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MINU Price Prediction – $400k Token Burn Could Trigger 100% Rally Today

MINU, like the rest of the market, has dipped in the last 24 hours. In this period, MINU is down by 13% to trade at $0.0000005306. The market dip presents an opportunity to buy into high-potential cryptocurrencies. Going by what is happening around MINU, it easily stands out as one of the best meme coins to buy the dip in anticipation of a major price rally as the broader market finds its footing. 

MINU is a meme coin that runs on the Binance Smart Chain. However, unlike most meme coins that rely mostly on the hype around a meme theme, mostly a dog, MINU has an actual use case backing it up. MINU has an app for mining, where miners are rewarded with 8% returns daily, and these returns are usually paid out in BNB.

 The mining process adds to the total locked value of MINU tokens, improving MINU’s supply and demand dynamics over time. Since only MINU holders can participate in the mining, it means that, as more people seek to take advantage of the 8% return that MINU offers, it adds to the overall demand for MINU over time. 

94% Of Total Supply Now Burned

The token burn is the main reason why MINU is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy in this market dip. Last week, the MINU team announced that a major token burn was coming. They made good on that promise yesterday by burning $400k worth of tokens.

This has now brought the total amount of MINU burned to 94% of the total supply. This burn is a big deal because demand is now chasing a substantially smaller amount of MINU tokens. Using basic economics presents the case for a substantial price rally for MINU, one that could see MINU tokens quickly rocket by 100X in this bull cycle. 

CEX Listing Coming Up 

Besides the token burn, the MINU team made several announcements that all add to MINU’s potential as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy and hold today. One of them is that they are in the process of striking a deal with a CEX that will support MINU’s 5/5 tax fees. This is a big deal because one of the key factors holding MINU back is the lack of a CEX listing.

Not many investors are versed in decentralized exchanges, and that’s where most of the MINU trading is currently happening. Once the CEX listing, the ease of purchase could see MINU rocket by thousands of percentages quickly. The best part is that the MINU team has been proven to comprise of people who care about the project. This adds to confidence that such a listing is indeed coming soon. 

Marketing Efforts Ongoing

The MINU team announced that they will continue marketing the token. This, too, is a plus because the meme coin market is currently flooded. As such, efforts to sell a project with the strengths of MINU add to the potential for MINU to rocket once the current marketwide correction subsides. 

Anyone looking to buy MINU can do so through the famous PancakeSwap DEX. MINU is available on several small centralized exchanges such as P2B and ProBit. Both of these are easy to use. 

In the section below, we make a MINU price prediction to determine whether it could see a significant bullish reversal that could see it rally by 100% or more in hours. 

MINU Price Prediction – 100% Crypto In The Making

In the last 24 hours, MINU has dropped by 13% to trade at $0.0000005306. Trading volumes have fallen by 6.79% to stand at $4.03 million. 

After a sustained downtrend for the last 24 hours, MINU has found support at $0.0000004943 and has bounced off this price level with high volumes. MINU is now forming a bullish reversal pattern, an indicator that it can easily erase all the losses from the past 24 hours today. 

The news of the token burn and upcoming CEX listing likely supports this. The broader market is also stabilizing, with Bitcoin holding above $66k. If the broader market turns bullish today, a 100% rally for MINU would be attainable in the last 24 hours.