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Ethereum Layer 2 Developer Fhenix Raises $15 Million in Series A Funding


  • Fhenix has successfully raised $15 million to enhance Ethereum’s data confidentiality through its Layer 2 solution.
  • The launch of Helium testnet marks the first use of homomorphic encryption for confidential smart contracts.
  • Fhenix’s funding and development highlight its goal of introducing end-to-end encryption in Ethereum operations.

Fhenix, a developer of Ethereum Layer 2 solutions, announced the successful completion of a $15 million Series A funding round. This financial injection spearheads the launch of their eagerly anticipated open testnet named Helium, which promises to bolster data confidentiality across the Ethereum network.

Funding and Testnet Details

The Series A funding round increased Fhenix’s total funding to $22 million. Last September, the startup secured $7 million in a seed round from Multicoin Capital and other investors. Itzhaki mentioned that there was inbound interest from investors, prompting Fhenix to raise the Series A round.

Parallel to the funding news, Fhenix unveiled its Helium testnet, initially codenamed Renaissance. This enables developers to deploy smart contracts emphasizing privacy, employing fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), a cutting-edge cryptographic solution that maintains data confidentiality even during processing.

Technological Advancement: Homomorphic Encryption at Play

FHE, considered a cryptographic ideal, ensures data remains encrypted throughout its lifecycle. This starkly contrasts with other privacy technologies, like zero-knowledge proofs, which focus only on specific aspects of data secrecy.ย 

Fhenix integrates this technology through a partnership with Zama, positioning itself uniquely in the blockchain privacy sector. Other projects, including the developers behind Shiba Inu, have recently been exploring Zama’s FHE technology.

“It’s clear that for Ethereum to gain widespread adoption, it must overcome the privacy hurdles inherent in blockchain technology,” explained Itzhaki. “Fully homomorphic encryption offers a seamless and comprehensive privacy solution, ensuring data integrity and security are maintained from start to finish.”

Mainnet and Future Plans

Looking ahead, Fhenix plans to launch its mainnet in the first quarter of next year. While Itzhaki remained reserved about the specifics, such as whether a new token would be introduced, he emphasized the strategic initiatives underway to draw developers to Helium.

Moreover, Fhenix is exploring further innovations in cryptographic processing. A collaboration with EigenLayer is underway to develop an FHE co-processor, which would enhance the capabilities of both Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks with minimal developer adjustments.

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