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High Potential Cryptocurrency to Buy on April 24 – Toncoin, Stacks, PEPE

As Bitcoin continues to lead the market in gains post-halving, several altcoins are poised to explode as momentum builds up. But with thousands of cryptocurrencies, it’s only natural to wonder which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in today for explosive growth?

This is the question we seek to answer in this article. We look at cryptocurrencies showing early signs of rising buying volumes at a time when investor interest in cryptocurrencies is on the rise.  

Cryptocurrencies to Explode April 22

Let’s now zero in on the top cryptocurrencies that have the potential to do well now that bulls are retaking the market. We focus on Bitcoin, which is likely to benefit immensely from the supply shock triggered by the halving Solana as it continues to gain prominence as the top platform for launching meme coins and PEPE. This leading meme coin is set to benefit from the recent launch of PEPE perpetual futures. 

The article also looks at Jasmy, an IoT cryptocurrency quickly growing in popularity in Japan, one of the world’s biggest crypto markets. The article also looks at BONK, a leading meme coin that just got more visibility in the market after sponsoring the Crypto Fight Club over the weekend. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) remains the king of cryptocurrencies, and its recent post-halving performance has only reinforced its position. Since the halving event, Bitcoin has experienced a notable rally, climbing from $61,000 to its current price of $66,000. This momentum, coupled with increasing buying volumes, suggests that Bitcoin could be on track to hit $100,000 soon.

The hype surrounding the halving has coincided with a surge in institutional interest, with institutions like BlackRock driving significant price movements. Additionally, the recent approval of Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong opens the door for Chinese institutional investors, potentially fueling further price growth. With supply shock from the halving and growing institutional adoption, Bitcoin remains a top choice for investors seeking explosive gains.

Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) emerges as a standout candidate for explosive growth as Bitcoin leads the crypto market into a new bull market. Known for its low transaction fees and scalability, Solana has become a preferred platform for launching meme coins, a trend that gains traction during post-halving bull markets.

With meme coins capturing the attention of investors, Solana’s infrastructure presents an attractive opportunity for new projects. As more meme coins flock to its blockchain, SOL could witness a significant surge in demand, making it an undervalued asset ripe for investment.

The best part is that the Solana teams have been working hard to deal with the congestion issues that have recently plagued the network. One of the teams working to ensure Solana operates at an optimum recently released an update on the mainnet that is expected to help deal with the scaling issues currently hurting Solana.

Not only have these updates helped Solana handle congestion, but they also enhanced its credibility as a top platform for launching meme coins. This places Solana in an excellent position to rally as the bull market gains traction across the crypto market. 


PEPE (PEPE) stands out as a top performer among meme coins today, with potential for further gains. Bolstered by bullish momentum and supported by its listing on leading exchanges like Binance, PEPE boasts credibility that sets it apart from newer meme coins. 

A key factor likely to drive PEPE momentum in the coming days is the launch of PEPE perpetual futures on Coinbase. This has opened a new avenue for long-term investors to easily bet on PEPE, which is reflected in the price. 

With its deflationary tokenomics and growing popularity, PEPE is primed for continued growth as market sentiment remains positive. As investors seek high-potential meme coins, PEPE’s established presence and exchange listings position it as a promising investment opportunity. Besides, the fact that PEPE has shown bullish momentum early indicates that it could be among those that offer the most gains once the bull run peaks. 

JasmyCoin (JASMY)

JasmyCoin (JASMY), a Japanese IoT cryptocurrency, has caught the attention of investors with its recent upside momentum. Benefiting from the broader Bitcoin-driven rally and gaining popularity in Japan, Jasmy stands poised for explosive growth in one of the largest crypto markets worldwide.

Moreover, Jasmy’s focus on the rapidly expanding IoT sector adds another layer of potential, as technological advancements fuel investor interest. With Japan’s crypto market driving FOMO and the company behind Jasmy making significant strides in the IoT space, JASMY presents an enticing investment opportunity.


BONK (BONK) is gaining upside momentum, riding the post-halving momentum. With a weekend rally of over 30% and strategic marketing initiatives such as sponsorship of Crypto Fight Week, BONK has garnered significant attention from investors lately.

BONK has an advantage over many other meme coins because it is available on most large crypto exchanges. For instance, anyone looking to buy BONK can easily do so on Binance, the world’s largest volume exchange. BONK’s ease of access could play out to its advantage in an all-out bull market where investors’ FOMO drives investments into meme coins. 

Overall, as the demand for high-potential meme coins continues to rise, BONK’s aggressive marketing efforts and visibility in the market position it for further growth. With Bitcoin’s influence driving overall market sentiment, BONK stands poised to reach new heights in the days ahead.


Investors have many opportunities to explore as the cryptocurrency market experiences increased volatility and excitement following the Bitcoin halving. The landscape is ripe for explosive growth from established giants like Bitcoin to emerging contenders like Solana and meme coins such as PEPE. However, investors should conduct thorough research and caution, as the market’s dynamics can change rapidly.

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