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SEC ends investigation into Ethereum developer Consensys

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided to close its investigation into whether Ethereum’s native token, Ether (ETH), should be classified as a security. This decision marks a notable shift in the regulatory landscape for Ethereum and its developers.

 SEC Ends Ethereum Security Investigation

Consensys, a significant developer within the Ethereum network, announced on June 19 via an X post that the SEC’s Enforcement Division has concluded its probe into Ethereum 2.0. The closure of the investigation means Ether won’t be charged as a security. This outcome has alleviated significant concerns within the crypto community.

The decision follows a letter from Consensys to the SEC on June 7, inquiring about the potential end of the investigation. This inquiry came shortly after the approval of spot Ether ETFs in May, reinforcing the commodity status of ETH.

Laura Brookover, Senior Counsel at Consensys, highlighted the importance of this development. The SEC has confirmed it will not take any enforcement action against Ether. This decision is a significant victory for Consensys and other stakeholders in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Legal Background and Market Reaction

The backdrop of this decision involves several legal challenges and regulatory actions. In March, reports surfaced about the SEC issuing subpoenas related to its efforts to classify ETH as a security. Consensys subsequently filed a lawsuit against the SEC in April after receiving a Wells notice concerning its MetaMask wallet, indicating potential securities law violations.

Despite closing the Ethereum 2.0 investigation, the SEC cautioned that this decision doesn’t absolve Ethereum of potential issues. The agency clarified that future actions are still possible. Additionally, the agency indicated that it might still take action in the future based on ongoing investigations into Ethereum and related activities. This statement highlights the temporary nature of the SEC’s decision and reminds us that Ethereum could still face regulatory scrutiny.

Ethereum and Related Coins See Notable Gains

Several Ethereum-related cryptocurrencies, including Lido DAO’s LDO token, Ethereum Name Service (ENS), and Maker (MKR), have experienced significant gains, each rising by double-digit percentages over the past day.

However, the market responded positively to the news, highlighting the current ETH price at $3,530, which has increased by 2.51% recently. Ethereum’s price fluctuated over the day, significantly rising from a low near $3,442 to a peak before slightly retracting. Ethereum currently has a market cap of around $435 billion. Its trading volume has reached $19.75 billion in the last 24 hours.

ETH/USD, 24hrs price chart, Source: CoinMarketCap

This snapshot offers an essential overview for investors and enthusiasts tracking Ethereum’s financial dynamics. This resolution is pivotal at a time when regulatory clarity is much sought after in the burgeoning crypto sector. The SEC’s recent decisions could pave the way for more structured and definitive regulations governing cryptocurrencies.

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