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Solana Price Making Higher Lows In a Bullish Channel – $200 A Key Target In The Day

Solana (SOL) is experiencing a significant uptick in its price today. As of 07:50 UTC, Solana was up by 5.12% to trade at $173.86. This upward momentum is primarily attributed to the impressive rally of Bitcoin, which has recently surpassed the $71,000 mark. The positive performance of Bitcoin often sets the tone for the broader cryptocurrency market, and altcoins like Solana are following suit.

Bitcoin’s Influence on Solana

The correlation between Bitcoin’s price movements and those of altcoins is well-documented. Bitcoin’s rally through $71,000 today has created bullish sentiment across the crypto market, as evident in Solana’s price action.

Analysts suggest that if Bitcoin sustains this momentum, it could catalyze further gains in altcoins, including Solana. The potential for Bitcoin to push past $73,000 and establish new all-time highs could also set the stage for Solana to make new highs.

Solana’s Ecosystem Developments

Beyond the influence of Bitcoin, Solana’s price is being driven by significant positive developments within its ecosystem. One of the critical advancements is Solana’s progress in addressing network congestion issues. 

Toward the end of last month, Solana validators voted to retain 100% of the priority fees. This decision is pivotal as it aims to mitigate the problem of front-running transactions by validators, which has adversely affected network users. Solana is enhancing its network efficiency and user experience by resolving this issue, which is crucial for long-term growth.

The Resurgence of Meme Coins on Solana

Another factor contributing to Solana’s bullish outlook is the resurgence of meme coin activity on its network. The Solana blockchain, known for its low transaction fees, has become an attractive platform for new projects.

Notably, meme coins like the GameStop token now leverage Solana’s infrastructure, driving demand for SOL. The influx of these projects is expected to create substantial upward pressure on Solana’s price as more transactions and user activities translate to higher demand for SOL tokens.

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Improvements in Solana Decentralized Exchanges 

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) on the Solana network are also undergoing significant upgrades to enhance functionality and user experience. Jupiter DEX, the largest DEX on Solana, recently announced a major upgrade scheduled for this month.

Such improvements are critical as they increase the efficiency and appeal of trading on the Solana network, attracting more users and liquidity. Enhanced DEX performance will likely drive Solana’s adoption and price appreciation further.

Solana Headed To $500 Or Higher 

The convergence of Bitcoin’s bullish momentum and Solana’s ecosystem enhancements sets a promising stage for Solana’s future. If Bitcoin continues its upward trajectory, breaking past $73,000, it could catalyze Solana to reach new heights. The potential explosion of meme coins on the Solana network, combined with ongoing improvements in network efficiency and DEX functionality, positions Solana for a significant bull run.

Market analysts are optimistic that Solana could see substantial gains soon. Some projections suggest that Solana could reach $500 or more if the current positive trends continue. 

Solana Headed To $500 Or Higher

Source: TradingView

For the last 24 hours, Solana has been trading in a bullish channel, making higher lows all along. This indicates that every slight dip in the price is being brought up. Solana has found strong support at around $172.87 in the latest dip, but bulls are regaining control. If Solana bulls regain full control, the critical level to watch would be the $174.14 intra-day resistance. 

If bulls can push through the $174.14 resistance in the day, then Solana could easily hit a high of $200. However, if bulls lose momentum and Solana drops below the $172.87 support with high volumes, it would indicate that the bullish channel is broken. Solana could experience a slight correction to around $169.43 in such a case, a critical weekly support level.

Solana Price Prediction 

There is a higher likelihood of Solana rallying to $200 today than dropping below $172. That’s because Bitcoin, the key trigger of the rally today, is gaining bullish momentum. This means altcoins, especially the large-cap ones, are likely to keep trading in the overall direction of Bitcoin. Momentum in top altcoins like Solana and Binance Coin is already accelerating, and it is a pointer of things to come. 

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