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Cat In Dogs World – MEW Eyes $0.007807 Weekly Resistance As Whales Dig In

Cat in a Dogs World (MEW) has bounced back into positive territory after several days deep in the green. The market cap has jumped by 5.52% in the last 24 hours and currently stands at $436.386 million.

Cat in a Dogs World is a Solana-based meme coin. This meme coin wants to popularize cat-based meme coins in a market that has come to be dominated by dog tokens. The reception of this idea is quite impressive. Cat in Dogs World has been among the best-performing meme coins in the last 30 days. In this period, Cat in a Dogs World is up by over 178% despite dipping by over 20% in the past week.

MEW Makes a Strong Rebound

The rebound of Cat in a Dogs World has a lot to do with the rising bullish momentum across the market today. While Bitcoin is still range-bound, there are signals in its price action that it could be headed for a bullish breakout. This has seen altcoins, especially meme coins, gain traction again. Cat in a Dogs World has made a substantial rebound today, from a dip of over 20% to its current price with gains of over 5% in the day. 

Cat in a Dogs World is among the meme coins showing early signs of a rebound, indicating its potential as the next cryptocurrency market draws nearer. Due to its clever market differentiation as a top cat meme coin in a dog market, investors will likely keep buying into MEW in the coming days and help drive its price to new highs. 

The Tokenomics Are Attractive To Investors 

Besides MEW’s clever differentiation strategy, investors also love it for its impressive tokenomics and low market cap. Cat in Dogs World has a total circulating supply of 88,888,888,888, and all the tokens are in circulation. This means no new tokens are entering the market, which could create inflation and dilute the value.

Besides, a token supply of 88 billion is relatively low by meme coin standards and puts MEW well on course to a potential price rally that could see it hit a market cap of $5 billion or more in an all-out bull market. Such potential makes MEW highly undervalued at its current market cap of $432.74 million.

More Exchanges Listing MEW

Even better news for MEW is that exchanges are quickly picking it up. Since it launched, a lot of exchanges have moved to list it. The latest to do a MEW listing is Bitget. With all these new exchange listings, investors looking into meme coin investments will likely gravitate more toward MEW due to the excitement that such listings create in the market. 

Besides, with more exchanges listing MEW, it is easier for investors to access it in an all-out bull market when meme coins tend to go parabolic. With Bitcoin halving just two weeks away and MEW getting more listings, the surge in liquidity could easily cause it to lose a zero in the short term.

Anyone looking to invest in the Cat in Dogs World today can do so on top exchanges such as Kucoin, HTX, BitMart, and even Bitget. These are all easily accessible and high-liquidity exchanges that put MEW on the front line for drawing retail money in a bull market. 

The section below shows how MEW could trade now that it has rebounded from a trough that saw it drop by 26% in the week. 

Cat In A Dogs World Price Prediction 

Cat in a Dogs World is currently making a solid rebound. It has erased the losses from earlier in the week and is currently up by 9.77% to trade at $0.00491. 

Cat In A Dogs World Price Prediction

After several days in the red, MEW is on a rebound in a potential bullish reversal. If the broader cryptocurrency market continues to rebound as it has done in the last few hours, then MEW could easily erase all the losses from the previous week. In such a scenario, MEW could be headed to new highs before the Bitcoin halving.

Why A Parabolic Price Is Coming 

Besides the push the MEW is getting from the broader market, the fact that more exchanges are picking it up could add to its bullish momentum over the weekend and into the new week. With rising volumes, prices above $0.01 are possible within the week.