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Gala (GALA) Surges 18% Following Swift Funds Recovery After $214 Million Hack

Hack Reversal Has Renewed Investor Confidence In GALA 

Gala (GALA) is making headlines today as one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies, experiencing an impressive 18% increase in the past 24 hours. As of 10:42 UTC, GALA was trading at $0.049. This surge comes days after a multi-million dollar hack that caused a sharp price drop.

Hackers Minted 5 Billion GALA Tokens

The hack occurred two days ago, when an attacker exploited a vulnerability in Gala Games’ system, minting 5 billion unauthorized GALA tokens worth approximately $214 million. The hacker then sold 592 million of these tokens for 5,952 ETH, valued at $21.8 million. Gala Games quickly identified the breach and blacklisted the hacker’s address, preventing further sales of the stolen tokens.

Funds Recovered Through Swift Action 

In a reassuring update, Gala Games announced they had successfully recovered the funds lost in the hack. According to their blog post, the team’s prompt actions, combined with the involvement of federal law enforcement, led to the return of over $20 million in ETH to the Gala ecosystem.

Details of the Incident

On May 20th, Gala Games’ monitoring systems detected an abnormal transfer of $200 million GALA tokens on the Ethereum network. Recognizing the threat, the team swiftly activated the blocklist protocol on GalaChain, freezing any further unauthorized minting and movement of GALA tokens. Within 45 minutes, 90% of the minted tokens were locked, significantly curbing the potential damage.

Recent Upgrade Helped In Recovery

The recent GALA v2 contract upgrade proved crucial in mitigating the hack. It allowed Gala’s security team to quickly blacklist the hacker’s wallet and freeze the stolen tokens. This decisive action stopped the exploit from escalating further.

Gala Games also engaged U.S. Federal law enforcement to address the breach, ensuring a thorough investigation and legal action against the perpetrators. This collaboration points to Gala’s commitment to robust security and transparency.

Restoring Confidence

Gala’s swift response and successful recovery efforts have restored confidence in the GALA token. The Gala team confirmed that the incident was isolated to the Ethereum network and did not compromise the core minting capabilities of GALA on GalaChain. Gala’s internal controls and multi-sig security protocols, designed to prevent such breaches, were highlighted as critical elements in managing the incident effectively.

Users To Be Reimbursed 

In addition to recovering the funds, Gala plans to reimburse users who faced high transaction fees due to the hack. They also announced an upcoming governance vote to decide whether the blacklisted GALA tokens should be considered burned, which could impact the token’s supply distribution.

Commitment to Security and Transparency

Expressing gratitude to their partners for their swift assistance, Gala reaffirmed their dedication to security and transparency. They promised ongoing updates as the investigation continues and emphasized their proactive measures to prevent future incidents.

Despite the breach, Gala Chain remains a secure and reliable blockchain platform. The team’s handling of incidents has demonstrated their resilience and commitment to protecting their community and ecosystem.

Looking Ahead

This recovery has rekindled trust within the Gala community, highlighting the team’s dedication to security and progress. As GALA rebounds and gains momentum, the broader cryptocurrency community is watching closely, reassured by Gala’s robust response and ongoing efforts to safeguard their platform.

The breach points to the challenges and unpredictability of pioneering in the web3 space. However, Gala’s effective crisis management and commitment to transparency position them well for the future.

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GALA Breaks Out Of Month Long Consolidation 

GALA Breaks Out Of Month Long Consolidation

Source: TradingView

Since April, GALA has consolidated between the $0.046 resistance and $0.039 support. There was a downside breakout two days ago after the hack was reported. However, today’s rebound has seen GALA clear monthly resistance with high volumes. If the current momentum continues, GALA could easily hit a high of $0.07 in the day. 

However, if the broader market slows down and GALA buying volumes drop, GALA could end up consolidating around $0.046, now a critical support level. On the other hand, if bears retake control across the market, GALA could retest the $0.039 support in the short term. 

GALA Likely Headed To $0.07 Or Higher

Of all the scenarios that could play out today, a rally to $0.07 seems more likely. That’s because of the confidence the GALA team has instilled in investors. At the same time, the broader market is sending bullish signals, with Bitcoin holding firmly above $69k.

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