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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Under $1 to Watch in June 2024

As the cryptocurrency market starts the new month with optimism of a bullish breakout, savvy investors are looking for undervalued assets with significant growth potential. Several cryptocurrencies priced under a dollar are already showing promising signs. Here are the top five cryptocurrencies under $1 to watch closely this month.


PEPE(PEPE) has been one of the most outstanding performers in the cryptocurrency market this year. Over the past month alone, PEPE has seen a remarkable gain of 147%. Analysts believe this upward trend could continue, driven by several key factors.

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One major catalyst is the increasing FOMO around meme coins as investors gear up for a potential mega rally in the crypto market in 2024. Having already demonstrated its potential, PEPE will benefit significantly from this heightened interest.

Another factor that could increase PEPE’s price is the potential for a spot listing on Coinbase. Such a listing would not only improve visibility and accessibility but also likely boost investor confidence and trading volume. Given the current momentum and market conditions, PEPE stands out as one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in this month, with the potential for another 100%+ rally.

The enthusiasm around PEPE also stems from its active and engaged community, which continues to drive interest and visibility for the token. Social media buzz and community-driven events have created a solid foundation for PEPE’s continued growth. Investors are keen to see how this token performs as the broader market trends towards increased adoption and mainstream acceptance of meme coins.

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2. JasmyCoin (JASMY)

JasmyCoin (JASMY) is another hot cryptocurrency to consider this June. The popular crypto has already started the month positively, rallying 10% on the first day of June to reach a high of $0.0337. Looking ahead, JasmyCoin has the potential to double in value this month, mainly due to its strategic partnership with Apple in Japan.

Recently, Japan announced plans to bring personal identity online, with Apple playing a vital role in this initiative. JasmyCoin, which has been providing its patented personal identity solution in Japan for years, stands to benefit as a partner in this arrangement. This development has triggered a wave of FOMO among investors, and as the deal progresses, it is expected to add significant momentum to the JASMY token. This makes JasmyCoin a top pick for investors seeking promising opportunities in June.

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Furthermore, JasmyCoin’s technology offers significant data security and privacy utility, becoming increasingly critical in the digital age. The growing importance of data protection and identity verification solutions positions JasmyCoin as a valuable player in the market. As more countries and corporations prioritize these technologies, JasmyCoin’s relevance and demand will likely increase, driving its value higher.

3. Notcoin (NOT)

Notcoin (NOT) is another cryptocurrency that has captured the market’s attention with its impressive performance. In the last week of May alone, Notcoin rallied by 155%. This momentum is likely to continue into June, driven by several factors. Firstly, Notcoin boasts a large user base for its mini-app, which currently has over 6 million users. This strong user engagement is a positive indicator of the token’s potential.

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Additionally, Notcoin offers attractive passive income opportunities through staking, likely attracting more investors. The token’s burn mechanism, which has already seen over 10 million tokens burned, further adds to its appeal by reducing supply and potentially increasing value. As a relatively new token with considerable room for growth, Notcoin is well-positioned to outperform the market in June.

The community’s enthusiasm for Notcoin is also a significant driver of its recent success. Notcoin’s visibility and credibility are rising with active forums and social media participation. The combination of a solid user base, innovative staking opportunities, and a strong community makes Notcoin a compelling choice for investors this month.

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4. Dog-Go-To-The-Moon (DOG)

Dog-Go-To-The-Moon (DOG) is a top meme coin to buy in June 2024, particularly given the current mania surrounding meme coins. As meme coins continue to capture the imagination of investors and create new millionaires, many are on the lookout for the next big opportunity. Being only a month old, DOG fits this profile perfectly, offering investors the chance to get in early.

The proactive community behind DOG on social media and its listing on major exchanges like Gate.io are additional factors that could drive its price higher. These elements incentivize more investors to buy, potentially triggering a significant price rally. Given the current market sentiment, DOG could easily achieve 100% or more gains in June 2024.

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Moreover, DOG’s appeal lies in its vibrant and active community, constantly engaging in promotional activities and spreading awareness. This grassroots marketing approach has been effective in generating interest and driving adoption. Investors closely watch how DOG’s early momentum translates into sustained growth and long-term value.


FLOKI (FLOKI) rounds out the list of the best cryptocurrencies in June. Like PEPE and DOG, FLOKI has benefitted immensely from the recent surge in interest around meme coins. The growing momentum in this sector bodes well for FLOKI, which could see impressive gains in the coming weeks.

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Beyond the general hype surrounding meme coins, FLOKI stands out due to its hyper-deflationary nature, driven by aggressive token burns. This deflationary mechanism makes FLOKI particularly attractive to investors, as it can increase value over time. As interest in meme coins continues to rise, FLOKI’s unique characteristics make it a strong contender for substantial gains, with the potential to double in value or more in June.

FLOKI’s strategic partnerships and marketing initiatives have also played a crucial role in its growth. Collaborations with influencers and key industry players have amplified its reach, attracting a broader audience. As FLOKI continues to innovate and expand its ecosystem, it remains a top pick for investors looking to capitalize on the meme coin trend.


As we enter June 2024, these five cryptocurrencies under $1 offer significant potential for growth. PEPE’s impressive performance and potential Coinbase listing, JasmyCoin’s strategic partnership with Apple, Notcoin’s solid user base and staking opportunities, DOG’s fresh entry into the meme coin mania, and FLOKI’s deflationary mechanism all present compelling investment opportunities. Investors looking to capitalize on the next wave of growth in the crypto market should keep a close watch on these promising assets.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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