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Breaking ground: Gala's Santiago Studio propels Mirandus and Empires forward

Gala Games has recently announced its strategic expansion into Santiago, Chile, which is being seen as a transformative development in the blockchain gaming industry. The opening of a new studio in this region is expected to give rise to a new era of cutting-edge and immersive games, with special emphasis on the highly anticipated Mirandus and The Walking Dead: Empires.

Gala Games’ foray into the Chilean market also underscores its unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology and delivering unique gaming experiences to players worldwide.

Mirandus: Where Player Choice Reigns Supreme

Mirandus is an innovative RPG that breaks away from the traditional mold. It is a vast fantasy world where players are in complete control of their destinies. Unlike other games, Mirandus doesn’t force you to follow a predetermined narrative. Instead, you are free to shape your path and create a unique story for yourself.

You can build bustling cities, fight fearsome monsters, or explore the mysteries of the untamed wilderness. The Santiago studio has put in a lot of effort to craft a richly detailed and dynamic environment that will truly take your gaming experience to new heights. With Mirandus, you have unparalleled freedom to explore and create your adventure.

The Walking Dead: Empires – Survival in a Zombie-Infested World

The Santiago-based team has been tirelessly working on two thrilling projects, one of which is the highly-anticipated game The Walking Dead: Empires. This immersive strategy game takes players on a gripping journey through a post-apocalyptic world teeming with hordes of relentless zombies.

The studio has harnessed the expertise of local talent to create a dynamic and responsive environment for players to explore. The gameplay is intense, requiring players to strategize, form alliances, and fight for survival against the constant threat of the undead.

The gaming experience offered by The Walking Dead: Empires is said to be unforgettable and is designed to keep players invested and on the edge of their seats.

A Nexus of Talent and Vision

At the Santiago studio, a dynamic mix of ingenious minds and novel ideas converge to create a vibrant melting pot of diverse talents. Guided by the visionary leadership of Pablo Mera, the studio cultivates a culture that not only inspires creativity but also pushes the boundaries of technology.

Dennis Hahn, Gala’s Chief Technical Officer in Chile, highlights the importance of collaboration with the thriving game development community in Santiago. By melding international expertise with local knowledge, the studio produces truly exceptional gaming experiences that captivate and engage players.

The Future of Blockchain Gaming

Gala Games, a highly reputed gaming studio, has recently announced a major investment in Santiago, Chile, as part of its larger mission to transform the gaming industry. The studio is keen on boosting local talent and harnessing the innovative capabilities of GalaChain technology to set a new benchmark for excellence and innovation in blockchain-based entertainment.

The company plans to drive the decentralization of the gaming ecosystem, which is expected to revolutionize the industry and shape its future. Gala Games, with its visionary approach, seeks to create a more inclusive and fair gaming environment that benefits both players and developers.

The company’s commitment to blockchain technology is expected to enable secure, transparent, and decentralized gaming experiences, providing gamers with more control over their assets and data. Ultimately, Gala Games aims to catalyze a transformative shift in the gaming industry, one that is based on community-driven innovation, creativity, and excellence.