tweet. 

According to Sebastian, Cardano’s expansion potential does not hinge on only the ETF approval and adoption in Argentina. He highlighted several other upcoming events in the Cardano ecosystem, with prospects to drive ADA’s expansion.

Per Sebastian, the anticipated events are Chang, Hydra, and Ouroboros Leios. Notedly, the Chang upgrade would ensure an all-encompassing government model for every ADA holder to participate in Cardano’s leadership procedures. 

On its part, Hydra is a Layer-2 scaling solution whose functionalities aim at improving transactional speed and security on the Cardano network. Finally, Cardano’s Ouroboros Leios will power the Cardano blockchain while ensuring decentralization and preventing the energy drain associated with Bitcoin (BTC). 

ADA To Appreciate By 15X Ahead Of DOGE And XRP At 10X 

In a previous tweet, Sebastian had envisaged different crypto assets and their appreciation prospects. According to him, ADA boasts higher chances to appreciate significantly, which he estimated at 15X, implying a $6.75 new all-time high (ATH) for the token from its current selling price. 

Going further, he predicted a 3X increment for Bitcoin (BTC), 4X – 5X for Ethereum (ETH), 4X for Binance coin (BNB), 5X for Solana (SOL), and 10X for XRP and Dogecoin (DOGE). 

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