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Pulsar Finance Integrates Solana to Enhance Cross-Chain Portfolio Tracking


  • Pulsar Finance has added Solana to its platform to streamline cross-chain asset management.
  • This integration allows users to manage portfolios without connecting wallets, prioritizing privacy.
  • Solana’s unique transaction speed and low costs contribute to its integration, supporting Pulsar’s growth.

Pulsar Finance, a multi-chain portfolio tracker, has officially integrated the Solana blockchain into its platform. According to the announcement on X, the plan aims to enhance asset management across various chains, addressing the fragmentation challenges in the Web3 ecosystem.

Addressing Web3 Fragmentation

Pulsar Finance, established in 2021 and acquired by Terraform Labs in 2023, continues to lead the portfolio management landscape. With Solana now part of its offerings, the platform supports asset tracking across 113 blockchains, providing a comprehensive solution for users to manage their digital assets efficiently.

Co-founder Eduardo Alves highlighted the need for an effective asset management solution in the fragmented Web3 space. He noted,

Keeping up with your portfolio’s value using Spreadsheets and manual tracking is incredibly time-consuming. Luckily, our Portfolio Tracker fixes this, and we’re the number one solution for Web3 asset management.

Users can manage their assets on the platform without connecting their wallets. Instead, they can add their Solana address or utilize the Solana Name Service, ensuring privacy and security.

Solana Integration: A Game-Changer

The integration of Solana is vital due to its unique speed and low transaction costs. Solana’s growing trading volume has increased its market capitalization, solidifying its position as the fifth-largest cryptocurrency, according to CoinMarket Cap data. This surge in metrics indicates a rising demand for Solana solutions and its promising long-term prospects.

Alves emphasized Solana’s importance in the multi-chain ecosystem, stating,

Solana has become an integral part of the multi-chain world due to its low transaction fees, lightning-fast execution, and amazing UX. This integration is a huge milestone in our mission of becoming the biggest portfolio tracker in the market.

Pulsar Finance has ambitious plans for further expansion. The company is currently working on adding two other major blockchains to its network. Alves reiterated the company’s goal, “Pulsar Finance aims to become the biggest portfolio tracker in the market; hence, the integration of Solana into its system is the right step in the right direction”

The Rise in Solana-Based Meme Coins

The integration of Solana into Pulsar Finance coincides with a surge in Solana-based meme coins. Tokens like Dogwifhat and Lucky Boo have seen significant price increases and community engagement. Dogwifhat rose by 400% in March, while Lucky Boo’s presale sold out in hours. This activity highlights the need for effective portfolio management tools for Solana assets. 

Pulsar Finance’s support for Solana addresses this demand, offering users a cohesive way to manage their investments. This integration helps efficiently handle the growing diversity of assets within the Solana ecosystem.