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PEPE Gains 13% in 24 Hours As It Edges Closer To $0.0001

PEPE, a rising star in meme coins, has continued its impressive upside momentum, posting significant gains in recent weeks. As of 06:46 UTC, PEPE has surged 13% in the last 24 hours, trading at $0.00001682. This recent spike is a testament to the growing interest and organic demand for PEPE, setting it apart from many other meme coins that rely on artificial hype and speculative trading.

Growing Holder Numbers Signal Strong Demand

One of the critical indicators of PEPE’s robust performance is the exponential growth in the number of holders. In the past 24 hours alone, itย has attracted 1,749 new holders, bringing the total to an impressive 230,583. This surge in holder numbers points to the increasing support for PEPE, with many investors recognizing it as the most compelling narrative in the current cycle.

Organic Demand Driving PEPE’s Popularity

Unlike many meme coins that experience rapid price fluctuations driven by shills and speculative trading, PEPE’s rise is fueled by genuine interest and organic demand. This organic growth is crucial as it indicates a more sustainable and stable upward trajectory for the coin, potentially reducing the risk of abrupt crashes typical of pump-and-dump schemes.

Potential Coinbase Listing Could Propel PEPE Higher

The speculation of a potential listing on Coinbase adds to the optimism surrounding PEPE. Rumor mills have anticipated that Coinbase will soon add PEPE to its trading platform. Given its current price momentum and its growing popularity on social media, this speculation might turn into reality sooner rather than later. Coinbase already lists PEPE perpetual futures on its other platforms, such as Coinbase International, which further adds credibility to these rumors.

Broader Market Factors Boosting PEPE

Beyond its internal dynamics, broader market factors also play a significant role in driving PEPE’s momentum. One notable factor is the recent approval of Ethereum ETFs. These ETFs are expected to uplift the entire Ethereum ecosystem, benefiting all projects and tokens built on it. With PEPE already bullish, the positive ripple effects from a rally across the Ethereum ecosystem could significantly enhance its market position.

Aiming for a $100 Billion Market Cap

With all these positive factors converging, PEPE is well-positioned to achieve remarkable growth in the coming months. Analysts and enthusiasts speculate that it could hit a $100 billion market cap within the year if the current trends continue. This ambitious target, while optimistic, reflects the firm belief in PEPE’s potential to become a significant player in the cryptocurrency market.

More Upside Comingย 

PEPE’s recent performance has been impressive, with a 13% gain in the last 24 hours and a growing number of holders. The organic demand driving PEPE sets it apart from many other meme coins, indicating a more sustainable growth trajectory. Speculation about a potential Coinbase listing and the broader positive impact of Ethereum ETFs further bolster PEPE’s prospects.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, PEPE stands out as a promising asset with the potential for significant gains soon. Whether it will reach the ambitious $100 billion market cap remains to be seen, but the current momentum and market conditions certainly make it a possibility worth watching.

PEPE Making New Highs As Bulls Sustain Momentum

PEPE continues trending upwards as buying volumes rise. Its momentum has accelerated in the last 24 hours, pushing the price towards the $0.00001700 price target. If there is a pullback in the day, it could drop to around $0.00001631, now a critical intra-day support level. Breaching the $0.00001631 support could see PEPE drop to the more solid $0.0001574 support.

Bulls Likely To Remain In Control

While a pullback could always play out in the day, the odds are higher that bulls will remain in control for the remainder of the day. Demand for PEPE remains strong as more buyers jump in to capitalize on the rising prices. At the same time, the broader market is sending bullish signals as Ethereum draws closer to $4k. These are all factors that could keep the coin heading higher in the week.ย 

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