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ONDO Price Prediction – $1 In Focus As ONDO Tests New Feature

ONDO is one of the few cryptocurrencies sending bullish signals today. ONDO is up 4%, with volumes rising. This comes at a time when most cryptocurrencies are either rangebound or bearish. The bullish trend by ONDO follows a groundbreaking development by the ONDO team.

ONDO Tests New Instant Conversion Feature

Ondo Finance conducted a feature test allowing instant conversion between USDC and BlackRock’s BUIDL token. It promises nearly instant transaction speeds — a big deal in digital asset liquidity. According to Etherscan data, an ONDO wallet on the Ethereum blockchain executed a $250k BUIDL-to-USDC redemption Tuesday on-chain to prove viability.


We are leveraging this capability to power instant 24/7/365 redemptions of OUSG into USDC,” said Allman, an important figure in the ONDO ecosystem, according to CoinDesk.

The OUSG stands for Ondo Short-Term US Government Treasuries token, backed by securities issued by the United States government, making it more stable and reliable. Moreover, this seamless conversion mechanism makes liquidity work easier, showing how committed ONDO is to democratizing access to institutional-grade finance.

ONDO’s Partnership With BlackRock Gives It An Edge In RWAs

ONDO Finance has been known as a forerunner in real-world asset tokenization ever since industry giant BlackRock projected that the RWAs market could be worth as much as $10 trillion in the coming years. With BlackRock as one of ONDO Finance’s main partners, ONDO has an advantage over competitors and puts them in a great spot regarding innovations regarding real-world asset tokenization.

Plus, ONDO token holders play a central role in shaping the future trajectory of Ondo Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The Ondo DAO leads the project’s mission to democratize access to institutional-grade finance. With specific rights, ONDO holders can influence Flux Finance, which the Ondo DAO now governs. This participatory governance model will encourage community engagement and guarantee that ONDO stays at the forefront of progress and innovation.

Easily Available On Top Exchanges

Besides the growing RWAs market and ONDO’s partnership with BlackRock, ONDO is available on most top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges. It is available on exchanges like Gate.io, KuCoin, and Kraken.  This could help drive up the retail market as this news filters into the market going into the weekend. 

ONDO Crypto Price Prediction 

ONDO is one of the top cryptocurrencies sending bullish signals today. In the last 24 hours, ONDO has gone up by 3.06% to $0.786. Trading volumes rose 66% in the last 24 hours to $251.357 million. 

ONDO is currently in consolidation, and the rising price and volumes point to a potential price breakout ahead of the rest of the market. ONDO is currently trading between $0.76218 support and $0.84747 resistance. However, rising buying volumes are putting the $0.8747 resistance into focus. If ONDO bulls can push through the $0.84747 resistance today, then $1 or higher could come into play within the weekend. 

On the other hand, if volumes drop, dragged down by the rest of the market, ONDO could consolidate between $0.84747 and $0.7621 going into the weekend. 

However, if bears take control and push ONDO through the $0.7621 support, then prices around $0.40 could be coming up over the weekend. 

The Bullish Case For ONDO 

While any of the above scenarios could play out today, the odds are high that ONDO will soon be headed to $1 or higher. This will mainly be driven by news that ONDO has tested a new feature that makes the RWA market even more attractive to investors. 

This adds to ONDO’s edge over its competitors, which was established through its partnership with BlackRock.  This collaboration lends credibility and vouches for ONDO’s potential to reshape financial landscapes while helping it capitalize on the growing demand for tokenized real-world assets. 

The news of the ONDO feature couldn’t have come at a better time. Bitcoin is only a week from halving, so the next crypto bull super cycle is approaching. This means altcoins could be about to explode as well. With ONDO’s latest move entrenching it in the fast-growing RWA space, the odds are that it will be one of the altcoins that do well in a bull market.