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The Most Promising AI Cryptocurrencies to Buy in June 2024

AI-related cryptocurrencies are growing rapidly, with their market value reaching $38.4 billion. This trend is only increasing. The potential for AI and blockchain convergence is undeniable, given their data-driven nature. AI can accelerate blockchain’s real-world adoption.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing industries globally. Additionally, the cryptocurrency market is embracing AI technology. The demand for AI tools in crypto trading has led to the creation of AI-focused cryptocurrencies. These developments optimize trading strategies and investment decisions.

Identifying the most promising investments can be challenging with numerous AI tokens available. Let’s explore the best AI coins to invest in, including Fetch.ai, Near Protocol, Injective, SingularityNET, and The Render Network. 

Fetch.ai (FET)

Fetch.ai is a leading AI crypto project with an innovative decentralized AI network. It automates and decentralizes web transactions, streamlining tasks like booking parking and flights. Users earn tokens by sharing bandwidth and computing resources peer-to-peer. These tokens can be used within the network or traded on major exchanges.

Fetch.ai aims to build an AI-powered “Internet of Things.” AI agents work to find deals, optimize schedules, or trade on your behalf. The network operates on FET cryptocurrency, paying for AI services and rewarding network contributors. Partnerships with Bosch and Ocean Protocol highlight its real-world potential.

Recently, Fetch.ai partnered with Chainlink to enhance its AI agents’ use of Chainlink’s Oracle networks for real-world data access. This collaboration enables new utilities like DeFi and supply chain management.

Fetch.ai’s BlockAgent tool enhances its Web3 market reputation by monitoring real-time blockchain activities. It allows users to observe multiple chains, facilitating strategic deployment and informed decision-making. 

This partnership and tool signify Fetch.ai’s growing influence in blockchain, offering innovative solutions to complex challenges. The integration with Chainlink and BlockAgent’s capabilities highlights Fetch.ai’s potential in the growing AI-powered economy.

Near Protocol (NEAR)

NEAR Protocol is a scalable blockchain platform designed for mainstream users. It uses advanced sharding technology to ensure high transaction throughput and low fees, addressing common blockchain issues. The platform leverages AI and ML to automate smart contract deployment, network optimization, and security monitoring, reducing development complexity and enhancing the user experience.

NEAR Protocol’s sharding can handle large transaction volumes without slowing down, preventing congestion as more users join. Widespread adoption of this technology could increase NEAR token prices. Developers find it easy to build on NEAR. Launching more projects on NEAR will increase the demand for NEAR tokens, boosting their future value.

Recently, OKX Wallet integrated NEAR Protocol, a sharded PoS L1 blockchain for scaling Web3. NEAR can now be transferred with tokens from over 95 blockchains on OKX Wallet, enhancing its growth potential.

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Injective (INJ)

Injective Protocol is a second-layer cross-chain ecosystem that enables secure derivatives trading across decentralized platforms. It addresses scalability challenges and enhances DeFi interoperability, aiming to simplify user integration while presenting an alternative to centralized exchanges. 

Notable for its cross-chain functionalities, INJ supports margin trading, derivatives, and forex futures. It utilizes a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, enhancing scalability and minimizing energy use, thus offering an eco-friendlier trading option. The INJ token powers global transactions permissionless and provides staking options for earning passive income.

Injective has recently integrated with Binance Pay, broadening its blockchain capabilities. This collaboration connects Injective to Binance Pay’s vast network, enabling INJ token users to conduct transactions effortlessly. Users can now send, receive, and utilize INJ for daily payments across various merchants globally. 

This functionality extends to purchasing goods and services, including booking flights, reserving hotel stays, and shopping online. The integration fosters broader adoption of INJ, facilitating its use in everyday financial activities and global transfers through the Binance Pay platform. Moreover, this will enhance user convenience and expand merchant acceptance, thus bolstering INJ token growth.

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SingularityNet (AGIX)

SingularityNET aims to establish a global AI marketplace, enabling developers to share and monetize their AI tools while allowing users to access solutions for their needs. The platform uses AGIX, a cryptocurrency, to purchase and sell AI services. It emphasizes democratizing AI technology and contributing significantly to advanced AI developments. 

As a decentralized hub, SingularityNET fosters the creation and distribution of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), striving towards human-level AI capabilities. Notably, SingularityNET team members were involved in developing Sophia, the renowned robot. Furthermore, AGIX enables transaction management and decentralized governance within the ecosystem.

SingularityNET has partnered strategically with Origin Trail to advance the Knowledge Layer, an Internet of Knowledge. This collaboration unites two AI industry leaders to enhance a decentralized ecosystem, fostering cooperation among AI agents and infrastructure partners in the decentralized knowledge graph landscape. This development could positively impact AGIX token growth.

The Render Network (RNDR)

Founded in 2016, Render Network provides decentralized GPU-based rendering solutions catering to the growing demand in gaming, NFT art, and metaverse development. It connects users requiring render jobs with available GPU resources, enhancing accessibility and cost-efficiency. Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, Render Token establishes a transparent marketplace for GPU power. 

The recent integration with Apple through OctaneX presents new opportunities for users, expanding its reach and utility. This collaboration positions Render Token for potential growth, tapping into a vast user base for graphic processing needs.

Crypto intelligence firm Santiment reports a surge in RNDR’s active addresses and whale transactions over $100,000, suggesting heightened trader interest. Additionally, RNDR’s social dominance has reached a six-month peak, coinciding with record highs, which could signal the potential for future gains. This uptrend may positively influence RNDR token growth.

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