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DogWifHat Price Prediction – WIF Eyes $4 Today As Volumes Surge

DogWifHat is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies today, as of 10:49 UTC.  At that point, DogWifHat traded at $3.37, up 18%. Trading volumes also rose by 95%, hitting a high of $735 million.

DogWifHat is one of the leading meme coins in the market today, one that has distinguished itself with tokenomics that rival those of high-utility cryptocurrencies. DogWifHat has 998,906,155 in circulating supply, a number that is equal to the total tokens minted. This means there is no chance of inflation. Besides, that’s a pretty low number of tokens for a meme coin, which further adds to the attractive nature of DogWifHat as an investment. 

Solana Meme Coins Gain Momentum 

Today’s DogWifHat rally is in tandem with the growing excitement around Solana-based tokens. The reason behind it is pretty simple: the costs of trading such tokens are very low, thanks to Solana’s ultra-low transaction costs. Besides, Solana has been working to resolve many issues plaguing its blockchain lately, especially network congestion. This has made Solana-based meme coins like WIF attractive to investors looking to allocate even a small amount of capital into meme coins. 

Of the Solana many Solana meme coins dotting the crypto landscape, DogWifHat stands out for the aforementioned factors, especially its impressive tokenomics. 

WIF’s Credibility Gives It A Boost

Additionally, WIF has an element of credibility that not many meme coins have today. Meme coins launch daily, and many of them promise 1000s of percentages in gains in a short time. Unfortunately, many are scams pulling the rug under investors’ feet. WIF is among the Solana meme coins that have proven themselves in the market as having credible teams behind them. Adding to the credibility is that WIF is listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.

A Marketing Campaign Is Coming Up

Investors are also increasingly turning to DogWifHat thanks to a marketing campaign that the team behind it announced earlier in the month. Investors are anticipating that this marketing campaign could help trigger a price rally for WIF, especially now that the broader crypto market is turning bullish as the impact of last week’s Bitcoin starts to take effect.


In the section below, we do a DogWifHat price prediction to try and determine how it could trade for the remainder of the day and for the coming days. 

DogWifHat Crypto Price Prediction 

DogWifHat is gaining upside momentum, with the market capitalization now up by 20% to hit a high of $3.42 billion.

DogWifHat Crypto Price Prediction 

Earlier today, DogWifHat broke out of a multi-day consolidation by pushing through the $3.1588 resistance with high volumes. Since that time, bulls have been in control, with WIF making higher lows. It signals that every tiny dip WIF makes is being bought up as bullish sentiment rises. 

If bullish momentum is sustained during the day, the critical level to watch today will be an intra-day high of $3.43. If bulls can push WIF through the intra-day high of $3.43, then $4 or more could come into focus within the day. 

On the other hand, if volumes drop during the day, WIF could enter a period of consolidation or turn bearish during the day. If volumes drop but WIF holds above $3.33, a key support level in the last few hours, WIF could trade between the $3.33 support and $3.43 resistance for the rest of the day.  However, if bears take control and push WIF through the $3.33 support, WIF could easily hit $3.15, a significant support level in the day. 

Why $4 Or More Is Within Reach Today 

Despite the unpredictable nature of markets, the odds are high that WIF could hit $4 or more today. This is quite evident in the fact that WIF buying volumes are rising. This indicates that buyers are firmly in control and likely to keep increasing prices. Besides, WIF is getting a lot of momentum from the broader market, as overall momentum signals a potential breakout. If Bitcoin pushes through $70k, as many indicators show, WIF could easily hit prices as high as $10. It already has the momentum.