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Cat In Dogs World – MEW Eyes $0.007807 Weekly Resistance As Whales Dig In

Cat In Dogs World (MEW) has been a standout performer today, with an eye-popping 101% surge in under 24 hours. Cat In Dogs World has not only wiped out losses from the past week but also become one of today’s best-performing cryptocurrencies today. 

MEW Now Listed On OKX

The main driver behind the astonishing leap is MEW’s listing on OKX, a global cryptocurrency exchange. The announcement sparked FOMO among traders because it means a lot more people now have access to MEW globally.

The timing of MEW’s listing couldn’t be better – the Bitcoin halving is less than a week away and is expected to ignite a rally, particularly among meme coins such as MEW.

Listing Elevates MEW’s Profile

Cat In Dogs World (MEW) integration into OKX not only marks wider accessibility but also elevates its position within the cryptosphere, where there are many questionable meme tokens. This newfound credibility will attract swarms of retail investments that were previously cautious about them. It is already evident in the surge of MEW trading volumes today, which are up by 186% to stand at $237.4 million. 

Solana Upgrade Reignites Interest In Solana Meme Coins

The listing also comes at a time when Solana-based meme coins such as MEW are reigniting investor interest. This is thanks to Solana’s upgrade, announced today, that is aimed at easing congestion.

The upgrade is a big deal because even in the midst of the network congestion, investor interest in Solana-based meme coins has been high due to the low transaction fees. With this upgrade, more investors now have a reason to buy into MEW and other Solana meme coins. Given additional exposure granted by the listing on OKX, the Solana upgrade may serve as a tipping point for MEW to take off with 100x gains potential.

Bitcoin Halving FOMO Is Building Up 

Bitcoin halving will further fuel FOMO, which could result in trading volumes increase. More so for high-performing meme coins like MEW. That’s because retail investors who want in on this bull run but have limited funds will likely turn towards these types of altcoins as alternative investment vehicles for their low investment-high return potential. With MEW’s price explosion today, it stands out as one of the top meme coins that could see exponential growth in demand as the Bitcoin halving approaches. 

Clever Market Differentiation 

Investors are also turning to MEW because of its clever market differentiation in a flooded market. MEW positions itself as a “cat in dogs’ world,” trying to save blockchains from being overwhelmed by dog-themed digital assets. Amidst all those canine tokens out there, their uniqueness alone already provides a strong reason why to expect some good returns once bulls take full control of the market, especially after the Bitcoin halving. This is already evident in the fact that, since it hit the markets, MEW has consistently been among the top trending cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap. It is an indicator that MEW’s differentiation is working, and that’s a plus in a bull market.  

MEW Also Listed On Other Top Exchanges

Besides being listed on OKX recently, MEW can also be traded at other respected exchanges like Gate.io and KuCoin, among others, which further enhances its liquidity and accessibility.

In the section below, we make a MEW price prediction to determine how it could trade as the broader market starts showing bullish momentum again. 

Cat In Dogs World Crypto Price Prediction 

When going to press, Cat In Dogs World is currently trading at $0.005621. It was up by 87% when going to press. Trading volumes were also on the rise, up by 189% to hit a high of $189%. 

After a 2-week correction, MEW has made a V-shaped recovery in the last 48-hours. This is mainly due to marketwide factors, and MEW-specific factors such as the listing on OKX. 

With the rising volumes, today’s price rally has seen the completion of a bullish reversal. If the momentum continues, the key level to watch today will be $0.007807, now a key monthly resistance. If bulls can push MEW through $0.007807 today, then this meme coin could be well on its way to killing a zero before the Bitcoin halving happens. 

While there is always a scenario where the markets correct, the odds are high that MEW could be headed much higher in the short term. There is a positive confluence of fundamentals and technical indicators.