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Solana Price Prediction – SOL Could Bounce To $159 If Key Support Holds

The highly anticipated Bitcoin halving event, which occurred yesterday, has yet to trigger the expected price surge in Bitcoin. However, one immediate consequence of the halving is a significant increase in Bitcoin transaction fees.

Bitcoin transaction fees have soared by up to 30%. This spike in transaction fees can be attributed to the concurrent launch of the Runes Protocol on Bitcoin, spearheaded by renowned Bitcoiner Casey Rodarmor.

Rodarmor Launches Runes – Meme Coins On Bitcoin

Rodarmor is renowned for his previous release of Ordinals and has now introduced Runes. Like Ordinals, Runes allows users to mint tokens directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, in this instance, Runes focuses on creating meme coins rather than NFTs.

The influx of meme coins launched on the Bitcoin network has led to a rapid escalation in transaction fees, creating a temporary strain on the network. While fees are expected to stabilize over time, Solana is one clear beneficiary of this development.

A Win For Solana

Solana has witnessed a surge in meme coin launches throughout the year owing to its low transaction fees. However, this influx caused congestion issues on the Solana network last month. The congestion was so bad that it almost rendered Solana unusable. Nevertheless, Solana has since rolled out a mainnet update to address these scalability challenges, ensuring a smoother experience for users.

As a result, Solana emerges as an increasingly attractive platform for conducting transactions at minimal fees. Solana is an ideal environment for launching and trading meme coins, especially after the Bitcoin halving. The exorbitant fees on the Bitcoin network may prompt users to explore alternative platforms like Solana, potentially boosting its adoption and value.

General Optimism In Cryptocurrencies Post-Bitcoin Halving

Solana’s potential is increased by the anticipation surrounding Bitcoin’s halving. Investors expect this event to kickstart an altcoin rally that has recently seen some altcoins rally by up to 1000X.  With Solana positioned to capitalize on the influx of users seeking low-fee alternatives, it stands as a prime contender for significant growth in the ensuing bull rally at some point this year. Overall, as the effects of the halving begin to materialize and market sentiment remains optimistic, Solana’s odds of a price rally are high. 

In the section below, we make a Solana price prediction to try and determine how SOL could trade this post-Bitcoin halving weekend. 

Solana Consolidating Amidst Rising Buying Volumes, A Bullish Signal 

In the aftermath of the Bitcoin halving, Solana has been consolidating over the past 24 hours. Solana is trading within a narrow range between the $146.50 resistance and the $140.65 support levels. However, amidst this consolidation, an uptick in buying volumes suggests the potential for a breakout.

Should bulls succeed in breaching the $146.50 resistance level today, it could signify a buildup in bullish momentum. This could propel Solana towards the $200 mark this weekend. This scenario indicates an optimistic outlook for Solana’s short-term price action.

Conversely, failure to surpass the $146.50 resistance level could lead to two possible scenarios. The first involves a continuation of the range-bound trading pattern. Solana could oscillate between the already established resistance and support levels. This scenario implies a period of price stability as market participants await further developments, especially about Bitcoin. 

However, if bears seize control and push Solana below the $140.65 support level, it could trigger a bearish downturn, potentially revisiting the recent low of $116.45 recorded a week ago. This outcome would signal a reversal of fortunes and could mark a period of lower lows in the short term. 

Why A Bullish Breakout Is Highly Likely

While the above scenarios could play out today, the odds are higher for a bullish breakout. That’s because there is a general sense of optimism in cryptocurrencies because, historically, the halving triggers rallies. Then there is the fact that Solana looks increasingly attractive for transactions, especially now that Bitcoin transaction fees have rocketed up to 30% of total coins sent.