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MINU Price Prediction – Why MINU Could Kill A Zero This Easter Weekend

Minu is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies today, and all indicators are that it could be headed much higher. As of 12:56 UTC, MINU was trading at $0.0000005716, up by 23.88%. Trading volumes were also on the rise, up by 16% to a high of $4.47 million.

The strong momentum for MINU has been triggered by a series of good news from the MINU team. Through their X account, the MINU team has announced that they are now fully audited by Certik. This has sent a strong message to the market that the MINU smart contract is 100%, and this inspires more investors to jump into this project at a time when its price is pumping. 

An Upcoming Token Burn 

The MINU team has also announced that a massive token burn is coming up. This is a big deal as the price of MINU could be about to pump significantly if there is a significant reduction in the token supply. Analysts are already speculating that a MINU token burn could trigger a 100X price rally, which would easily propel MINU into the top 500 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, a key goal of the MINU team. 

Organic Demand Is Strong

All this news adds to the already rising organic demand for MINU, driven by its use case. MINU is designed as a platform for mining BNB. Anyone who holds MINU can mine BNB, which has attracted many investors to this project. That’s because Binance Coin is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the market today.

As such, MINU holders, the only ones who can mine via the MINU app, benefit in two ways. First, mining helps increase the total value locked by MINU, which helps safeguard MINU’s token value in the future. Secondly, MINU holders benefit by earning BNB, a top-tier cryptocurrency that guarantees stable long-term value growth. 

Team Working On CEX Listings 

Another set of good news from the MINU team is that after the upcoming token burn, they will pursue a major centralized exchange listing as part of their road map. This is a big deal because it will open up MINU to a much broader investor base than it currently has. Right now, MINU is only listed on a few obscure DEXs and is mostly traded on DEXs. However, most retail investors are not conversant with how DEXs work, this is limiting to MINU. Nonetheless, momentum is building up an indicator that a prominent exchange listing could easily propel MINU to a 100X rally. 

Overall, MINU is pumping because of some big news coming from the MINU team regarding the contract audit and an upcoming token burn that could see the token rocket by 100X or more. 

MINU Forming Higher Lows, A Strong Bullish Signal

MINU is forming higher lows on the one-hour chart, an indicator that every single dip is being bought up quickly. It is also an indicator that bullish momentum is on the rise and that MINU could make new highs within the day. 

If MINU bulls can push the price through the day’s high of $0.0000007000, then there would be not much resistance to the upside. In such a scenario, MINU could easily kill a zero within the day. 

However, if bulls lose momentum, two scenarios could play out today. The first is a consolidation between $0.000000600 and $0.0000005000 price levels. 

The second one is a possible correction, one that could see MINU drop to around $0.0000004500, which is now a key support level in the day. 

MINU Price Prediction – Why MINU Could Kill A Zero This Long Weekend

While any of the three scenarios could play out today, the odds are high that MINU could see even more gains today and quickly kill a zero before Monday. That’s because there is a lot of FOMO buildup around MINU in anticipation of the upcoming token burn that the MINU team describes as massive and could see MINU make it to the top 500 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

There is also the fact that investors are seeking out cryptocurrencies that could do well in the hype cycle expected after Bitcoin halving. With its big news, MINU presents such a perfect opportunity, which means a surge in demand going forward.