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Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction: Analysts Reveal When It Could Break Its ATH

Cardano (ADA), a leading Proof of Stake Layer-1 blockchain, has been grabbing news media headlines of late courtesy of its lethargic price movements that have seen it struggle to break its ATH, making many crypto enthusiasts, especially its holders’ doubt the propensity of making significant profit off the crypto asset.

Consequently, Cardano has become a subject of ridicule within the crypto community, as many traders continue to lose faith in the coin’s potential for expansion, a finding apparent in ADA’s summarized statistics on popular data analytical outlet IntoTheBlock.

Only 34% Of ADA Holders Are Currently Making Profits.

Unlike most other cryptocurrencies that have recorded significant price increments between the last quarter of 2023 and presently, ADA’s case has been the opposite. Despite attaining a 2024 all-time high (ATH) of $0.76 in March, the decentralized crypto protocol has struggled to replicate the previous run. Rather, it has consistently traded below $0.5 throughout May, and has extended into June.

As expected, Cardano’s price trend would undoubtedly put many of the coin’s investors at high risk of accumulating losses, which IntoTheBlock captured in its statistical summary of the token.

Per Cardano’s data on the analytical platform, only 34% of ADA holders are currently making gains, 5% are neither losing nor gaining, while the remaining 61% are accumulating losses that could worsen if the coin maintains its current outlook.

Retailers Dominating ADA’s Holders’ Pool

Anticipatedly, the coin’s holders pool boasts more retailers than whale investors despite its selling price being below $0.5, implying that unlike Shiba Inu (SHIB), XRP, Dogecoin (DOGE), PEPE, and other cheaper cryptocurrencies, ADA does not seem to convince large traders of its expansion prospect.

Furthermore, ADA’s holders’ composition by time held revealed that 69% of the coin holders have held onto the coin for more than a year, 28% have owned the token for less than a year but more than a month, while 4% have held on to it for less than a month.

Amid all the indices spewing a bearish market outlook for ADA, some market experts have chosen to remain highly bullish about the coin’s price expansion prospect.

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ADA Will Break Its ATH  In 246 Days From Now

Citing historical price trends, renowned market expert Alexander Legolas recently took to his official X account to explain why ADA could break its ATH. Interestingly, he gave a precise timeline for the breakout to occur.

Per Alexander, it took roughly 292 days after the former Bitcoin (BTC) halving event before ADA could exceed its previous $1.38 ATH attained in January 2018. The market expert added that we are only 46 days away from this cycle’s BTC halving event, which invariably implies that we are 246 days away from witnessing a new Cardano ATH.

ADA’s ATH Revisitation Might Happen By This Year’s End

Another crypto analyst and market influencer, Av_Sebastian, has corroborated Alexander’s assertion, predicting this year’s ending for ADA’s potential ATH Revisitation. “ADA will reach its previous ATH around the end of this year, and that is perfectly on schedule,” Sebastian stated on X.

Going further, the crypto market influencer stated that ADA’s peak price actions will likely play out next summer or around the third quarter of 2025.

Ali Martinez Anticipates ADA To Break Its ATH With $8 As Next Target

In an old analysis dated February 15, 2024, Ali Martinez speculated ADA’s potential ascent to attaining a new ATH valued at $8 in January 2025.

Martinez’s prediction cited historical trends that progressed in a unique fashion of ascending, descending, and eventually skyrocketing.

Martinez’s analysis read, in part, “We are anticipating $ADA to rise to $0.80, retrace to $0.60, and then enter a bull run toward $8 by January 2025!”

Summarily, the analysis and predictions presented by the experts in this insight seem to agree on a similar timeline for ADA’s rally to exceed its ATH. While it might offer a glimmer of hope to ADA holders, it is pertinent to note that nothing is absolute in the crypto market, as external influences or other internal factors might impede the actualization of the projected price targets and timelines.

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