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ONDO Price Could Trigger Soon Due To RWA Payments Network
  • ONDO Finance Launches RWA Payments Network 
  • Move positions ONDO for growth in the fast-growing RWA Space
  • ONDO price yet to respond, held down by bearish sentiment across the market

Like much of the market, ONDO Finance is experiencing a downturn today, with its value dropping by 4.52% to $0.788 as of 11:32 UTC. However, amid the price drop, ONDO has unveiled a groundbreaking development that could trigger a bullish reversal. 

ONDO Partners With Zebec Network

The ONDO team has announced the launch of a Real-World Assets (RWA) payment network, a move set to revolutionize the landscape of digital finance. In a tweet, ONDO Finance celebrated the integration of $USDY with Zebec Network’s Instant Card and RWA Payments technology, heralding a new era of seamless financial transactions.

Zebec Network, a decentralized infrastructure network, facilitates the frictionless movement of real-world value, empowering users with immediate control over their funds and tokens. The integration of Zebec’s real-time payroll apps and on-chain payments infrastructure promises to transcend the limitations of traditional banking, providing unparalleled efficiency and accessibility.

ONDO Finance Optimistic About Collaboration With Zebec

Justin, President of ONDO Finance, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the transformative potential of Zebec Network’s payment technology. By enabling payments by the second and enhancing overall efficiency, Zebec’s integration of USDY into its payment solutions represents a significant milestone for both platforms, offering users high-quality yield on their balances.

Sam Thapaliya, Founder of Zebec Network, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the integration as a pivotal moment in their shared mission to redefine global financial ecosystems. Incorporating USDY, a market-leading tokenized real-world asset, into Zebec’s product suite further solidifies the platform’s commitment to empowering businesses and individuals with unprecedented financial flexibility and efficiency.

USDY Integration Points To ONDO’s Growth 

The integration of USDY with Zebec Network’s payment infrastructure underscores the growing significance of ONDO within the rapidly expanding RWA ecosystem. As digital finance continues to evolve, ONDO Finance emerges as a key player, facilitating the seamless integration of real-world assets into the digital realm.

However, it is crucial to note that USDY is not available for offering, sale, or access in the United States or to US persons, and it has not been registered under the US Securities Act. Despite this limitation, the integration of USDY with Zebec Network’s payment solutions represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of digital finance, paving the way for greater accessibility and efficiency in financial transactions.

As ONDO Finance prepares to leverage its newfound partnership with Zebec Network, investors and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the platform’s trajectory in the coming weeks. 

Let’s now do an ONDO price analysis to determine how it could trade for the rest of the day and the weekend. 

ONDO Heading Lower As It Loses Key Support

Like other cryptocurrencies, ONDO is bearish today. Bearish sentiment has accelerated in the last few hours. This has seen ONDO drop through the $0.7989 intra-day support. If bears sustain the current momentum, ONDO could hit $0.763, a critical inter-day support level today or within the weekend. 

However, two scenarios could play out if bears lose momentum within the day. The first is a possible consolidation between $0.782 minor support and $0.7989, now intra-day resistance. 

In the other scenario, bulls retake market control and push ONDO through the $0.7989 resistance. In such a scenario, ONDO could hit a high of $0.816 within the weekend.

Which Way For ONDO? 

From the last few days, ONDO is headed lower. However, ONDO could make a rebound, especially if Bitcoin maintains above $60k and bounces off it. That’s because BTC could uplift the broader market, including ONDO. Besides, ONDO has big news that could help add to the momentum if there is a rebound across the market. 

The Real-World Asset Tokenization space will be worth over a trillion dollars in the coming years. By entrenching itself in this space, ONDO could be up for significant value growth as the market prices in the news of its partnership with Zebec Network.