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The cryptocurrency market has embarked on a bullish trajectory as investors show renewed optimism, attempting to shake off the recent bearish downturn that hindered Bitcoin from stabilizing above the $70,000 mark. With a modest 0.70% decrease in the overall market capitalization, now standing at $2.54T, and a notable surge in trading volume by 28% to $62.1B, the market dynamics hint at active trading sessions ahead. 

Furthermore, the ‘Fear and Greed Index’ sits at a greedy 60, indicating that investor sentiment is currently tilted toward greed, possibly fueling the market dynamics. However, certain cryptocurrencies are drawing significant attention among the crypto community. Pepe, Super Trump, Notcoin, Bitgert, and Ben the Dog are the trending cryptos coins to hold. Each of these coins has demonstrated unique market movements and community support that might make them trending cryptos in June.

Pepe (PEPE)

Pepe has recently experienced a notable price drop, retracing toward $0.00001100 after reaching an all-time high of $0.00001724. This pullback has brought PEPE to a confluence point at the $0.00001130 support level. PEPE has emerged as the second biggest gainer of this year, boasting an impressive 975% increase in year-to-date performance, making it one of the trending crypto coins.

The current retracement may offer traders a potential buying opportunity. Those looking to capitalize on the dip might position themselves for the next upward surge. The situation suggests potential growth for PEPE as it navigates these support levels.

Recently, Nascent Ventures acquired 447.67 billion PEPE tokens for $5.48 million during a market dip, highlighting their confidence in PEPE’s potential. This strategic move positions PEPE as a key asset in their portfolio. The current value of the tokens shows a 4.8% profit, or $262,000, validating their decision. 

The “buy the dip” strategy aims to capitalize on lower prices during downturns, maximizing returns when the market rebounds. Despite recent price fluctuations, Nascent Ventures’ significant investment underscores their belief in PEPE’s future growth, showcasing the token’s promising prospects.

Super Trump (STRUMP)

Super Trump is trading between $0.02279 and $0.02500. The coin dipped 2% over the past week but surged 500% monthly. STRUMP is approaching resistance at $0.0386. The current trend indicates an impulsive move fueled by recent political attention surrounding Trump. This has garnered significant attention for STRUMP. With its price fluctuating, the coin remains a focal point in the market. The next resistance level will be crucial for its future movement.

Super Trump has shown a consistent short-term upward trend. Strong buying interest led to significant price increases and fluctuations. The coin’s momentum reflects positive market sentiment. With supportive technical indicators, STRUMP could see continued growth. Investor confidence may drive further price appreciation, suggesting STRUMP is poised for major moves.

The Relative Strength Index is slightly below the overbought region at 66 index, suggesting that STRUMP could still return to the overbought region again. Should the buying pressure increase, STRUMP could head upwards, breaking past the resistance at $0.0300. STRUMP is on the verge of testing the upper band at $0.02941 as a series of green candlesticks forms on the Bollinger Band indicator. 

Notcoin (NOT)

Notcoin, initially a Telegram game, introduced many to web3 via tap-to-earn mechanics. Despite market dips, it remains notable, particularly after a 200% surge to $0.02896 on June 2, 2024. This peak has drawn significant interest from both investors and traders, making NOT one of the trending cryptos in June.

Notcoin’s player base has reached 40 million, correcting inaccurate third-party reports using faulty metrics. The platform saw over 5 million new players in three weeks, a 14% increase since May 20. 

Additionally, players have collectively earned $1.5 million in TON through 20 campaigns. With the launch of automated campaigns, these numbers are expected to rise significantly. The game’s growth is primarily due to the new earning missions program, which allows players to gain rewards passively, receiving NOT tokens native to The Open Network.

Notcoin’s price chart shows a falling wedge pattern, a technical signal of a possible bullish reversal. Recently, Notcoin broke above the wedge’s upper trendline and is retesting it, suggesting a potential uptrend in the 1-Day timeframe. 

If successful, the price may rise toward the $0.029405 resistance level, aiming for a new high. Conversely, a failure to sustain this breakout could lead Notcoin to decline to the $0.011381 support and possibly further to $0.007953, indicating a deeper fall if it breaches these levels.

Bitgert (BRISE)

Bitgert’s native currency, BRISE, has shown remarkable price performance since its debut. Over a month ago, BRISE outshone several major cryptocurrencies, maintaining stability even amidst tough market conditions. 

Bitgert operates on a robust layer-1 chain, boasting a transaction speed of 100,000 TPS and a minimal gas fee of $0.0000001. Such efficiency positions Bitgert as a strong competitor against leading cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Tron, and Solana, which struggle to match its transaction speed and cost.

Despite its competitive edge, Bitgert’s market performance has seen some fluctuations. From the beginning of June, its market capitalization dropped from $69 million to $61 million, marking a 10% decrease. However, the trading volume tells a different story, with a significant surge from $2 million to $16 million since early June, indicating a 280% increase.

This heightened trading activity suggests growing market interest, potentially catalyzing future price increases. Although the market cap has declined, Bitgert’s trading price has remained stable at over $0.00000016, reflecting sustained investor confidence without significant sell-offs.

Ben the Dog (BENDOG)

Ben the Dog, a standout memecoin, witnessed a staggering 95% weekly increase, elevating its price to $0.0530. Over the month, BENDOG soared by 900%. This surge helped it reach an all-time high, with a market cap now at $52.69 million. The 24-hour trading volume closely matches at $52.48 million, signaling robust trading activity.

The recent BENDOG value boost correlates with Bybit’s trading competition, where participants trade $100 worth of BENDOG for prize opportunities. This marketing move has significantly maintained high token prices. 

Additionally, Bitget’s strategic expansions in the crypto market have played a crucial role. As Bitget enhances its presence in spot and derivatives trading, it emphasizes investment in promising projects, contributing to the market dynamics that favor BENDOG.

This combination of strategic promotions and competitive trading has fueled purchasing pressure, keeping Ben the Dog prominently in the crypto conversation. As both Bybit and Bitget push forward with user-engaging strategies, BENDOG benefits from both increased visibility and trading volumes, setting new records in the crypto space.

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