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Pepe Price Prediction: Why PEPE Is on the Verge of a Breakout To $0.00001700

PEPE, like the broader cryptocurrency market, is experiencing a downtrend today. Over the past 24 hours, PEPE has declined by 7.56%, trading at $0.0001128. However, it might be poised for a significant upside breakout in the short term based on its recent price action.

Market Analysis – PEPE Bears Losing Momentum, A Bullish Signal

PEPE coin price chart
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Over the past week, PEPE has been predominantly bearish. Despite the ongoing correction, bears have not managed to erase the long green candle from the week of May 20 – May 26. This indicates that bears lack the strength to trigger a complete trend reversal for the meme coin.

PEPE is showing signs of a bullish pushback on the weekly chart. After hitting a low of $0.00001091 earlier in the week, bulls have pushed it higher to its current price of $0.00001119. If the coin ends the week around this level, it could set the stage for a major bullish reversal next week, potentially retesting its recent highs of $0.00001724. This potential upside is reinforced by the broader market dynamics, including Ethereum’s and Bitcoin’s prospective rallies.

Factors Supporting a Bullish Reversal

Several factors contribute to the expectation of a bullish reversal for PEPE. One significant factor is the growing bullish sentiment around the Ethereum ecosystem. Optimism is building that Ethereum could be heading for a significant price rebound, especially following the conclusion of the SEC’s investigation into Ethereum.

Additionally, there is increased optimism that Ethereum ETFs will likely start trading on July 2. This anticipated demand for ETH could positively impact the entire Ethereum ecosystem. As PEPE is an ERC-20 token that has historically performed well during Ethereum rallies, it can benefit significantly if Ethereum’s price surges past $4,000 quickly.

Bitcoin’s Influence on the Market

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, also plays a crucial role in PEPE’s potential for a bullish reversal. Despite its current price weakness, Bitcoin is showing signs of bottoming out. On the weekly charts, Bitcoin is consolidating between the $71,194 resistance and $60,984 support levels. This consolidation suggests that a breakout could be imminent.

With rising institutional demand for Bitcoin globally, such as the recent launch of Australia’s Bitcoin ETF, a bullish breakout could surprise investors. Furthermore, Standard Chartered’s recent announcement of launching a Bitcoin and Ethereum trading desk adds to the bullish case for the market. This development could significantly boost investor confidence and drive the crypto market higher, including PEPE.

PEPE’s Potential in a Bullish Market

These developments signal a bullish outlook for PEPE, which has demonstrated strong performance during cryptocurrency rallies and acts as a robust Ethereum beta. If Bitcoin and Ethereum experience significant price increases, PEPE will likely follow suit. The growing institutional interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum and the positive sentiment surrounding Ethereum’s potential ETF approval create a favorable environment for PEPE’s price to rise.

There is also the strong community that PEPE has built so far. This year, PEPE has emerged as one of the best meme coins. In the process, it has built a reputation that few meme coins can match. As investors anticipate Ethereum will trigger alt-season, PEPE will be among the meme coins that draw in the most volumes. This allows PEPE to eliminate a zero or two in the coming months. Such expectations are likely to put a floor as to how low it can go and set the stage for a bullish reversal.

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PEPE Rebound Incoming

While PEPE is experiencing a downtrend in line with the broader cryptocurrency market, its long-term prospects remain promising. The brewing bullish sentiment around Ethereum, the potential for Ethereum ETFs, and Bitcoin’s consolidation and possible breakout all contribute to a positive outlook for PEPE. As an ERC-20 token, PEPE is well-positioned to benefit from any significant rallies in Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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