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Undervalued Cryptocurrency To Buy Feb 16

Bitcoin is currently consolidating around $52k, but buying volumes are rising. This is a positive indicator that another major leg up is underway, one that could easily see Bitcoin rise to its all-time highs before having that, which is just 62 days away. 

This means under current circumstances, there are tons of opportunities in the market. With this background in mind, what are the most undervalued cryptocurrencies today that could be primed for a rally? 

To answer this, we look at cryptocurrencies already in a breakout and have FOMO building around them now. These are the ones that stand to gain alongside the broader crypto market and outperform it. 

Undervalued Crypto To Buy

In this article, we narrow down to the most undervalued cryptocurrencies that are massively undervalued at current prices. We look at Vechain’s new platform for application development, Fetch. Ai’s big partnerships and how a whale is aggressively buying Render Token. The article also touches on Manta Network’s recent BNB integration and Solana overtaking Ethereum in DeFi. 

Vechain (VET)

Vechain (VET) is one of the best-performing major cryptocurrencies today. VET is currently up by 9% to trade at $0.049. Buying volumes are also rising and are now up by more than 250% to stand at $933.047 million. This indicates that Vechain is in a breakout, and more upside can be expected in the short term. 

Vechain has the news to support a continuation of the momentum it has built up today. The most significant is launching a platform that will help bridge Web 2.0 with Web 3.0. The new platform includes the ability to sign in with a crypto wallet, helping leverage the security that comes with blockchain technology.


With this, and the fact that VTHO, a token associated with Vechain, is pumping, expectations are that Vechain has significant room for growth going forward. Vechain is definitely a hot crypto to buy today in anticipation of exponential gains as bullish momentum builds up across the market. 

Fetch.ai (FET)

Fetch.ai (FET) is an AI cryptocurrency seeking to democratize machine learning. Currently, Fetch.ai is gaining upside momentum quite strongly, a pointer to increasing investor optimism. Currently, FET is up by 7%, with volumes up by 122% to stand at $135.45 million. This is quite impressive on a Friday when the market is largely quiet. 

Fetch.ai’s price action also points to a potential breakout, which is quite a signal ahead of the weekend. This is mainly driven by the good news that Fetch.AI has had this week. 

Among them is news that Fetch.AI has made some major partnerships. Among those that have made headlines are Deutsche Telekom and Bosch. These are likely to investors glued to Fetch.ai for a while and could trigger a price rally in the coming days.

With so much hype around AI at the moment, this is definitely a worthy cryptocurrency investment. 

Render (RNDR)

Render (RNDR) is making quite a strong showing as we head into the weekend. It is currently up by 11%, and upside momentum is on the rise. Volumes are surging too, up 133% in the day to stand at 133%. This is a sign of activity and the fact that Render has caught the eye of lots of investors compared to most cryptocurrencies. 

The excitement around Render has much to do with a whale that has bought a huge chunk of the token. The whale has bought 33k Render tokens valued at $175,365. The excitement around this purchase is not without basis. No one splashes a large amount of money on an asset without a clear reasoning. In the case of cryptocurrencies, it is usually a potentially big impending move. 

Since following whale moves increases the odds of success, Render is a cryptocurrency that an investor could consider adding to their portfolio. Besides, Render’s fundamentals are pretty strong, as it is one of the best cryptos for distributed GPU rendering. 

Manta Network (MANTA)

Manta Network (MANTA) price has not moved much today, like the rest of the market. However, it is among the top trending cryptocurrencies in the market today, an indicator that investors have their eyes on it. Manta Network has made a strong bounce back in price after a sharp drop earlier in the day. 

The rising investor interest in Manta Network has much to do with the latest news about its BNB integration. Earlier today, the Manta team announced that the Manta Network was now interoperable with the Binance Chain. 

This means going forward, users can now provide liquidity to BNB/MANTA pools on Pancake Swap. This has two advantages for Manta Network. First, it means that those holding BNB, and many of them, can now interact with Dapps on the Manta Network. Secondly, it means that holders of MANTA will earn passively from the fees generated from MANTA-related transactions on PancakeSwap.

Considering how much value this adds to Manta long-term, MANTA is a high potential cryptocurrency to consider buying today.

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) continues its recent surge and is currently the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market cap. While Solana is not showing much price movement at the moment, it continues to retain its position among the top trending cryptocurrencies. 

This is for a good reason, driven by Solana’s strengthening fundamentals. Solana has recently overtaken Ethereum as the top platform for launching Dapps. This is mainly due to the cost advantage that Solana offers to the average investor. Solana costs per transaction are negligible, which means even someone looking to invest $10 or lower can do so when using Solana. The same cannot be said of Ethereum, whose gas fees have risen astronomically.

Given that Solana adoption will continue to impact the price, there is no doubt that this is a large cap cryptocurrency worthy of investment today. 

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