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Kraken Enters Sports Arena By Partnering With Atletico Madrid Football Club

Kraken, one of the top crypto exchanges, has disclosed its partnership with Atletico de Madrid, Spain’s most iconic football club. Kraken will become the club’s Official crypto and Web3 sponsor, and the exchange’s logo is anticipated to appear on players’ sleeves by the 2024/25 game season.

On July 10, the official X account (formerly Twitter) of Kraken stated:

“Together, we are advancing crypto adoption both on and off the pitch. Starting from the 2024/25 season, our logo will proudly appear on the sleeves of Atletico Madrid’s playing kits.”

The collaboration aims to merge sports and web3 worlds, unlocking potential opportunities for football fans and crypto enthusiasts. This significant move marks a shared vision of innovation and digital experience for both entities’ followers.

Kraken And Atletico Madrid to Promote Web3 Innovation

Kraken’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mayur Gupta, commented that the exchange is proud to partner with the renowned football club. Just as the club honed its skills in the sports industry, the firm has also worked for more than 13 years to become one of the most trusted platforms in the crypto space, he said. Gupta further stated we look forward to educating the public about crypto’s true potential and values through this collaboration.

Kraken and Atletico Madrid are joining forces to revolutionize the fan experience through digital innovations. By harnessing Web3’s capabilities and digital technology, supporters can interact with their beloved football club in new and exciting ways. Similarly, this partnership will bridge the gaps between traditional sports fandom and the evolving world of digital assets. 

Atlético de Madrid Chief Revenue and Operating Officer Óscar Mayo expressed his excitement about the partnership and stated:

At Atlético de Madrid, we aim for innovation and technology, and Kraken is the ideal partner to help us reach these objectives. We are sure that this partnership will ensure that our fans enjoy a digital experience which extends beyond matchdays at the stadium.

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Kraken’s Sports Partnerships

It’s not the first time Kraken has collaborated with prominent sports officials. In 2023, the exchange announced its partnership with William Racings of Formula 1. Exchange has always stepped forward to promote an innovative future of finance in the technology sector. 

Likewise, Atletico de Madrid has always worked to enhance engagement by leveraging digital technology. The club also has a fan token named Atletico de Madrid Fan Token (ATM), built in collaboration with Socio.com. The token’s objective is to increase community engagement and participation in the club.

Nevertheless, Kraken’s partnership as an official sponsor will increase its presence in the sports industry. By featuring its logo on the team’s jerseys, Kraken will gain prominent exposure, raise brand awareness, and promote cryptocurrency’s benefits to audiences across the globe.

By sharing these mutual goals, both entities could powerfully shape the future of technology. Awareness and education will enable their fans to seek opportunities in Web3 and technology. Setting a precedent for future collaborations in sports and crypto spaces will lead to mass crypto adoption hereafter.

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