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Fetch.Ai Price Prediction – $4 An Easy Target As Key Resistance Level Broken

Fetch.Ai has emerged as one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies on a day when most cryptocurrencies are range-bound. In the last 24 hours, Fetch.Ai is up by 12%. Trading volumes are also rising by 60% to hit $782 million. 

Fetch.Ai has grown in popularity because it wants to democratize AI, which many experts are in consensus is the safest way to approach AI. Through Fetch.AI, anyone can access secure datasets that they can use for whatever AI applications they wish to build. Investors are excited that Fetch.Ai’s datasets have found use cases in markets as diverse as DeFi, transport, and even in creating AI-powered smart homes. 

Hype Around AI Is Getting Stronger

Today, Fetch.AI is surging mainly due to huge expectations for AI across the markets. In the stock markets, AI stocks continue to outperform the broader market, and in crypto, top AI cryptocurrencies like Fetch.Ai are showing more robust performance than the wider market. Fetch.Ai is particularly strong thanks to the many use cases that it continues to unveil daily.

For instance, this week, Fetch.Ai revealed that its AI agents have use cases in areas such as automating work, which can help job seekers get tailor-made job recommendations to increase the odds of being hired. This could see significant adoption in the market and help drive up the demand for FET in the long term. 

The Fetch.Ai team also recently revealed how a student leveraged AI Agents to build a smart home solution that uses Google’s Gemini AI. It adds to the increasing use cases for Fetch.Ai agents that have seen Fetch.Ai win collaborations with top corporations like Deutsche Telekom and Bosch in recent times. 

Fetch.Ai Hackathon Is Coming Up

Looking ahead, the odds are that Fetch.Ai will continue to outperform the market, at least in the short term. This is thanks to the upcoming Fetch.AI hackathon on March 31 in Tryst, India. The Hackathon is a big deal because it allows innovators to build AI Agent solutions and services that could further widen the market for Fetch.Ai. The highly publicized nature of the Hackathon means that investors can expect a huge number of transformative innovations to be announced. For Fetch.Ai, it means a possible pump in the price, adding to the momentum that FET has built up so far.

The hype around FET is expected to be enhanced because this AI cryptocurrency is easily accessible on top cryptocurrency exchanges. Anyone looking to buy FET today can easily do so on Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, and Coinbase. As the hackathon approaches, FOMO could easily build up around FET and push it to prices as high as $10 in the short term. 

In the section below, we do a FET price prediction to determine whether it can hit $4 today or within the week. $4 is the next price level that investors are watching as Fetch.Ai sees a surge in buying volumes relative to the rest of the market. 

Fetch.Ai Price Prediction – Why $4 Is Attainable Short-Term

In the last 24 hours, Fetch. Ai has outperformed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by a huge margin. Fetch.Ai is trading at $3.12, and the market capitalization is up by 10% in the last 24 hours to stand at $2.62 billion. 

After consolidating between $2.37 and $3.125 for 17 days, Fetch.Ai is now in a breakout move with high volumes. This breakout if Fetch.Ai closes above $3.1251 today. If FET closes above $3.1251 today, it could easily test $4 or even higher prices this week. 

However, two scenarios could play out if bulls lose momentum and FET closes below $3.1251 today. The first is a continued consolidation between $3.1251 and $2.37. 

On the other hand, if bears take control during the day and push FET through the $2.37 in the day, then prices below $2 could be tested today. 

Why $4 Is A Plausible Target Today

While any of the scenarios above could play out today, the case for $4 FET is strongest. FET has pushed through the $3.1251 resistance with high volumes. This, along with the rising bullish momentum across the market, could see more investors pivoting towards FET in the day.